Rhela Awandih

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Gridania-transparent.png Rhela Awandih
Rhela Awandih 01 02 2016 10 37 45.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20
Nameday 27th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Occupation Flower Shop Owner
Sexuality Homosexual
  • P'lankieus Nunh (Father)
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner

Basic Summary

Rhela is an adventurous young woman born from a Seeker father and Keeper the Black Shroud. Not much is known about her life pre-moving to Ul'dah with her Lalafellan foster parents, though bits and pieces of it are springing up as Rhela converses with her birth father, whom she thought to be dead. Her days are usually spent hanging around her best friend and love interest, Kisumi Lihzeh, in the woman's Lavender Beds home or Limsa Lominsa's surrounding fields. Although still considering her job as the owner of a flower shop, recent events have caused this to be placed on the backburner while she readjusts and fixes her life.



Rhela is a short, skinny Keeper with pale, freckled skin and stylized ginger hair. As with her height and build, most of the girl's features are small. The only exception would be her dark purple eyes, which are rather large in comparison to everything else. As a side-note, as much as Rhela likes to talk about how "large" her chest and bottom are when the topic springs up, her words are overexaggerated; both are medium, if not just over medium, in scale when compared to other Miqo'te.

Rhela's fashion sense is both hip and simple. Color-wise, light shades like green and pink fill her general-wear, though the occasional black and dark purple slips in occasionally. Light cotton mainly makes up her closet for all of her dresses, tunics, and pants. Leather boots are also a must for any outfit she throws on.