Ricola Mercer

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Ricola Mercer
❝And with the dusk, though scarlet tinged...

Alias... Rico
Birth Name... Ricola Mercer
Age... 25
Gender... Female
Race... Hyur
Clan... Highlander
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Byregot
Air headed
Natural performer
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
Lily Kattswah - Friend made while performing
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Ricola is a bard, going by the stage name Rico when performing. She is a hard worker who wishes one day to become famous around Eorzea for her songs and to perform to many people and spread her music through the land.
Although a highlander, she was brought up by midlander Hyur, which is the reason for her name. She was taken in by the family from a young age after her parents were killed, but her midlander family always seemed to resent her when they found out she was a highlander as she grew up. Never fully feeling a part of her adoptive family, she left her Gridanian home in search for a better life by playing music.
She is not the best at fighting, while she is able to use a bow for simple hunting, she was not taught to fight as a child so although she is a highlander, she has no real skill with a weapon.
Ricola is on Omega server.
Ricola is a performing bard and is always happy to play songs at events or establishments such as bars. Her performance style consists of emoting the music, using bard harp and flute instruments, along with singing the words of the song coupled with in game emotes for flavour. The routines are saved as macros to save on real time typing out the song, and they can't be easily edited or cancelled during the song. If you'd like to see an example of her routines I have a couple videos up on Youtube: [1]
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