Rivka Arrosa

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AlaMhigo.png Rivka Arrosa
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigo
Age 27
Occupation Chocobo Trainer/Adventurer/Retired Merc/Gatherer
Alignment Neutral Good
Orientation Heterosexual
Server Mateus

The Short Version

Rivka Arrosa is a female Highlander. She and her twin brother, Aldo, were born in Ala Mhigo to Friduric (Highlander) and Katrina (Midlander) Arrosa. During the Imperial reign in Ala Mhigo, Rivka's parents fled when she and her brother were mere babes and sought refuge in the golden city of Uldah. Because of this, Rivka for a time had no memories of her father's motherland. She also has very little memory of her mother, who sadly passed away from an untreatable illness, as explained to them by their father. Growing up in Uldah provided interesting opportunities for Rivka and her brother, but most notably is their accomplishments as a gladiator pair in the Colosseum. They garnered the name "Arrosa Twins," and became skilled warriors as adolescents. This helped established what would later become their nicknames as a Pirate Captain's aide: "The Wraith and Reaper."

Life as a pirate and hired merc proved fruitful for a time. Alongside her brother, they made a deadly if not efficient pair and obeyed every demand of their Captain. Rivka even managed to develop a romantic relationship with the Captain. Eventually, Rivka discovered the murder of her father and was understandably devastated from it. The true identity of her father's murder would not be revealed until much later in her adventures as a Captain's mercenary, but Rivka soon learned that it was the Pirate Captain himself who had done the deed. It wouldn't be until Rivka and Aldo hatched a plan to enact revenge on the Captain, but Rivka would soon learn more truths than she could have prepared for, ultimately shattering her world and sealing the Captain's fate with a single slice from Aldo's blade across his neck.

Months after these events, Rivka and Aldo retreated into hiding, afraid of retaliation from the Captain's remaining crew. They fled to Gridania and quickly found grunt work, ironically returning to a life they once experienced growing up in Uldah. The twins ultimately managed to settle in a small house in the Lavender Beds, and Rivka became a skilled Chocobo trainer for the Grand Company, the Sea Serpents. Rivka will sometimes accept adventurer work here and there, but refuses to return to her former occupation as a hired swellsword.

Appearance & Personality

Like many Highlanders, Rivka is slightly taller than the average Hyur. She is softer in some respects, attributed to her mixed Midlander blood, and has what can be described as an athletic "hour-glass" build. Like her mother, Rivka’s eyes are angular and cunning, slightly upturned at the outer corners and framed with short, dark, curly lashes. Perhaps her most stunning feature is the color of her eyes. They are a deep midnight blue, like her father’s, a spinning mixture of blue and gray that compliment the caramel undertone of her skin. When washed, her hair falls in effortless waves past her shoulders, but is more often seen tied up into a ponytail or braided to one side. Sitting below a pixie-like nose are full, pouty lips; her upper lip just a smidge larger than her bottom. Her brows, also thick and dark like her hair, seem eternally fixed in a curious expression. Finally, a splatter of freckles spans the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks, another trait derived from her mother.

While she doesn't currently sport any tattoos, Rivka does have unique facial piercings. Along the bridge of her nose are three rose-gold hoops, and on her left ear she fashions an assortment of more rose-gold jewelry. Finally, sitting just beneath her left brow are two rose-gold studs.

Once a child of great imagination and empathy, Rivka is now a recluse. She is hard to trust others and does not often participate in events with large gatherings. It would be easy to assume that Rivka is a difficult person to befriend, but a steadfast and true friend if given the chance. She is deeply loyal, sometimes to a fault, and a genuine person with nothing but good intentions. Against her better judgement, Rivka can also be easily manipulated, as evident by her past. She is passionate, intuitive, and equally determined to get what she wants out of life.