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Ul'Dah's Hidden Heart
Personal Info
Location: Deep beneath Ul'Dah's Ruby Road Exchange
Founders: L'hamu, Vort, and Aerstbroda
Leader: Aadolfiia Blackhart [1574-Present]
Numbers: Pre-ARR: 247 / ARR: 21 (+3 NPCs)
Age groups: All
Objectives: To get rich, find rare treasure, go on grand adventures, and to look out for each other
Alignment: The darker shade of grey
Occupations: Merchants, Treasure Hunters, Adventurers, and Thieves
Foundation Day 16th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon (1553)


In 1553, there was a small group of thieves without a name. Their leader, a Miqo'te Male by the name of L'hamu loved the feel of adventure, and moreso the rewards that came with it. So did his "colleagues." This is probably why they got along so well. One issue that always seemed to come up though, where to call home? Sure, they had temporary bases of operations.. But what good were those to people who aspired to amass large sums of riches and would need somewhere to put them? That was when they decided. A Thieves' Guild. Well, a guild for Adventurous types and Treasure Hunters. It started off small. L'hamu's strong feelings towards the bonds he formed lead to their newly appointed guild to have a sort of.. Family feel to it. Whoever became a member understood. You look out for each other. Nobody in the family is left wanting.

The next problem came along. What to name this new Guild? Aerstbroda, a tower of a Roegadyn, suggested "Rosa." The name came from a love he once had, and lost. The others like the sound of it, and it stuck.

Over the next few years, Rosa's numbers grew. Within the Guild children were soon born, making it feel even more like a real honest-to-Twelve family. Time continued to pass on, and they ended up gaining access to a long-forgotten hub, deep beneath Ul'Dah's streets, which would become known as Home to many for the rest of Rosa's Days.

Notable Members

L'hamu [L. ah-moo] (NPC)

One of the original three. This Miqo'te held family and adventure above all other things.

Vort [Voor-t] (NPC)

The Highlander of the trio. His ambitions for wealth helped Rosa's foundation become a lot easier to manage.

Aerstbroda [Bee-El] (NPC)

One of the tallest Roegadyn you'd ever meet. His eye for rare items always helped the original trio find the best of hordes.

Garlden [Gar-l-Den] (NPC)

A Roegadyn man with a heart of gold. When the original founders felt it was time to pass on the torch, nobody was more suited than the young man known as Garlden. In 1564 he took lead as the head of Rosa, not that it meant much more than people would look up and respect him, taking on whatever advice he passed down with higher regard. In 1570, he vanished through unknown circumstances along several other members of Rosa. Nobody has officially been considered leader of Rosa since. Fortunately, it's not caused many problems and people have not given up hope of his return..

Biggs [Big-z] (Character/NPC)

Garlden's right-hand man. These two could easilly be mistaken for real brothers.. If Garlden weren't a Roegadyn, and Biggs a Hyur. He has a good eye for ways to make profit without having to cause too much trouble. In 1570, along with Garlden and several other members, he vanished through unknown circumstances.

Valentyn Hartstrong [Val-en-teen ● Heart-Strong] (Character)

Adopted into the family at a young age by Garlden, Vale (as he prefers to be known) has a heart for adventure and an eye for rare jewels. He was also known to be one of the youngest members of Rosa to actually leave the safety of home and go on an adventure with "the big boys" - this, however, did lead to him having a somewhat rational fear of crabs. In 1571 he left Rosa, not to be heard from since. Rumour has it he left Eorzea with information to assist in his search of those who vanished the year prior.

Aadolfiia Blackhart [Ah-Dol-Fee-Ya ● Black-Heart] (Character)

A strong-willed, loyal Highlander woman. After the Calamity-forgotten (Dalamud's fall), she was chosen from the remaining members to become leader. While Garlden had never officially stepped down, it was necessary for someone to take the reigns after everything had occurred. Her little-known "gift" allows her to recall the events that occurred, as well as those who were lost through time. It was a welcoming surprise for those who returned five years on to know that they could return to their family Rosa, even if only one person remembered them.

Jalai July [Ja-lie ● Joo-lie] (Character)

Adopted into the family Rosa not long after Vale, the two got along like a house on fire. Jalai was known to be quite a hit with the ladies, though it seems he'd leave as soon as they'd attempt to make a move. He's caring, and knows how to take care of himself. As of The Battle of Carteneau his whereabouts are unknown.

Sienna Skye [See-En-Ah ● Sky] (Character)

Sienna was born into Rosa, like many others. She has a passion for creating her own items, not only finding them through adventurous hunts alongside her family. She has a passion for adventure, chocobos, and Magitek. Though, the latter may change after recent events. As of The Battle of Carteneau her whereabouts were unknown for five years. She returned, alongside R'talhi Nunh, to a world that had forgotten them.

R'talhi Nunh [Ru-Tah-Lee ● Nun] (Character)

A beach-bum-come-adventurer. This Seeker spent his younger years living in La Noscea's Costa Del Sol area. In his early teens he got bored with the easy life and began a live of adventure. One thing lead to another and he ended up in Rosa. As with Sienna, he found himself at The Battle of Carteneau, though he chose to fight while the other had gone in search of a lost companion. Upon his return to the world, five years later, he and Sienna returned home to a family that had mostly forgotten them.

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