Ruinfeild Oakshield

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 Ruinfeild Oakshield
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Warrior, Former Paladin and Veteran of the Great War
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Hellguard of Limnosa
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Basic Info

Compared to many other people moving around Eorzea, Ruinfeild is much older and battle experienced with him about to reach his forty-six birthday. Much of his body is covered in scars or past wounds and that even includes his now recently lost eye. Those that know him see him as a father and even grandfather figure, always giving advice to those who need it. Others who simply watch him a distance see a large Roegadyn Warrior but one who seems to laugh quite often and drink even more, though rumors always hold that what he drinks is nothing but water. If alone, Ruinfeild can be seen going over maps, missives, and even documents so the jobs he has secured for himself and even others goes as smoothly as possible. He carries a gentle and outgoing air about him, though those nearest to him have also warned of his quick temper when it came to those who spoke ill of his past or bring harm to his friends. Even in his age, he carries his axe with grace and skill that constantly has him on the move from job to job all across Eorzea.Always willing to lend out a helping hand, many people have gravitated around him and many find his personality hard to ignore.


Other than a veteran of the nearest war, he is unwilling to speak of anything else unless the person wishes to hear it. To him, it is a long story that might bore the younger generation.


Kind, Caring, Wise, Quick tempered when pushed, and even at times called quite a flirt despite his old age, Ruin has taken life as it comes and is known to be a Roegadyn who leaves the past now behind him and simply focuses on what is going on around him. He doesn't react much to insults nor does he find himself holding his axe out of personal enjoyment. He walks like a man with a purpose and a man who has his own goals and reason to push himself in life.


Starting officer of the Maelstrom, Ruin decided to switch to the Flames in order to branch out and see what other adventures and rewards await him. He has little to no experience with Gridenia but he plans on making that change at some point in the future.

Other Notes


Family: Ruin has had little in the way of a blood family. His father was a miner who worked from day to night to provide while his mother was a dancer for many of the faces in Costa De Sol. There was no such thing as a bad life for him, for he was raised to accept what he was given and give to others if they did not have the ability to do something on their own. After he became a Paladin, his contact with his family was lost and even till today he does not know what happened to him. Assumption points to that they are dead but he does not grief, since he knows he grew into a man they would be proud of. The only other family he ever had was the four other men he considered brothers when they joined the Paladin service. Buried but nor forgotten, he carries with him their trust, honor, and morals. .


Thrandis: A man he had met during a small event, he considers him like a brother due to their love of battle and the fact that they tell each other many things. Secrets are kept between them and their trust is highly noted around those who have seen them talking. Despite being a Hyur, Ruin will claim that his brother has more strength than him and thus more reason to live. Despite their bickering and how many times they tend to poke fun at each other, let it not be known that their brotherly bond is well formed.

Lilithium: One of the longest friends Ruin has had, she is one of the few people who has seen Ruin in his lowest. Thanks to her friendship and affectionate nature at his well being, Ruin has been able to come back from many missions and jobs to prove to her that he could still live with a purpose. Though they tend to flirt(least Ruin does with her), it is more of in jest and good fun rather than anything meant for the future.

Flynt Knoltros: One of the few Miqo'te people that he trusts with his life, their friendship is based on respect of their arms and strength. They have watched each other fight others but never got around to fighting one another in which Ruin says he will make sure it happens. Flynt is one if not the only person to see Ruins blacksmith skill as the weapon he is using was forged by Ruins own hands over a course of three days and night. Flynt is one of the few people that Ruin constantly tries to get out into the world with the woman, despite the almost common reluctance to do so.

Jeros Redd: Someone who he had met when they joined the company he was hired for, he has come to try and act like a father figure to the man who in the short time he had known him, had lost much. Despite the fact that they had not fought together often, Ruin has heard of the mans strength and will which caused him to take notice. In the end, Ruin has continued to try and point him in the right direction which is away from the battlefield and into a more honest trade so he could settle down and find peace.

Breeze Darrus: Another man he had met in the company, Breeze is someone who he can talk with when it comes to woman and the dealings with them. He finds this man amusing not only for the fact that he walks around shirtless and drinks more often than he should, but because like Ruin himself, has quite the passion for woman and entertaining them. They spend their time at the Quicksand, drinking and watching the woman and sometimes even swapping stories with one another about their past. Due to the drama in Breeze's life, Ruin has come to understand and respect him for what he has been able to do. In the end, their love for woman keeps them fast friends.

Iris Dawnstar: One of the few Lalafells Ruin has actually talked with, he respects this woman for her sworn duty to the Sultansworn and her outlook on justice. Though he has never tempted to get her angry and fight her, Ruin finds that pointless for the rumors he had heard about her more than makes up for it. The small time that they do spend together is used talking about politics and philosophy.

Love Life

Despite the long decades of life he has had, love isn't something that Ruin has been able to keep for very long. Every love that he had has either left him for someone else or disappeared from his life to never be heard from again. Due to the constant heart breaks and disappointments, Ruin has cared little to put any effort into finding love and keeping it for he sees it as just a fleeting thing that no one can keep for very long. Despite the fact that many of his friends and even some strangers say that he can find any woman he wants, such words tend to slip him into annoyance and anger. At one point he did have three woman who he was with and all were happy with the arrangement, but they split and left after being together for a mere five to six months(real time). The heartbreak caused Ruin to severe all times of emotion regarding love and instead now simply focus's on the act of simple sex instead. Seeing as how many of his lovers were Miqo'te, his trust of the race has fallen as a recent conversation made it aware that no Miqo'te he knows can stick with one partner. His eye turned to the other races in hope of finding love again though he has high doubts about it.

Likes, Dislikes, Hates, and Loves

Likes: Drinking water, stories(Giving and listening), giving advice, woman, relaxing, and people watching.

Dislikes: Liars, thieves, Dragons, end of the world manics, and those who play both sides of the table in conflicts.

Hate: Primals, Beer(any), having to wait for his wounds to heal, those who insult another's past without knowing the reasons, and those who claim to be perfect.

Loves: His friends, family, being a Warrior, like minded people, those who are always giving to others, and the people that fight for a good goal or purpose.

Relationship Status: A flinging relationship with one Miqo'te courtesan, Ruin considers himself single as the woman is almost never around which makes it hard to have any deep connection. Due to past events, he prefers to be single but if a woman comes along that is relentless in her effort to break his wall, Ruin would reconsider his outlook on relationships.


Ruin is something of an accomplished Warrior in his short time, though he has no fear of pulling out his Paladin armor, sword, and shield and going back to his roots even if he renounced it. Alongside that, Ruin is also an accomplished Armor smithing man who is started to increase his skills across the board. A smaller skill he claims to have is seeing two people together and stating if they will end up married or not. Most of his predictions have been right and at times when he stats it loud enough to be heard, it causes him to get into trouble. Ruin also prides himself on being a strategist and leader when it comes to battle. Recently, he has become quite able to create weapons as a blacksmith. He takes pride in this work almost as much as he does for creating armor.


Goals His most important goal is to uphold the honor and the lives of the brothers who died in the war. They were his family and they pledged to live on even if the others died in order to show that there is still good in the world of Eorzea.

Dreams Besides the cliche dream to see peace, Ruin has two simple dreams that he is trying to reach. The first being that he is remembered as a man who helped the people when he could, and remained something of a father figure that people could look up to in their time of need. The other is to have a family of his own so that his bloodline can survive into the future. Though Ruin does also hope for a family to understand what the true feeling of love can mean since his first marriage did not show it.

Morales Always give and never take. Aid those who need it but always defend the ones who are being attacked the most(as long as they are innocent). Never judge unfairly and always allow yourself the time to relax and collect yourself. Enjoy the life you are given while trying to make it last as long as possible.

Fears One of his biggest fears is allowing his bloodline to die. Being the only son with no siblings, Ruin is praying that he find a wife and perhaps soon, so he can have a family look after and carry his family name. the twelve does Ruin hate dragons. Larger than him and three times more deadly, Ruin has seen their numbers grow and it gets to him knowing that he has to constantly fight them.

Isolation is another big fear he has developed. Alone and having only yourself as company, he has seen what it can do to the mind and feels sorry for those who are forced into such a state. Many times he finds these people during the jobs he is given or when he is simply following rumors of someone such as that. Ruin refuses to become one and thus tries to surround himself with friends as often as possible.