Ryuuji Kanemaru

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 Ryuuji (Kanemaru no Ryuuji)
A Beast, and Angel and a Madman lie within me.
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship alien
Age Late twenties
Birthplace Othard
Marital Status Single
Religion Dawn Father
Occupation vagabond
Server Balmung
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I am what I am, a warrior, a vagabond, a fallen man of honor. I have known wealth, joy and power and fallen from that height to live the unlife of a slave. Such things are set to test us, and yet the true battle lies within ourselves.

I find myself in this land of Eorzea, a land of heroes and barbarians, a land where I seek what life I can stomach to forget the past and maybe find myself. So it has been since I escaped the slavery of others to find I was a slave within myself.

Perhaps I will climb from this hole, or fall deeper into its clutches. The only thing I know for certain is this is my path to walk. My hope, if it is still alive, is to once again find meaning in obligations and honor, that were so torn asunder on that fateful day so long ago.


Body : Tell and built well.. The Dawn Father's blood is kind to me, my scales shine bright against my skin.
Age : I am fast approaching the days of my thirty summers, and clean up well enough
Skin : Bronzed by the light of the Dawn Farther, such that my pale scales are made more prominant.
Hair : I was blessed, they say, with the hair of the sun, gold from red, and burnt to shining
Eyes : Light and ringed in gold, an omen they said
Distinguishing Features : Once I was considered a prize, and my pride certainly came before my fall
Scent : Like a vagabond, what do you expect. Yet I remember a time when the finest scented oils would adorn my body applied by eager girls of the house
Accent / Speaking style : I still have one it is true.. More it is a way of speaking, an ordering of thoughts than the lilt and fall of the voice.
Clothes : Whatever I can find or steal, choice is not a beggers skill.


I am want to keep myself to myself, but old ways remain to torment we. I am not one to let the weak be payed upon, my sense of honor still nags me into some action, that generally ends in violence. Yet neither am I averse to taking what I need from others, especially the Eorzean barbarians their lives matter little to me.
I am more happy left to whatever distraction I can find, often a bottle. Though on occasion a discussion on the way of things can pass the time.
Habits : I am quiet and calm for the most part, a fight fought with words leaves folks with their limbs attached. Yet do not take my nature as a sign I will not respond when violence is requited.


A sword, a blade, a weapon of any sort when applied with skill can convince your enemy you are serious.
If I must fight then let it be done with and quick, there is no benefit in fighting for fighting’s sake



The simplicity of things
The company of a woman


Praying on your own people


Relaxing & Snoozing


Romantic Interest     Family member     Friend      Neutral     Ennemy     NPC

Family & Friends



Romantic Interest     None


A member of a Noble Lord’s house in Othard, rising to a position of honor and respect among its warriors. Cast out and exiled following some scandal.
Passed into slavery for a while until escaping and turning up in Eorzea. With the arrival of other Au Ra, he has come forward more himself.

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