Sapphire Geminus

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Gridania-transparent.png Sapphire Geminus
Sapphire FFXIV.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te / Viera Hybrid
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Polyamorous

Basic Info

Sapphire was born to a Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun) father and Viera mother, both outcasts from their respective societies. They raised Sapphire in the woods of Gridania, a somewhat secluded life that led to her being oblivious to most of the traditions and life styles of her own people, let alone the realm at large.

Sapphire was born primarily with Miqo'te features, but also stark-white Viera rabbit ears. Due to her unusual dual appearance, she generally hides her ears in a hat and presents herself as a Miqo'te to avoid drawing excess attention in public. While in private and among friends, she is quite the opposite - Sapphire excels as a Bard and Dancer, more than happy to be eye candy and a soothing voice for those that know her.


Born outside of her mother's homeland, she has never seen Viera woods and knows next to nothing about them, despite growing up in the forests of Gridania that surely instilled her mother with memories of them. While the Seekers of the Sun are not nearly as harsh on their outcasts as the Viera, she rarely visited any of the lands where her father's family settled in Eorzea. As a result, Sapphire knows little about the history of her ancestors, though she's never once complained.

Her parents were killed during the Seventh Umbral Calamity, sundering any chance of getting more information on her heritage from the source. She took a long time to crawl out from under the trauma of losing her family, only recently comfortable enough to appear in public once again.


Shy at first, Sapphire takes a while to get the nerve to talk to people. Unusually, she's quick to open up to any-and-every-one as soon as they start talking - sometimes to her detriment, particularly so when her conversational partner is an attractive woman.

Other Notes