Sarrin Turan

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Sarrin Turan
"Severina kir Tuditanus"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): • Ninja • Machinist
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Mateus
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reputation: Newcomer
Occupation: • Engineer
• Garlond Ironworks
Education: Post-collegiate
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual
Guardian: N/A
Free Company
Items Carried
• A pair of glasses
• A small toolkit
Race: Roegadyn
Clan: Hellsguard
Age: 28 (7th Sun, 5th Astral Moon, 1549 6AE)
Height: 6 fulms, 11 ilms
Weight: 242 ponze
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Tall, muscular.
Notable Features: Freckled face & body.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity



Voice example: (Gwendoline Yeo as Shiala) [1] [2]

Clothing Style: Ironworks uniforms and equipment, affinity for leather and exposed skin also observed.

Laterality: Right-hand dominant


  • Color: Blue
  • Food: Persimmon Leaf Sushi
  • Drink: Loquat Juice
  • Places: Garlemald, Costa Del Sol, Limsa Lominsa

Brief History

Sarrin Turan was born a citizen in the Garlean Empire; though she lacked the heritage of a true child of Garlemald, she refused to let it hold her back. Fascinated by the Magitek all around her growing up, she pursued a career in the Garlean military as a field engineer, eventually reaching veteran rank. However after a long stint in the military she fled to Eorzea. Taking up the alias she has now in an effort to remain hidden initially. Laying low for a period before joining up with the Garlond Ironworks, in an effort to bring Magitek technology to the adventurers of Eorzea.

During her time in the Imperial military, Sarrin served most of her time under the 10th Legion, 5th Cohort, 1st Maniple.



  • Morally conflicted.
  • Constantly second-guesses herself.
  • Susceptible to vices and temptations.


  • Mistrust from Eorzeans due to her past.
  • Beast tribes.


  • Brilliant with Magitek.
  • Highly analytical mind.
  • Proficient in both martial and magical combat techniques, able to blend both.

Abilities and Skills


  • Magitek Gaze: Sarrin has a highly gifted mind when it comes to machinery and tactical situations, able to analyze most issues to determine the best possible outcome. Execution is another story however.


  • Varying sizes of Garlean Gunblades, both self-engineered and smuggled models from her defection.
  • Various explosive devices derived from Magitek designs.

Musical Themes


(Please, feel free to toss this music on if you happen to be fighting her.)

  • Battle Theme [3]


(Sarrin's passive music should mainly be used as a prelude to a fight, things are getting tense.)

  • Intensity Theme [4]


NPC Rumors

These rumors are fairly common, and can be freely referenced in character interaction with Sarrin.

  • "She's got a weird name for a Hellsguard."
  • "I've heard about someone fitting her description, pilfering old airship wrecks."
  • "You see her zone out sometimes, just drift away in her thoughts."
  • "When she lets her guard down now and again, you can see pain come through in those eyes."
  • "She drank him under the table she did. Wouldn't want to match her shot for shot."
  • "I've heard tell she was seen at some pretty seedy places recently, y'know those after hours gatherings at the local brothel."

Naming Convention

Sarrin Turan assumed her current name after escaping to Eorzea in order to provide her some level of anonymity and distance from her imperial life, utilizing letters from her old name and mixing it slightly with Hyur naming conventions she came up with her alias. Her original name was traditional Garlean, as her family were citizens for a long time.

Original Name: Severina kir Tuditanus (Stern)(Veteran Field Engineer)(Hammer/Mallet)

Sev for short. Stern Hammer for Roe Naming conventions. First and Last names taken from roman names which follow Garlean naming traditions.

Garlean middle names are titles and can change frequently throughout their life.