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The Hellsguard are a clan of Roegadyn with body and mind tempered by the unforgiving heat of the volcanic regions they inhabit. Believing these mountains of flame to be the gates to the underworld, their line has for centuries stood vigil over them to prevent the passage of souls back to the realm of the living. Their sheer girth and steely demeanor open to the Hellsguard a wide range of paths, from the martial to the monastic.

The Hellsguard are a small clan of Roegadyn that have carved out a home in the north of Abalathia's Spine. It is clan tradition to enter the mercenary trade; thus the Hellsguard took to giving themselves easily remembered names made up of words in the common tongue. They are a common sight on the streets of Ul'dah, earning a living as sell-swords or bodyguards.

Additional Notes

Transcribed from Vavaki in Ul'dah

There is no mistaking the Hellsguard among the Roegadyn. Their skin is as fiery red as their name implies. They hail from the northern mountains of Abalatia's Spine, where generations among the volcanoes has endowed them with rugged bodies and steely resilience. Here in Ul'dah, they can oft be seen working as mercenaries and sell-swords, or armorers and blacksmiths for those with no taste for violence. I suppose the forges remind them of home...

The greatest hindrance in studying the Hellsguard is that they have no patience for Phrontistery members. They regard the alchemical trade as dark and sacrilegious sorcery that spurns the Twelve. I must find a way to study them closer...

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