Ser Doric

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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan N/A
Citizenship Unknown
Age 42
Occupation Knight




Currently WIP.
With the battle-axe, Doric is a forced to be reckoned with, he is surprisingly swift for his size.
With a rondel dagger and main-gauche, primarily the gauche, a large 'dagger' with thick teeth made to disarm opponents and break swords.
At hand to hand combat, mainly due to his size, and swiftness, Doric is an unarmed combatant not to be taken lightly.
Hunting, Doric /can/ hunt, and he often does, but he does not understand stealth all that well.
Survivalism, Doric was already fairly good at sustaining himself before he arrived, and can indefinitely sustain himself on the land alone.
Doric can fish, but is awful at it. He can also 'swim' if doggy-paddling counts as swimming.


Red meat, food of all kinds.
Chess, games of strategy.
Cryptology and puzzles.
The process of staining large panes of glass is deeply cathartic for him.
Quests, writs, tasks suited for a Knight.
Physical labor in general takes his mind off things.
Executing criminals as headsman, it's a dirty and loathed job, but doing it reminds him of his place in the grand scheme of things.
The organ, windpipe instruments, chanting, it's nostalgic for him.
His brothers in arms, priests and priestesses of Azeyma.
Tonberrys, yes there's a reason.
Honor in every sense of the word.
His chivalric code.
His axe and armor, and maintaining both, he's had little to call his own and both give him a semblance of purpose.
Hunting, deer particularly, there's a reason he's called Ser Doric the Stag.
An unnamed deer from the deepest ruins of Thanalan.
Doing 'good' as in lightening the load of the commonfolk.

Ornate outfits, open displays of wealth.
Heavy perfume, makeup, skimpy clothing.
Garlic, onions, or anything of the like, he just can't stomach it.
Rogues of all kinds, stereotypical suave ones irk him the most.
Mercenaries and mercenary bands, one of his codes directly prohibits him from taking gil for his deeds.
People who talk a lot, or preach, though Doric tends to force his no-criminal-behavior-allowed mindset upon others, he's sort of a hypocrite.
The weak-willed, this applies to a lot of behaviors.
Magic, though he isn't terribly sure why.
Borlaaqs, though this is recent.
Jokes at authority figures, the church, Knighthood, most jokes in general.
Murderers, heretics, rapists, highwaymen, bandits, brigands.
Dishonorable Knights, those misusing chivalry. Liars, turncoats.
Dragons, demons, and something called a 'giant'.
Insanity, anyone appearing to be mentally unsound.
Dark caves.
That deer.

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◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I've heard he's from some Azeyma church in Meracydia, fuckin' bullshit." --Quicksand patron
"He smells like someone's been dousing him n' hot wax fuggin' daily, shite stinks to high heaven!" --Inn Keeper
"Keeps given' the lil' blind kids gil, but he won't spare a coin for me." --Drunkard
"Travels with some Au-Ra girl, I dunno all that much except that she's pretty... damn mean!" --Paperboy
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"The guy with the horns on his helm? I hear! The boat he sailed here on burned in port right after he got off." --Shifty Scholar
"He's got some sorta 'official' seal on one've 'em documents, which one was it though?" --Drunk Brass Blade
"Some nut n' brown robes been goin' around asking for... what was it now, Cydian Knights? Had the air of a heathen about him." --Ishgardian Temple Knight
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I hear there's some bounty hunters after him, or he's after them? I'm not sure." --Mountain Innkeeper
"One of our Errants swears he knows him from somewhere." --Old Ishgard nobleman
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
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