Serethis Luchiervent

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Ishgard.jpg Serethis Luchiervent
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The Wild
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age Twenty-Two
Marital Status ???
Occupation Mercenary
Height 6 fulms, 5 ilms
Orientation ???
  •  ??? (Father)
  •  ??? (Mother)

"It was never about the money, it was always about the fun."

Basic Info

Serethis within the Forgotten Knight.


A tall Elezen, whom commonly can be found hunched over either a table or on a chair and lacks any proper posture, Serethis measures a standard six fulms, five ilms. The Elezen has a slight hint of a tan, despite being in Ishgard, presumed to be all his life. He possesses long brown hair, tied back in a braid and loops round his neck once, hanging on his back over his shoulder. He holds a decently muscular form and carries himself with pride and his head held high.
He carries strong features like others of the Elezen race; Strong jaw, low brows and ears to a point. On his left cheek rests a single straight scar from a blade. Emerald orbs pierce into others, be it from far away or up close yet his left eye is just a few shades lighter some of the time, depending on the light, full of either mischievous or malicious intent; Depends on the day one finds him. There is a shade around his eyes to show he has had his fair share of sleepless nights and perhaps stills suffers from them.
Usually found wearing a hat with an eye patch or simply the patch over his left eye, most of his clothing is suited for winter wear. Long dusty coats with a scarf, black pants with a few questionable holes and tatters and leather gloves but since coming to Ul'dah, for reasons he himself does not know of yet, he opened up his jacket and lost the scarf for now.




The occasional good book


 ??? [Has yet to be learned]
 ??? [Has yet to be learned]
 ??? [Has yet to be learned]


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral




Young Adult





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