Shuukami Kanshi

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Kanshi no Shuukami
The Bold
Gender Nonbinary
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doman
Resides in Ul'dah
Allegiances Immortal Flames (public);

Scions of the Seventh Dawn (secret)

Personality INTP
Nameday 29th Sun of 1st Astral Moon
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Echo? Yes

Kanshi no Shuukami is an Au Ra thaumaturge who presently resides in Ul'dah.


The most striking thing about this Raen is their brightly coloured hair and skin. Shades of purple aren't common for Eorzeans, yet they apparently naturally tend towards the hue.

They dress to complement this, preferring greys and lilacs. Their apparel is clearly that of an adventurer, and a spellcaster at that - they prefer lightweight robes, and carry the sceptre of a thaumaturge at their hip more often than not.

They can often be found in Ul'dah and around Thanalan fulfilling levequests, but also aiding the less fortunate. Despite their apparently kind actions, their countenance is cold and distant; they do not seem a friendly figure to approach.

Roleplay Hooks

  • they're an Au Ra in Eorzea, so they stick out in a crowd a little;
  • they are a member of the Ul'dahn Adventurers' Guild;
  • they are associated with the Immortal Flames;
  • they were trained in thaumaturgy at the Arrzaneth Ossuary;
  • they are known to sections of the refugee population of Thanalan as an ally;
  • IFF your character is a Scion of the Seventh Dawn, they may know that Shuukami is also one such.


These are rumours that your character might be able to learn about Shuu, either from chance overhearings or from purposefully asking around about them.

Rumours near the top are more likely to be learned easily, whereas ones near the bottom are more obscure. Please use your discretion - bearing in mind your character's skills, abilities, and contacts - as to what they are able to learn about them. Contact me if you're unsure whether something's okay!

  1. They're very unfriendly.
  2. They don't like children.
  3. They work for the Immortal Flames as part of the foreign levy.
  4. They often go hungry for lack of pay.
  5. They arrived in Eorzea initially alongside Lady Yugiri's refugees.


More rumours, and additional flavour information about their history and traits, can be found at their tumblr profile[1].