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The Silver Moon Tribe is an elusive Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te tribe that makes it’s home in the rocky landscapes and plateaus of La Noscea. Though semi-isolated, culturally, from other Keeper tribes the Silver Moon tribe maintains a matriarchal society with their own set of social cultures and traditions. Though primarily nocturnal, it is not uncommon to find members of the tribe out and about during the day as they often trade with the merchants in the nearby city of Limsa Lominsa.


In addition to the slight cultural differences, the Silver Moon tribe has selectively bred over the generations evolving a unique characteristic amongst it’s members. Every Silver Moon Tribe member is born with silvery fur and hair, often seen with a varying degrees of a violet tint. It can also be accented by either white, pale silver or pale gold tips or highlights. On rare occasions some are born with a blue tint instead of the violet but it’s a very recessed trait in the tribes lineage.

Not only their hair and fur border on the light side, Silver Moon Tribe members also possess lighter skin tones as well. Ranging from as light as porcelain to a lightly tanned. A few even possess duskier hues hinting at light grays. They still bare traditional Miqo’te markings, the dark or sometimes light discolorations that form stripes or other patterns on their faces.

The use of tattoos to signify bloodline or status is commonly used on the males. And the use decorative warpaint is an accepted practice for both sexes. The tribe favors violet inks and bright yellows and white paint.


Keeping to themselves the Silver Moon tribe has several villages in remote locations hidden far from civilization; or in some cases hidden right under one’s nose via secret underground caverns. There are four main villages that contain the bulk population of the tribe, and several smaller offshoots of extended families. Crescent Vale is sometimes referred to as the royal village as it is the village where the Tribal Queen governs the tribe. Next to Crescent Vale, Whisper Shroud is the second largest followed by Silver Flame, and lastly Twilight Rise.

Society and Cultures

Each village has an appointed Coven of Sisters, which consists of the village Matriarch and two advisors. They meet four times out of the year with the other villages, and serve as a council to the elected Tribal Queen who oversees the entire tribe and all the villages. The Tribal Queen is elected every four years by popular vote from all villages. To be eligible one must have served as member of a Coven of Sisters for two years prior to being nominated for Queen. However any female of age is eligible to join a Coven of Sisters, so long she has passed the Trials of Sisterhood.

Trials of Sisterhood

The Trials of Sisterhood are held annually, and they are open to any female wishing to involve herself in tribe politics. Many female’s willingly volunteer for the privilege of partaking in the trials, however, there are some prominent families where bloodline dictates the trials are mandatory. Some village Matriarchs pass their title down through the generations, but not all of the Silver Moon Matriarch’s practice such, and so the Trials of Sisterhood were designed to weed out those worthy of leading from those with selfish ambitions. The trials vary from generation to generation and from village to village, as each Coven of Sisters sets forth trials unique to their own village’s needs. Such needs change based on the season, year and from village to village. There is no set rule for what the trials are to be comprised of so long as they test the limit of a female’s mind, body, faith and will. However of all those that partake in the trials there can be only one from each village who will succeed in completing them. They are as much of a competition as they are a right of passage. Those who fail, are encouraged to try again the following year.

Silver Moon Males

Outnumbered by their female counterparts, ten to one, the males of the Silver Moon tribe are considered a rare commodity and often used as a status symbol. Members of the Silver Moon Tribe share mostly monogamous relationships, thus only the most prestigious females have mates to breed with. Who is deemed prestigious enough for a mate is often the result of the Trials of Sisterhood. More often than not, the most desirable males are held as a prize for those who successfully completed the Trials of Sisterhood. The remaining males if there are any left after the trials are assigned to a village by the Tribal Queen, usually to the village that needs more males for breeding, where they are often paired with the matriarch’s daughters.

Despite being used as status symbols for the prestigious females, the Silver Moon males aren’t possessions. Nor are they slaves to their female counterparts. Masters of their own domain, the males are content avoiding the political mess of leading the tribe. Instead they take on more domestic roles. Tending to the younglings after they have been weened from mum. Teachers for the young learning to hunt, fish, farm and cook. Trainers for the warriors, and mentors to the academics. Silver Moon males hold many positions in the tribe all by choice, and personal preference.

Tribal Life

Every youngling in the tribe is taught the basics of hunting, farming, fishing and cooking. Some venture off to learn combat and become great warriors of various degrees. While others believed to be blessed by the moon learn the various arcane arts. No matter the path a youngling chooses to walk, they are taught one lesson above all else. Move silently, swiftly and invisibly. The Silver Moon Tribe are masters of stealth and subterfuge. It’s their extreme evasive nature that has aided them in becoming near invisible when hunting and navigating the rocky lands of La Noscea without being noticed by the locals. A Silver Moon Tribe member isn’t seen unless they want to be seen. It’s an ingrained skill so perfected, the tribe has often been sought by assassin guilds and other organizations requiring stealth to no avail. Their villages are well hidden and no outsider has set foot within them in the past hundred years.

Tribe Members

Crescent Vale
Whisper Shroud
Silver Flame
Twilight Rise
  • Neiros'a Ca'venet
  • Rees'sae Jabalho
Silver Night
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OOC Notes

The Silver Moon Tribe was created in order to provide character background for Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, Seekers of the Sun have a whole tribe system. The creators of the Silver Moon Tribe wanted to create a similar system for the Keepers, and welcome anyone and everyone who would like to use the Tribe in their character stories to do so. Feel free to add or this page, and name matriarchs if you so choose.