Sini'to Shadar

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sini'to Shadar
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsan
Guardian Deity Halone, the Fury
Date of Birth 6th day of the 3rd Astral Moon
Age 32
Affiliations Astral Crusaders
Occupation Priest
Marital Status Engaged
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Sini'to Shadar is a tall but scrawny bookworm, often if not always, dressed in long robes that one would expect from his profession. His choice of clothing are his dark priest robes or any other dark long garbs, often with delicate ornaments cascading down the materials. Ever since he had to go to Thanalan more often he opted for more lighter grey colours due to the scorching sun. He is always well dressed and groomed, short hair slit back and a fancy air about him. Light grey skin tone, accompanied with equally grey hair, he is very monochrome like a granite gargoyle. The only stand out are his sapphire blue eyes, always behind a pair of glasses.

Shini priest.png


Sini’to is a scholarly person, working with his head instead of his hands. He values knowledge a great deal. He is not arrogant about it and would never demean jobs that are more "hands-on", but he admires and respects everything academic, giving it the highest praise. A man of refined taste and luxury, it is visible from how he acts and presents himself, always very educated and polite. Quiet and reserved, he is a man of few words, unless with his close ones. However, he isn't shy of expressing his own opinion or educating people on a topic when deemed necessary.

Over time, he got to let loose a bit more thanks to Shin Nelhah, who would always push his buttons and test his limits of sanity by bringing him on many adventures where he had to make small moral decisions. No matter how small though, it did influence him and he learned that he cannot be uptight constantly. He got to smile more and stopped drinking, accepting his life as it was and deciding to move on from his past worries and troubles. He became more open and helpful, always willing to at least hear a person out and offer advice. The cheeky attitude came back full force, mostly directed towards his new partner, but it was met with the exact same level; which was a source of joy and relaxation for him. Getting his life track on track, many could see the change in him as he became a much more positive person.



  • Freedom to do as he chooses
  • Books
  • Music
  • Beautiful things
  • Refinement and luxury


  • "Stupidity"
  • People pestering him
  • Being bored
  • Broccoli


  • He has a certain musical talent, having been able to learn harp, piano and cello due to the amount of time and money available to him in his youth thanks to his family.
  • Although being a city dweller and not being accustomed to nature that much, he likes the simple beauty of nature and the wilderness.
  • He reads books for both entertainment and knowledge.


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing


Sini Shadar (58)

Sini'to's mother and founder of the Shadar Merchant Company. Strong willed and stubborn, she left her tribe and carved out a life for herself and her children like she wanted, always pursuing what she set as her goal. Sini'to admires and respects her. She would have preferred if he had followed his goldsmith profession and joined the family company, but she accepted and respects his choice of another way of life.

Zeri'a Zolani (59)

His father, who tried to keep up good relations with the family despite his typical traveling keeper lifestyle that never kept him around for long. Sini'to couldn't think of something bad to say about him.

Sini'a Shadar (38)

Sini'to's older brother. There was the usual brotherly banter and occasional competition between them, although Sini'a is older. But they also stuck together quite often against their many sisters. They have a neutral standing, after all.

Camille Shadar (35)

The oldest sister, who is also much like her mother. Ambitious and competitive, she is the one designated to take over the Company. As such she thinks Sini better had joined his siblings in helping in the company, and therefore doesn't have a high opinion of him. Her authoritative style is grating on him.

Senna Shadar (33)

As a mathematical genius, she is far more analytical and "colder" than her surely emotional brother Sini'to, but they acknowledge and respect each others preference for facts and knowledge.

Lori (26) and Fran (25)

The inseparable sisters. They are both very much alike, cheery and positive minded, always keeping a good outlook on live. Sini'to always liked them more than his other siblings, and being the three youngest siblings they often stuck together against the older three siblings.

Love Interests

Shin Nelhah (28)

Shin is a tough woman who many would simply describe as harsh and blunt, but Sini would disagree. Having met by pure chance at an event both disliked, they clicked surprisingly well instantly, enjoying their conversation long over the duration of the actual party. They continued to tease each other constantly, which went out of hands sometimes (among other things he threw her into a bathtub fully clothed, and still manages to baffle her through blunt and absolutely un-priestly retorts), but neither seems to mind, and in fact it seemed that both enjoyed their continued company. Absolutely unexpected by him, he realized that he fell for her, and after finally getting over his lingering doubts and feelings of guilt he decided to move on and give love a new chance. Luckily she felt the same for him, despite her own unlucky experiences in the past, and on starlight she agreed to be with him. Some might not understand why he loves such a rude and harsh person, but he only smirks, knowing that she's good at heart and does indeed have a caring soft core deep beneath that hard shell of hers.

Rinh Hallani (deceased)

He met her in his youth as a fellow student in the arcanist guild where she catched his eye immediately. Despite her rough and closed-up behavior he kept flirting with her, being fascinated of her decisive and forceful nature. They went through troubled times with up and downs, but in the end came together married. Sadly, she died few years later in a plot involving a limsan arcanist and voidsent.

Friends and Acquaintances





Common Rumors

  • "Typical rich guy... never had to work for anything in his life!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "You wouldn't think of it but he's quite a good musician"

Rare Rumors

  • "He once got to be Lieutenant of the Maelstrom. Some say it was only due to the influence of his mother who pulled some strings!"

PC Rumors

  • "Sini'to definitely is not your traditional priest... I dare even say he is wasting himself away in that job but... there is definitely more than meets the eye with that man" - Shin Nelhah
  • "He is a great man! You can talk to him about anything and he is just so open minded. But, talk too much and he won't shut up... Although it has a charm and it shows just how genuine the man is" - Sehlo'sae Nelhah




Sini'to was born in Limsa Lominsa and lived most of his life on Vylbrand. His mother Sini is an exceptionally skilled keeper woman who left her clan and the old traditional ways to start a new life in Limsa, one that was oriented at her own benefit instead of one for her clan (Shadar is a self given name, breaking with old Keeper tradition). As a very shrewd and cunning merchant, she managed to have 6 children with a fellow merchant keeper and still get filthy rich with trade, getting enough money to buy a ship, a manor and hire maids and servants (who in turn were a great help in raising the kids).

Sini'to himself did not feel any particular inclination to learn the trade business, but as second son and third child overall, he could afford to pursue other interests, which were in his case of cultural (art and music) and intellectual (mainly books) nature, having been a child that preferred to stay inside and read from early on. While his older Brother sails the ship and his oldest sister took over the family trading company, Sini'to was free to go into academia. When he came of age he enrolled in Maelvan's Gate to learn Arcanism.

Youth/Early Life

It was there in the arcanist guild that he met a fellow student, Rinh Hallani. Absolutely smitten with her from first sight, despite her harsh exterior, he courted her a long time before she even considered reciprocating his advances. Their relationship wasn't easy and at times even problematic, as someone might expect: He was the cheeky sod who loved to tease her, which made her tail bristle with anger. But they worked it out and in the end even married. She had, after all, a heart of gold inside her and they went on some adventures across the land, with a company called the Travelers, among others.

At some point along those times, to do something meaningful of his own, he joined the maelstrom and subsequently rose up the officer ranks. Rumors say his rich and influential Mother pulled some strings behind the curtains for her son, but these are of course just rumours. (Or are they?)

It could have ended with an ordinary, happy life here, but drama arrived. Unexpected, as always. Rinh managed to discover a villainous plot, a woman secretly using dark arts and voidsent to grab more power and influence, but she died to her rival's employed powers, barely getting the information to the Maelstrom. Shocked by his wife's demise, Sini'to led a Maelstrom unit to subdue the voidsent and the villain, but couldn't manage to shake the grief afterwards. Incapable of keeping on as it was, he finally left the Maelstrom and took to drowning his sorrows.

Becoming a priest