Solmund Whyte

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Solmund Whyte
Strategy Cleric for Harbingers of Dawn
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Nald'thal
Nameday 5th Astral Moon 22 (Age: 30)
Marital Status Widowed
Occupation Merchant; Investigator; Gambler


Height: 6'7"

Build: Modern Bara

Complexion: Richly tanned, with no tattoos or visible scars.

Hair: Light ash brown undercut, and tied in the back.

Eyes: Blue-Green; Turquoise

Clothing: Tends to wear blues, whites, and golds.


The Whyte's are a wealthy merchant family established in Ul'Dah. Their primary goods of trade have been for the most part rooted in the Goldsmithing and Weaving crafts. Solmund expanded to small alchemies such as potions and ethers to increase the breadth of markets over which his net is cast. The Whyte's are Ala Mighan in descent, but migrated to Ul' Dah not long after the Lalafell opened their gates to the other races, and the promise of wealth proved fruitful. In spite of the ancestry, the Whytes have never been particularly sympathetic to the plight of Ala Migho, and though some traditions remained, felt mostly detached from the Mighan state of affairs.

Solmund's father was killed by Amal'jaa while traveling to Limsa Lominsa with a caravan of goods. His mother never quite got over the loss of her husband, and resigned herself to weaving tapestries featuring the woeful events of history. Though steeped in depression, the tapestries sold for enormous sums for their beauty, and gave Solmund a steady foothold with which to continue his father's trade.

Solmund has a sister living in Gridania. They are not on speaking terms.


Solmund began training at the Gladiator's Guild at a young age. The intent was for him to one day be granted entry into the ranks of the Sultansworn and be a part of the loyal force that protects kingdom. This training was put on hold at the death of his father, and ultimately shelved as it became clear he was need to take over his father's legacy as a merchant. His skill level at that point was adequately adept, but he never had the chance to master it.

Solmund briefly studied Arcanima under the guidance of his future husband; Thoreaux Vyce. He has understanding of its concepts and is able to utilize it to some extent, but not being naturally mathematical has hindered his ability to progress his understanding to something substantial. He relies on pre-written geometries, but can recall scant few from memory with limited effectiveness.

In the past year, Solmund has undertaken training at the Pugilists Guild to keep himself in shape at his leisure. His mentor has been missing for some time, which has left him in need for a new one.


In 1570 of the Sixth Astral Era, Solmund and the Limsan scholar Thoreaux Vyce were married after a three-year affair. They lived together in Solmund's estate for about a year before the war with the Garlean Empire began to crescendo. Amid the rising fears their relationship strained, circumstances arose that uncovered serial infidelities on Solmund's part. This led to separation. In 1572, the lesser moon Dalamud began its descent to the planet's surface, promising ultimate destruction. Thoreaux, under the state of mind that death was coming, traveled to Southern Thanalan to forgive Solmund in person. As he entered desert valley, Dalamud shattered by the rage of the elder primal Bahamut, and shards of the moon were thrown far. One such shard chanced to collide in Thoreaux's path; killing him, along with his travel companions.


Cordena Whyte - Solmund's elusive sister living in Gridania. She has trained herself as a Lancer, and spends most of her time assisting the Ala Mighan refugees in Bentbranch. Though the Whyte family is only Ala Mighan by ancestry, she feels a connection with those who have fled the Garlean takeover unlike her brother. This has drawn a rift between them.

Dadarupo Boborupo - Weaver Extraordinaire. Dada is Solmund's preferred tailor and is responsible for the creation of the most fabulous items in Solmund's wardrobe. He is so adept, he has devised a way of weaving metal fibers into arcanima through his textiles, and sews these patterns into his creations. He is not known as a kindly individual.

N'Remia Zhan - Solmund's long time maidservant. She and her twin sister cared for him as a young man. Even after the calamity claimed N'Malia, N'Remia has remained faithful to Solmund. She is a well-oiled home-ec machine.

Rhiko'li Varekai - Vicious Poacher. Leads a small band of cutthroats in the Twelveswood. Responsible for the skinning of rare and valuable animals to turn large profits. Solmund intercepted one of his shipments and pocketed the profits. Rhiko'li is currently seeking the identity of the person who stole his merchandise, and plans to have some very slow and painful revenge.

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