Sophianne Durai

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Sophianne Durai
Character Information
Full Name Sophianne Durai
Nickname(s) Sophie, Spooky Book Lady
Race Hyur
Subrace Elezen
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Married
Nameday 23rd Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon
Age 30
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Birthplace La Noscea
Occupation Maelstrom officer, Merchant, Hunter

Basic Info

Sophianne is a smart, sophisticated and prude Maelstrom captain and business owner of 30 summers.


Sophianne is the daughter of a wealthy La Noscean merchant and a retired Dragoon. She lived quite a pampered life, being left under the care of her family's maid known as Susih Kekraavo, a keeper of the moon. Despite never knowing her parents as a child, she was raised quite well in a strict manner in order to prepare her to carry on the family's business in their stead. Her pampered life ended soon after the Calamity, however, and she enlisted in the Maelstrom to recover the losses as a result of the Calamity. Upon doing so, she quickly rose to the rank of Captain, eventually leading her own auxiliary squadron and meeting her future wife, Kaine Durai, who she was the superior of. She now continues her enlistment in the Maelstrom as well as managing her trade company, known as Brooke's Exchange and helping manage her wife's hunter's guild.


Sophianne is a hardened soul, undergoing years of training to carry on her parent's legacy. Although smart and sophisticated, she is to known to come off as rude to others at times, as she has a tendency to make sarcastic comments to most people. She is also known to be quite prude, to the point of despising perverted talk in public and rarely hugging people or showing anyone any sort of affection in public, her wife included.



  • Hervard Brooke: Sophianne's father and the original owner of Brooke's Exchange. Died during the Calamity.
  • Ifette Brooke: Sophianne's mother and a retired Dragoon. Died recently as a result of an illness. (Maiden last name is Dracufent)
  • Susih Kekraavo: Sophianne's nanny, and the woman that raised Sophianne in her parent's stead. Died of old age.
  • Kaine Durai: Sophianne's wife.

OOC Notes


  • Injuries and combat RP are okay but absolutely no permanent injuries or death unless discussed beforehand.
  • Rape, drug, void or other themes are okay as long as they are discussed beforehand.

Plot Hooks

  • Those affiliated with Maelstrom or the alliance may know of her.
  • If your character is a trader or merchant, you may or may not have traded with her trading company's workers or her herself.
  • If you're an avid hunter, you may know of her or her wife, as well as their establishment.
  • If you fit into none of those categories, don't worry! I'm always up for walk ups or tells with any kind of character!