Sumi Kha

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 Sumi Kha
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Life is doing, life is dancing with death.
Gender Girl
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard
Age 22
Birthplace Othard
Marital Staus Single
Religion Dusk Mother & Dawn Farther
Occupation Tribal Shaman & Mystic
Server Balmung
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I am Sumi of the Kha, kohai to Xorxoi of the Kha.

I have been with the Kha since senpai noticed me and bid me follow him.I tended to his needs as he travelled to many lands, my blades there to protect him as needed. Then one day he bid me to set aside the steel, saying that if I held a blade all my options would involve using them. Since that day I walked as his student and no more as his servant.

It was in Sharlayan where I was to refine my learnings that my Master disappeared helping the Sharlayan's look for a lost sage beyond Ishgard.

It was at this time I was accepted as full Shaman of the Kha, and sent to Eorzea to gather its knowings and forbidden from searching for him.


Body : Body is temple to ourselves, it trim and shaped by Tribe life
Age : I am not knowing but it is probably some twenty two summers
Skin : Skin is dark and bluish, good sign from Dusk Mother
Hair : It is the colour of dusk tinged by the setting sun's radiance
Eyes : It is said they are like the cherry tree blossom, some people very kind
Distinguishing Features : My scales and horns form a distinctive pattern, and my eyes glow with life
Scent : I was told, it is like the musky scent of the wilderness and magic
Accent / Speaking style : I have Tribal way of phrasing things, I know this but it is good way to speak I think
Clothes : Simple garments made with own hands, with many sashes and veils


xxx behaviour
Habits : xxx habits


xxx combat



xxx like
xxx like


xxx dislike
xxx dislike
xxx dislike
xxx dislike.


xxx hobb
xxx hobb
xxx hobb





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