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Biographical Information
Birth Name {{{fullname}}}
Nickname(s) {{{nicknames}}}
Guardian {{{guardian}}}
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Born {{{born}}}
Nameday {{{nameday}}}
Died {{{died}}}
Cause of Death {{{causeofdeath}}}
Race [[:Category:{{{race}}}|{{{race}}}]]
Clan [[:Category:{{{clan}}}|{{{clan}}}]]
Tribe [[:Category:{{{tribe}}}|{{{tribe}}}]]
Family {{{family}}}
Physical Attributes
Hair {{{hair}}}
Eyes {{{eyes}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Primary Weapon {{{weapon1}}}
Secondary Weapon {{{weapon2}}}
Armor {{{armor}}}
{{{equip1label}}} {{{equip1}}}
{{{equip2label}}} {{{equip2}}}
{{{equip3label}}} {{{equip3}}}
{{{equip4label}}} {{{equip4}}}
{{{equip5label}}} {{{equip5}}}
{{{equip6label}}} {{{equip6}}}
{{{equip7label}}} {{{equip7}}}
{{{equip8label}}} {{{equip8}}}
{{{equip9label}}} {{{equip9}}}
{{{equip10label}}} {{{equip10}}}
{{{equip11label}}} {{{equip11}}}
Career Information
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Rank {{{rank}}}
Out-of-Character Information
Username {{{username}}}
Time Zone {{{timezone}}}
Free Company [[{{{freecompany}}}]]
Server [[:Category:{{{server}}}|{{{server}}}]]
Profession [[:Category:{{{profession}}}|{{{profession}}}]]
Job [[:Category:{{{job}}}|{{{job}}}]]


|name = {{PAGENAME}} <!--Change as needed-->
|image = Templatedefault.png <!--An image of the character. Defaults to Templatedefault.png Must be 250x250 squared.-->
|caption = <!--A caption for the image.-->
|fullname = {{PAGENAME}} <!--Change as needed-->
|citizenship = <!--Citizenship. Please use proper punctuation. Ex: Ul'dah--!>
|guardian = <!--Guardian of choice. ie: Rhalgar.--!>
|birthplace = <!--The character's birthplace if specified.-->
|nicknames = <!--The character's nicknames if specified.-->
|born = <!--The character's year of birth if specified.-->
|nameday = <!--Chosen nameday--!>
|died = <!--The character's date and place of death if specified.-->
|causeofdeath = <!--Who or what killed the character if specified.-->
|race = <!--The character's race. example: Roegadyn-->
|clan = <!--Sub-race. Clan. example: Seawolf-->
|tribe = <!--For Xaela tribes. Will create a category on the wiki --!>
|family = <!--Any mentioned family that the character has if specified.-->
|hair = <!--The character's hair color if specified.-->
|eyes = <!--The character's eye color if specified.-->
|height = <!--The character's height if specified.-->
|weight = <!--The character's weight if specified.-->
|weapon1= <!--Primary Weapon-->
|weapon2 = <!--Secondary Weapon-->
|armor = <!--Armor type-->
|equip1label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip1 = <!--equipment-->
|equip2label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip2 = <!--equipment-->
|equip3label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip3 = <!--equipment-->
|equip4label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip4 = 
|equip5label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip5 = 
|equip6label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip6 = 
|equip7label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip7 = 
|equip8label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip8 = 
|equip9label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip9 = 
|equip10label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip10 =
|equip11label = <!--Other equipment type-->
|equip11 =  
|occupation  = Unknown
|freecompany =  <!--Name of the Free Company-->
|rank = <!--The character's rank if specified.-->
|username = <!--Your username if applicable.-->
|timezone = <!--Your timezone. correct formatting: CST (GMT-6)-->
|server = <!--Server name-->
|profession = <!--The character profession. example: Pugilist-->
|job = <!--The character job. example: Monk-->
|footnotes = <!--Space for notes. Whatever you want here.-->

Welcome to RoeBox!

A general note to all wiki contributors: The best policy for wiki content is to provide information that is as unchanging as possible. Only include information in your infobox that is 90% likely to stay as is. Use a date of birth, not age, for example. Age changes, Date of birth does not.

All fields are optional. By not providing an input, the field will not be displayed. This infobox template was taken and altered from Pacific Rim Wiki, and adapted by IndustryThirteen, with aditional code pulled from this the RPC (citizenship-logo and citizenship-switch templates.)

Several input fields also become category or article links. Race, Clan, Free Company, Server, Profession and Job are marked as such.

There are also up to eleven (11) fields for inputting equipment or items. There is also a primary and secondary weapon field.


The avatar or biographical picture for the infobox must be squared, with 250x250 pixels being ideal, 300x300 working as well.