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Placeholder person.gif
Character Information
Full Name {{{fullname}}}
Nickname(s) {{{nicknames}}}
Race [[:Category:{{{race}}}|{{{race}}}]]
Subrace [[:Category:{{{subrace}}}|{{{subrace}}}]]
Gender {{{gender}}}
Sexual Orientation {{{sexualorientation}}}
Relationship Status {{{relationship}}}
Nameday {{{nameday}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Guardian {{{guardian}}}
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Tribe [[:Category:{{{tribe}}}|{{{tribe}}}]]
House {{{house}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Family {{{family}}}

I wanted something simple with rounded corners so I made this infobox with that in mind! Inspiration was taken from the RoeBox infobox! All of the fields listed below are optional, which means that if you leave the area blank it will not generate that option. This allows for greater customization when making your infobox!

Copy Code

|name = {{PAGENAME}} <!-- The title on your infobox. Defaults to the page name. -->
|image = Placeholder_person.gif <!-- An image of your character. Defaults to Templatedefault.png. -->
|caption = Put your caption here!<!-- A caption for the image if you want to put one in there. -->
|fullname = {{PAGENAME}} <!-- Your character's name. -->
|nicknames = <!-- Any nicknames your character has. -->
|race = <!-- Your character's race (ex: Hyur, Miqo'te, etc.). This will create a category. -->
|subrace = <!-- Your character's subrace (ex: Xaela, Raen, Keeper of the Moon...). This will create a category. -->
|gender = <!-- Your character's gender identity (ex: Male, Female, Transgender, Genderfluid, etc.). -->
|sexualorientation = <!-- Your character's sexual preference -->
|relationship = <!-- Your character's relationship status (ex: single, married, engaged, etc.) -->
|nameday = <!-- Your character's nameday. -->
|age = <!-- Your character's age. -->
|guardian = <!-- Your character's guardian. -->
|birthplace = <!-- Where your character was born. -->
|tribe = <!-- Tribal affiliation for Xaela (ex: Dotharl, Qalli, Kha). This will create a category. -->
|house = <!-- House affiliation if applicable (ex: House Fortemps). -->
|occupation = <!-- Your character's occupation. -->
|family = <!-- Any family your character might have. -->


Contributors: Shieke

If you want a more customized version of this infobox, feel free to contact the contributors directly!


10-21-2018: Added "Age" field.
09-03-2018: Added a changelog. Updated description. Added in "Gender," "Sexual Orientation," "Relationship Status," and "House" fields.
09-02-2018: Template created.