Tenmei Kaen

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 Tenmei Kaen
Birth Name Tenmei Kaen
Pronounced Ten-may Kay-en
Meaning Blazing Dawn (roughly)
Age Adult
Nameday 22nd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Birthplace Othard
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Alignment Neutral Good
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Height Tall
Weight Slender
Physique Fit, lightly muscled, understated hourglass figure
Hair Auburn, ivory highlights (often dyed)
Eyes Apple green, dark limbal rings
Skin Warm, med-dark, brown tone
Occupation Healer, Medic, Naturopath
Combat Style Elemental forces, Conjury
Non-combat Botany, Herbalism
Primary Weapon Divining rod, Staff
Secondary Weapon Bow & Dagger
Transportation White Chocobo
Username RisingWolf
Time Zone UTC-6
Server Mateus
Free Companies <<SH:RP>> The Shepherds Co.
RP Preferences Experienced/Mature RolePlayer - Adventure, Action, Combat, Romance, Mystery, and Intrigue.

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A tall, slender Raen female, not particularly remarkable or set apart from the rest of her kind. She moves as one accustomed to the woods -like a shadow, cautious and quiet. Even when in town or the city, she often goes unnoticed. Preferring simple attire, she's usually seen in fitted clothing, loose enough to allow freedom of movement but without excess - often opting for pants and boots rather than robes or dresses. As a healer, she's fastidious about cleanliness, especially her hands, and one may notice an herbal aroma with a hint of clove that lingers about her.

Possessed of a heart-shaped face - broad of brow, subtlety squared of jaw, and sharp-chinned - and a sun-kissed complexion with high cheek-bones and curving lips, she's an average looking Raen female; not perfect or young enough to be called beautiful. Her only remarkable feature is a pair of apple-green eyes with dark limbal rings, almond-shaped and rimmed by dark lashes beneath delicately arched brows.

Like all Raen, Tenmei has ivory auditory horns and scales. Perhaps not obvious at first glance, her scales are keeled and have an opalescent shine. Ivory highlighted auburn hair frames her face and tumbles in loose waves about her shoulders if unbound but is more oft pulled back in a simple ponytail.

Obviously not neglecting her physical training, her slender form is lithe and fit, though lacking the hardened physique of those whose primary duty relies upon martial prowess. An understated hourglass figure retains a youthful shape, her years not yet showing. She carries herself with confidence, posture straight, her gait light and easy.

Her voice is low and melodic, the tempo and timbre of which blends pleasantly in speech or song. Her common is fluid and clear though lightly accented.


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Think you might want to connect your character's background with mine? Here are some basic affiliations from Tenmei Kaen's past and present that could easily be a place where they met/meet. Send me a message if you'd like to connect them ICly!

  • Othard: As an itinerant healer, Tenmei's rounds took her through many Raen villages, in and around the mountains and coast of northeastern Othard. She was briefly in Doma before securing transport to Eorzea on a ship bound for Vesper Bay.
  • Eorzea: Arriving in Vesper Bay, and uncertain in the unfamiliar place, she somehow wound up on a ferry to Limsa Lominsa. She has kept largely to the city, and nearby areas.

~Notes: Tenmei is an accomplished healer and volunteers her assistance wherever she sees the need.


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Qadan Dataq

Relation: Companion Standing: Complicated Status: Missing

Brief character description: Taller than average with a lean, powerful build this Xaela male is a warrior of no small repute. Midnight-black hair and dark reddish-brown skin compliment the obsidian sheen of his horns and scales, while golden eyes and sharp features give him a hawk-like mien.