Tesla Amorette

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Tesla Amorette'
Gender Female
Race Seeker
Clan ???
Citizenship Flames
Age 24
Eyes Blue
Occupation Mercenary
Height/Weight 63.8 Inches/124
Hair Varies
Alignment neutral chaotic

Goodbye Tesla "Come a little closer, you could be my soldier keeping me safe from all who conspire enemy fire."

Current RP Goals

She is trying to learn to blend in. Her appearance has changed and if you happen to run into her, she will have a book in hand. It is difficult for her to socialize but most don't seem to mind it. She finds that without the mask, people are a bit more trusting with her. She is also currently looking for a Roe though not much is known yet on who he is. Her home is currently open for those who wish for a place to stay since she is rarely there.

Treasure Hunting
With a group, Tesla has been able to search Haukke Manor in search for something that may lead her to decipher this map. With some luck, she had found a small parchment but will need to return for further clues.


Immediately her behavior can be deemed strange or odd. She's very mysterious and mischievous. Most of her encounters are memorable. Though she's intelligent, there's a lot of common sense she lacks due to being desensitized to common emotions. Most often, she is polite and will poke fun at random patrons in the Quicksand. Her child-like tendencies tend to get her into more trouble then she originally intends.


Strong Leader
Very Honest
Clear and Concise


Can be difficult when interacting with people
Avoids serious conversations about herself
Assumes any sort of affection is met with deviant intentions
Can be one extreme over another depends on what emotion is provoked


Steals Trinkets
Can be very child-like
Has a thing for tanks
Has a thing for sweets
Hand holding

Notable Trinkets



Raid Leader
Bounty Hunter
Treasure Hunter


Leisure: Fishing
Favorite Drink: Pineapple Juice
Favorite Snacks: Dzemael Tomatoes, Ginger cookie
Favorite Dessert: Sachertorte
Favorite Meal: Bouillabaisse
Not a good drinker


Well trained in aether management
Well trained in close/long ranged combat
Can be extremely violent
Will only intervene when absolutely necessary
Goes for the kill
Aetherial abilities



OOC Miscellaneous

Up for any RP story line.
NOTE: Please do not engage in combat unless you intend on finishing or resolving the conflict. Do not waste my time. Terms of combat can be discuss during RP.

Rumors & Events

Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
She can help but it'll cost you.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
No one's really sure what she does on her free time
No one really knows what she's fishing for
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
She's committing the murders

◢ Current Events

Where she can be found

The Quicksand

◢ Employers
Arcadeus: Anelia Sadowyn: EGSWC: Referee
Mr. Broker: On retainer


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing

These relations are common in her life. Please if you'll like to be added just /tell me ^_^

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Story Arc

Fun Facts

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbBlOfUlhUs