The Maelstrom

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The Maelstrom is the Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa. It is headed by Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, and under her by Grand Storm Marshal Eynzahr Slafyrsyn. The Maelstrom Command with instructions from the Grand Marshal presides over the command of the Lominsan Armada - traditionally the main force of the Lominsan army, as well as the Crimson Fleet (the principal fleet of the Maelstrom consisting of six warships) and the Privateers.

The last of these is an extension of the First Squadron of the Lominsan Armada, called Galadion. It consists of various civilian vessels and people drafted specifically for the Maelstrom's use in these troubled times. Within the Privateers, the Black Sails is the assault squadron (formed of pirate ships), War Sails is bombardment (armed traders), Trade Sails is provisioning (fishing vessels) and Foreign Levy consists of adventurers and is led by High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki. For adventurers, basically all they have been involved with so far has been the Foreign Levy.

At the heart of the Thalassocratic Navy lies the Lominsan Armada, composed of nine independent squadrons, the First through the Ninth. The Maelstrom is an extension of the First Squadron, expanding its role as armada flagship and granting it power to administer not only the remaining eight squadrons, but the various merchant fleets that navigate the seas off Vylbrand. With the reestablishment of the Maelstrom, the Admiral has also begun the move to invoke ancient maritime law, by which she would promote herself to Chief Admiral, effectively expanding her authority to cover not only state and military dealings, but grant her the power to directly command all ships in Lominsan waters, and freely punish any who disobey. Needless to say, the city—state’s pirates are not about to take this encroachment on their freedom without a fight.

The Highest Command
Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Grand Storm Marshal Eynzar Slafyrsyn of the Maelstrom Command
High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki of the Foreign Levy, aka 'Redwind'

Maelstrom Command Staff
Storm Lieutenant First Class Orn Guincum
Storm Lieutenant Second Class Fraelak Bharbennsyn
Storm Lieutenant P'nazqha Taqa
Storm Sergeant First Class Grizzly Gnat
Storm Private I'gobaxi Rhof

High Storm Commander's Unit
Myrganmoen Roehmannsyn
Hidden Sunset

Chocobo Escort
Storm Sergeant Larille
Storm Sergeant Friont

Chief Storm Sergeant Kurtz Nolan
Storm Sergeant Alain Brooks