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All men die, not every man truly lives.



CURRENT ALIAS... Tiergan Vashir. (Tier, V'siha'a Ashir, Savage Lion)

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te. Mixed Heritage (Sun/Moon).

NAMEDAY... 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon.

GENDER... Male.

AGE... Twenty Nine [Time Bubble] || Thirty Three [Non-Time Bubble].

ORIENTATION... Pansexual. Polyamorous.

MARITAL STATUS...Open Relationship.


NATIONALITY... Ul'dahn || Ala Mhigan Refugee.


OCCUPATION... Mercenary.

PATRON DEITY... Rhalgr the Destroyer.

HEIGHT... Roughly 5 fulms 10 ilms.

WEIGHT... 187 ponz.

ALIGNMENT... Between Neutral Good (One) and Chaotic Good (Four).


Medium-Heavy Roleplayer from the Pacific Timezone (PST). I generally RP in public channels (/say, /yell, /em), but also sometimes use /whisper for certain narrative elements. I'm willing to switch to RPing in /party for the comfort of others. When it comes to Combat, I'm comfortable with freeform, /random (even though the RNG gods hate me), talking things out beforehand to decide who would realistically win, or just about anything else.
When it comes to RP Romance - RP romance is awesome, but it is not the main focus of my RP and I tend to get uncomfortable if I feel like someone is RPing with me specifically to try and ensnare Tiergan into a relationship. This isn't to say I won't engage in any - just that I prefer diversity to my RP experiences and an attempt at triggering romance may not lead anywhere if I feel it doesn't make sense narratively or wouldn't make for an interesting story. I'm also the type of person that really enjoys romantic tension and romantic feelings as a source of conflict for a story over RP Romance where everything is perfect flawless fluff 100% of the time. TL;DR - RP Romance is great, but you may not get what you're hoping for if you try to romance Tiergan.
There must be a clear separation of IC and OOC at all times. How Tiergan feels about your character does not reflect how I feel about you. How Tiergan lives his life does not reflect upon how I live mine. If your character is in love with Tiergan and you start making demands of me OOC or begin treating me like I'm your lover -- I will bail out of the RP so quickly you'll wonder if it even actually happened.
Personal RP Limits:
Do: All RP themes from the dark, serious, and mature (violence, torture, murder, drug / alcohol use, etc.) to the light-hearted, humorous, and cheerful. Awesome dramatic plots. Heavy, feels-ridden plots. Elaborate, grand-scale, long-term plots. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Combat. Ambushes. Assassination attempts. Rivalries. Bromances. Deep platonic friendships. Romantic tension. Coarse language.
Ask: Disfigurement or mutilation. Permanent scarring or symbols marked on my character. Torture that leaves behind lasting, long-term effects (aka, longer than 3 months). Long-term and/or permanent injury. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Significant tampering of the mind. Anything that is dramatically character-changing, or may have extremely negative implications for my character. (Also, please warn me if any RP we do is leading towards 'extremely negative implications' land so that I can assess whether I am comfortable with it going in that direction and redirect if need be!)
Don't: Permanent character death. Permanently maiming or crippling my character in a way that completely prevents him from living independently. RP where your character MUST be around Tiergan at all times at every single moment. RPing with me only for the purpose of trying to trigger romance RP.

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Around strangers, Tiergan initially carries himself in a quiet, cautious manner, working to keep his thoughts and emotions close to the vest while watching closely for the behavior of others. He is easily swept up by emotion and impulsiveness, often acting first and asking questions (or having huge regrets) later. A lifetime of deceit, greed, and trickery has left the miqo'te wary and mistrustful of those around him and he sometimes experiences a moment of panic when feeling his guard lowering around others. The closer one becomes to Tiergan, the more a humorous, somewhat mischievous, playful side emerges, and he tends towards wearing his heart on his sleeve - whether he intends to or not.
Outside of combat, close contact of any kind sometimes triggers intense discomfort or even violence if the miqo'te is not expecting it - particularly if touched along his back. Tiergan avoids speaking about his past history whenever possible, except that he was a refugee from Ala Mhigo, and tends not to pry into the history of others if he can sense it's not wanted. Privately, Tiergan yearns for nothing more then something resembling a family or being with a group of people he can fully rely on. However, the very idea of letting down his guard and extending his trust to a large number of people makes him feel so exposed and vulnerable that he avoids doing so at all costs.
Though Tiergan believes the Twelve exist and reveres them, he does not actively worship any of them save for Rhalgr, who he seems to pay respect to mainly in remembrance of the nation that had once been his home. The only god Tiergan will sometimes speak poorly of is Nymeia the Spinner as he believes everyone is in control of their own lives and can forge a different path whenever they so choose. He finds the concept of Fate abhorrent, particularly because it would mean much of his life's suffering was somehow destined.


Listening and Standing in the Ocean. After a lifetime of being trapped in the desert, Tiergan loves the ocean for it’s sheer contrast. He enjoys standing on the coast, listening to the waves crash against the sand while the water swirls around his feet and will sometimes even sit in the surf, letting it wash over him. It’s one of the fastest ways for him to relax.
Reading. Tiergan had a very rare opportunity to learn to read and write during his early adulthood. He jumped at it, hoping the education would help him emulate an Ala Mhigan general he adored as a child who was extremely gifted with words.
Friendly Sparring. Combat gets his blood pumping and sends a thrill through his veins. The more challenging, the better as it usually means the other person can take hits without breaking and Tiergan can fight more freely. He’s much more leery of doing it around an audience however - due to his history.
Rich, well-cooked foods. Tiergan is an atrocious chef and should not be allowed anything resembling a kitchen. Because of this, he traesures a fine, well-made meal created by the hands of an expert cook as much as the Monetarists treasure coin. He especially likes Aldgoat Steak.
Cakes and Sweets Tiergan's love of sweets and especially cakes could probably power a small solar system.
Travel. As much as he might appreciate having a home to return to, after so many years forced to stay in one place, Tiergan is often swept up by wanderlust that carries him far and wide to explore the greater world and all its secrets.


Heavy Crowds. Densely packed crowds often make it difficult to see who is potentially coming for him and limits how much he can move, or even wield a weapon without potentially harming a stranger on the sidelines. He can appreciate a crowd for helping him disappear into it when pursued, but doesn't like to stay within it for very long.
Upper-Scale Social Gatherings. Tiergan's history did not afford him a lot of time to learn proper social conduct, good table manners, ballroom dancing, etc. He also doesn't have much in the way of fancy clothing outside of armor - so while he'd grin at the offer of joining a pub crawl, the idea of going to a tea party or a ball of some kind would leave him miserable.
Tight, enclosed spaces. Tiergan loathes feeling trapped or caged in any manner and will often become anxious in compact places with few avenues of escape.
Being restrained in any fashion. A lifetime of memories being bound is not something easily forgotten.
Being pressed on details about his history. Some things are better left buried in the sands of time.
Loss of Control. As reckless as Tiergan can be, he hates losing control of his own body whether that be through illness, drugs, or too much alcohol (though he has a foolish habit of getting drunk while deeply unhappy with something.).


Family and Friends. After losing his family during the Fall of Ala Mhigo and thinking his sister to be dead for over a decade - family and those close enough to be considered family are of paramount importance in Tiergan's mind. Many of his decisions, both good and bad, are fueled by the need to protect the people he's come to love - regardless of whether or not the protection is desired and even if at the cost to himself.
Redemption. His behavior as a slave was cruel, barbaric, and heartless - oppressing and harming those around him in order to gain luxuries and benefits that came as a reward for holding all the others in line. Now as a free man exposed to the wider world outside of the pens, Tiergan looks back upon his history with regret and anger that he'd chosen to turn against those who were like him instead of rallying them. He now spends much of his focus attempting to aid and protect those who need it with the hope that he can one day reach Thal's gates knowing he'd done his best to become something more than the tyrant he was in the slave pens.
Revenge. While no longer the pinnacle motivation of Tiergan's life, many of Tiergan's most painful memories are tightly bound around his former-master 'Omen' - a powerful criminal lord so secretive that no one knows his true name, or what he looks like. Unable to find and kill the man himself, Tiergan once spent an inordinate amount of time slaughtering Omen's men and disrupting his operations in the hopes it would draw the man out of hiding. In recent times, Tiergan's priorities have shifted in favor or protecting those he holds dear. However, many of his lesser actions are still driven by that lingering desire to exact justice upon the figure who devoured so much of his life.


Loyalty. Though the miqo'te's trust is difficult to earn, once it is gained, Tiergan is a strong, steadfast ally willing to sacrifice life and limb for those who patient enough to befriend him.
Stalwart. Built to weather the brutality of the Bloodsands, Tiergan is resilient, very rarely becomes ill, and often throws himself onto the front lines to bear the brunt of the damage in battle.
Combat Prowess. Fighting has been a core part of Tiergan's life for over 15 years and what he lacks in military discipline, he makes up for in pure, savage ferocity.
Compassion. Friendships with the right positive influences have shaped Tiergan's once selfish, bitter view of the world towards one far more willing to serve others. He works to model himself after the example of the nobility and self-sacrifice he has seen in those around him, easily sympathetic to the plight of the poor, downtrodden, weak, or injured.
Tracking. A skill acquired out of need and pure determination, Tiergan was forced to learn basic tracking skills very quickly in order to pursue targets issued by levemetes for coin - and to hunt down the men of his former master in order to slaughter them.
Identifying certain drugs and poisons. Due to his life as a slave, Tiergan is familiar with an assortment of drugs and poisones often employed by slaving rings and lanistae to subjugate others or force them to do what they desire.


Mistrustful. Repeated cycles of deceit and betrayal have left the miqo'te highly mistrustful and paranoid of the intentions of others. His body bears numerous scars left by those who claimed to be friend or lover, and with each new addition, the man becomes more and more hardened. While he quietly aches to create bonds and friendships, it can take quite some time for him to truly offer his trust to another person.
Reckless. Tiergan often throws himself into dangerous or even lethal situations with little regard for his own safety. While sometimes this can work out in his favor, in many cases it reaches a point where it can often be seen as self-destructive..
Difficulty with Emotion. Due to the violent, frenzied nature of Tiergan's past, the miqo'te's often has difficulty keeping his emotions in check, particularly when he feels strongly about something. Intimacy can sometimes trigger a fight-or-flight response from him if approached poorly. He is hot-tempered, easily triggered by things that remind him of past events, and often handles the subsequent fear or panic poorly.
Difficulty with Physical Contact. Life as a slave has made Tiergan wary of being touched - especially by surprise. His back is a gnarled, heavily scarred mess that is highly sensitive to touch and pain - approaching him the wrong way can even provoke a violent, instinctive response.


Eye Contact. One of the easiest ways to get a read on Tiergan is to watch his eyes. He looks directly at another person when they're speaking, regardless of whether he is angry or sad. However, he will often avert his eyes or even close them when discussing difficult topics that cause him pain, anxiousness, sorrow, or fear. He has difficulty meeting the gaze of another person he deeply respects if he fears their eyes would only carry heavy scorn or deep disappointment.
Detachment. Sometimes when forced to elaborate upon difficult, painful situations, he distances himself - speaking as though he weren't present.
Aversion to Deep Intimacy. While Tiergan has had an occasional light fling and casual intimacy, he becomes intensely uncomfortable and anxious in regards to a serious romance unless approached in a specific manner. Old memories are hard to leave behind, and certain actions can trigger panic or violence if Tiergan is pushed too far or pursued too aggressively.
Careful Speech. Tiergan works hard to speak well in an effort to hide his history, especially in a city like Ul'dah, where others are easily judged by their dress and manner of speaking. When tired however, this effort quickly lapses and his words are rougher and slightly accented.


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With numerous scars running across his flesh like a latticework and a body swathed in a mix of plate, chain, and leather - Tiergan looks every bit the gladiator he once was. He is tall for a miqo'te, standing at 5 fulms 10 ilms with broad shoulders and a thick, heavily-muscled frame. His skin is a golden bronze color further deepened by time in the sun - the richness of it marred by various scars of many types. His hair is a stark white, carelessly cut and styled without much regard to appearance. One need only to glance at the male to realise Tiergan places far more value on his clothing and possessions being functional than beautiful.
Tiergan typically maintains a strong but subtly aggressive posture, his frost-white gaze fierce, sharp, and occasionally cold. He rarely seems relaxed and even at rest, can appear to be a calm shell with a simmering tempest just waiting beneath the surface. The miqo'te is almost always in armor and even his more casual clothing reinforced in one way or another - particularly at his back - to offer him protection regardless of the situation.


As a gladiator, Tiergan was known for throwing himself into battle with a blade in his right hand and a steel-gauntlet in his left. He preferred close-quarters combat and liked going on the offensive right from the start, moving in fast, aggressive, and relentless with the hope overwhelming his opponent before they could get a chance to recover. He pressed hard, testing his opponent's defenses until he found blood and weakness and maintained his onslaught through sheer stamina. However, he could eventually be tired out and defeated by a highly-defensive and methodical fighter that was able to outlast him and deflect the flurry of strikes. Tiergan dressed light - armoring only certain parts of his body while keeping much of the rest exposed - though whether this was due to some sort of strategy to help him move more swiftly or because he was forced to garb himself in that manner is unclear.

In current times, the miqo'te's fighting style has changed with his changing priorities. Though he still mainly relies on speed and aggression to carve his way to victory, the mercenary is now often seen carrying either a shield or a greatsword and tends to engage in battles from a more cautious, defense-minded approach - especially when fighting alongside others. He is heavily armored, with a mix of plate, chain, leather, and cloth covering up most of his body (and subsequently, most of his scars.) Casting his shield to the side is often a sign that the miqo'te has, in a sense, shifted back to his old ways and intends to seek blood in any way he can regardless of any damage to himself. His greatest weakness is fighting ranged combatants that are able to keep him from closing the distance. He especially loathes fighting spell-casters of any kind and often rushes to get in close as soon as possible when facing one.


Tiergan was only a young child when the Empire devastated Ala Mhigo - sparking the beginning of a life marred by violence, savage fighting pits, drugs, and chaos. His parents were slain trying to defend their home and he was separated from his elder sister, Lurial, when slavers captured him along with several other Ala Mhigan refugees fleeing from the region. Purchased as a potential gladiator at the age of 13, the youth was forged into a fighter through rigorous training grew to adulthood in a world defined by dominance, bloodlust, and greed. Now as an escaped gladiator-slave, Tiergan takes various jobs as a mercenary while slowly working to learn what it means to live as a man truly free to make his own choices and the consequences they bring about.


Ala Mhigo
Despite being born in one of the poorer sections of the city, Tiergan's memories of his life in Ala Mhigo were mainly happy ones. His parents worked diligently to keep the family fed, comfortable, and content, shielding their children from much of the more violent and unpleasant events occurring within the nation. His aunt and uncle lived nearby, allowing a rambunctious trio to form that consisted of Tiergan, Lurial, and his elder cousin Vailyx. Vailyx was both the unofficial leader and troublemaker of the trifecta, often plunging the three into wild shenanigans while Lurial cleverly devised ways to help them evade being caught and punished afterwards. At the time, Tiergan was an excitable kit waving around a wooden sword as he trailed after his elder sister and cousin, eager to engage in whatever trouble Vailyx cooked up next - and bursting into tears whenever they were caught or in some form of trouble Lurial could not think her way out of.

His time playing in the streets with his sister and cousin were cut short as Ala Mhigo's King of Ruin grew more and more unhinged, killing off both wealthy and peasant alike in his madness. Though Tiergan and Lurial did not completely understand what was happening at the time, the solemn expressions on their parents' faces spoke volumes in how tense, dangerous, and unpredictable the world outside their front door was becoming.

Tiergan was less than ten years old when the Garlean Empire finally struck, sundering the once proud nation. His parents were slain trying to defend their home and he was separated from his older sister, Lurial, when slavers captured him along with several other Ala Mhigan refugees fleeing from the region. Sold to a shrewd and wealthy merchant, Tiergan spent the next four years burrowing in mines and quarries, performing hard labour along with many other child-workers who had been bought for the same purpose. With each year that passed, the youngling grew more angry, vicious, and aggressive - making him difficult to control and risky to keep. His memories of life before the quarries were beginning to fade, but he still recalled the kind voice of his mother, the warm strength of his father, and the sister he'd been torn away from when the madness began.

After Tiergan nearly killed at least two overseers, his owner opted to resell the slave instead of putting the boy down and wasting an investment. The boy, now a teenager, was swiftly taken to the Ul'dahn Black Markets and sold as a potential gladiator slave to one of the lanistae of secretive criminal lord known only as "Omen." The youth made his first kill not long after, when he was thrust into a room with another child of the same age and told that only one of them would be permitted to leave alive to become a gladiator. The years that followed were a frenzied blur of harsh, rigorous training; brutal combat in illegal fighting arenas; and terrifying, nightmarish visions. Blackroot Rose leaves were used to give the youth a cruel, but lethal advantage towards the start of his 'career' and somnus was used to calm the boy afterwards, making him docile. The constant back and forth between frenzied uncontrollable violence and mind-numbing calm nearly turned the youngling into a shattered mess. However, as Tiergan grew more powerful in his own right, the use of Blackroot Rose became blessedly less frequent, eventually stopping all together.


When he eventually came of age, Tiergan was moved into the adult slave pens, drowning in a world of ruthless dominance, sadistic aggression, and pitiless savagery. There, an unusual hierarchy was established where the strongest slave - designated as the "Alpha" - received special privileges and treatment in exchange for keeping all of the other slaves in line. The Alpha status was signified by a single red band around the upper arm and other slaves could fight the reigning Alpha with hopes of defeating them and taking their place. Savagely clawing his way to the top, Tiergan reached Alpha status within a year. There, he embraced luxuries and pleasures he'd previously been denied, freedoms he'd never truly known. With each day that passed, the more the miqo'te gloried in his new role, paying the price with the suffering of others.

Then, the seeds of change began taking root. Tiergan met and fell in love with a body slave named Aralyn, whose presence began softening the miqo'te's ruthless nature in small, subtle ways. She was a patient lover, teaching him the value of kindness and compassion, slowly easing away the aggressive cruelty and drawing out a better man from what had previously been a selfish beast. Unlike Tiergan, who had been a slave for over half of his life, she had only been enslaved recently and often longed for freedom, speaking to Tiergan of her family, home, and life before she was captured. Wanting to make his lover happy, Tiergan listened when she eventually shared with her plans for escape and readily used his status as Alpha to set up the needed conditions for their freedom. Their escape attempt did not go well and ultimately ended with Tiergan bound and whipped until his back was a mutilated mess while Aralyn slaughtered. The event had a devastating impact, the loss twisting his perceptions and making it far more difficult for others to reach him.

Through a combination of luck and skill, the Tiergan managed to remain Alpha for three solid years until he lost the position to Zaius - a vicious, towering miqo'te with unparalleled strength and a sharp, calculating mind, who had only arrived within the pens a week before. At first, Tiergan viewed Zaius with a great deal of resentment. After spending so much time at the top, the idea that someone could simply appear and defeat him within a week of arriving was infuriating. To make matters worse, the older, stronger male was often cruel and abrasive, mistreating Tiergan at every possible opportunity. Other slaves that had always fought Tiergan one-on-one in hopes of stealing his position, swiftly began ganging up on him in groups to exact revenge. Omen's men no longer regarded him with any measure of respect and he was denied all of the things he'd once enjoyed.

In desperation to regain his position, Tiergan clashed with Zaius often, fighting with the other male over and over, until eventually a frenzied, tumultuous relationship developed. Gradually, the abuse Tiergan faced at the hands of others vanished as he fell under Zaius' protection. Even Omen's men hesitated to bring Tiergan any harm, his bond with Zaius swinging wildly between enemy, friend, and lover. Tiergan's emotions fell into conflict, his sense of pride making it difficult for Tiergan to see Zaius as anything other then a hated enemy or rival to be defeated... while Zaius' tendency to protect and defend him made it hard for Tiergan not to feel a little appreciation and even fondness for the older miqo'te. As the years passed, Zaius became both his most hated opponent and most valued, trusted confidant. Zaius knew him better than any other, and having a 'friend' that he could quietly rely on, someone who always had his back -- even if it came at a price -- was an experience that shifted Tiergan's perceptions.

It wasn't until sudden rioting erupted amongst the slaves and one of the walls to the pens exploded that Tiergan was eventually able to escape. With countless other slaves fighting each other and pouring out of the opening, Tiergan and many others were able to flee Omen's control. Tiergan later learned it was all engineered by his sister who had at last tracked her sibling down to the Ul'dahn Bloodsands and had been setting plans in motion for years to orchestrate his liberation. The gladiator-slave was finally free.

His first taste of freedom did not come easy. His time as a slave had forged him into a rough, heartless man of violence with a sadistic streak tempered only by the fact that he'd once been in love with Aralyn, reunited with Lurial, and was humbled by Zaius. It took him over three years years, with Lurial and others gently (and sometimes not so gently) guiding him every step of the way, for Tiergan to unlearn many old, brutal habits and to transform into a far more quiet, balanced individual.

Several moons after his escape, Tiergan became a mercenary, taking on whatever jobs he could to survive. Violence was the only skill he truly learned to master, and thus it became his only real source of income. Omen placed a notable bounty on his head in order to have the gladiator returned back to the Pits, only for Tiergan to respond by either killing the bounty hunters that pursue him or sending them back to Ul'dah with broken, shattered bones. While Tiergan was and is a relatively quiet man and does not draw too much attention to himself save during combat -- he doesn't always fully disguise himself when going about his life in Ul'dah, relying on the considerably large miqo'te population to help him blend in with the crowd. He will sometimes however, give his father's name in the place of his own when signing documents that can leave an obvious paper-trail for others to follow.

He's often seen around Little Ala Mhigo and other nearby refugee camps, delivering food and supplies to the people there, before leaving as swiftly as he came. Every once in a while however, Tiergan heads out on his own, vanishing for a long stretch of time and coming back days later, bloodied and disheveled. He engages on a bloody vengeful crusade, tracking down Omen's men, slaughtering them, and disrupting his old master's activities in hopes of bringing the man's vast empire crumbling down to the foundations. Knowing that inciting Omen's anger too much would cause him more problems than he could manage, Tiergan takes great care not only to disguise himself during these 'hunts', but to kill everyone that might return to speak of the destruction he sows and is relentless in his brutality and rage.

He looks back upon his past with a mix of anger, deep regret, and an infuriating sense of yearning he cannot shake. After spending most of his entire life with few options with limited consequences, there are times Tiergan feels utterly overwhelmed as a free man by the vastness of his choices, the weight of their costs, and the seriousness of their resulting consequences. In his weakest, darkest moments, he finds himself wishing he were back where he started, filling him with an incredible amount of shame that the miqo'te keeps buried, hoping that with time, all of it will eventually go away.




Few good things have ever come out of deep emotional attachments for Tiergan. His history is bloody and violent, and his relationships were often unhealthy. It’s reached the point where the mere thought of someone falling in love with him is terrifying - and the thought of him loving someone back even more so. While in very specific situations he is comfortable being intimate with both men and women he trusts on a casual basis, the idea of pursuing something more triggers a deeply rooted fear of hurting others and being hurt in return. This, along a fear of being confined and controlled from his time as a slave, makes him an extremely challenging man to romance as he generally responds with heavy discomfort or even panic if pressed to draw into a relationship more serious than he is prepared for.

In a potential lover, Tiergan values honesty, straightforwardness, bravery, determination, and compassion. Like most miqo'te, he is polyamorous and is deeply resistant to the idea of being forced into a monogamous relationship as he has been this way all of his life. He does not abide by Sun Seeker or Moon Keeper mating traditions as he did not grow up with them. With how complicated his life often becomes, he appreciates those who are who they present themselves to be, say what they truly mean, and do exactly what they say they will do without hesitation. Such people grant him a sense of calm, and he takes solace in the stability they offer in a chaotic, constantly changing world. Another part of the miqo'te's mind also gains a thrill out of those who can fight or hold their own against him - whether it be through physical or mental prowess. Tiergan never flirts and rarely initiates, often getting flustered when teased. An individual would have to approach Tiergan in a specific way to get around his many defenses, and reach out to him in a way that wouldn't cause alarm.

The one most defining romance of his life is his relationship with Zaius Rhal'seer. The other miqo'te is larger, stronger, and potentially mad, but Tiergan returns to Zaius again and again, knowing he has extremely little chance of hurting the powerful, hulking Keeper both physically and emotionally. While their relationship has taken many different forms over the many cycles they've known each other - Tiergan acknowledges that Zaius knows him far better than anyone else. The two of them have agreed to an open relationship that allows them to take on other lovers and on occasion, they've even had the same lover at the same time (much to Tiergan's great chagrin.)

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Immortal Flames Free Brigade
Ul'dah Adventurer's Guild
Aeon Free Company
Astral Agents

Character Connections
A gladiator or anyone affiliated with the gladiator's guild might would recognise Tiergan a fellow gladiator who was successful on the Bloodsands. He was known for wielding a sword and a steel, clawed gauntlet when fighting and wore a decorative collar on his neck. It was assumed it was simply for show and not something more sinister.
Anyone with ties to the Ul'dahn criminal underground might have seen Tiergan fighting in illegal combat pits. If they frequented them often enough or had deep enough ties, they would also know he was a gladiator-slave.
If your character has really REALLY strong ties to the Ul'dahn criminal underground - they would know he was owned by "Omen."
Fellow mercenaries may have worked with Tiergan at one point or another - though he may have gone under the name V'Rahn Ashir. They might also recognise Tiergan as a mercenary that outright refused any contracts that might jeaprodize or harm Little Ala Mhigo.
Ala Mhigans, Ala Mhigan refugees, and people living or working in Little Ala Mhigo.
Fellow slaves - anyone who was enslaved shortly after the Garlean Empire struck down Ala Mhigo, was a child-laborer, or was a slave may have connections to Tiergan.

Father: V'rahn Nunh (deceased) - Seeker of the Sun - Formerly a Tia that had grown tired with his life in his tribe. V'rahn was a charming, gregarious, and often ridiculous mage who felt confined by the rules and traditions of his tribe and eventually left to forge a path of his own. The scarlet haired male ended up in Ala Mhigo where he met his mate, Siha. He took on the last name 'Nunh' after his children were born as a cheeky way of showing he now had a 'tribe'.

Mother: Siha Ashir (deceased) - Keeper of the Moon - Elegant, beautiful, and frighteningly strong, Siha was considered a 'warrior-queen' amongst her people and was next in line to be matriarch of her clan. Betrayal from a rival huntress forced her from this path however, and she traveled to Gyr Albania alone to recover, initially planning on returning to reclaim her birthright and exact revenge only to stay in Ala Mhigo after falling in love with V'rahn. They were both slain during the Fall of Ala Mhigo.

Sister: Lurial Vashir - Lurah Rahn. Tiergan's sister who is older than him by a year. Even as a child, Lurial was the more observant, patient, and calculating of the two siblings. As an adult, she works as an information broker, while actually being something of a handler for various fighters - offering them missions to slowly rid Ul'dah of corruption in exchange for coin, items, or favors. Both Tiergan and Lurial were given more Hyuran names to help them fit in more easily amongst the mostly Hyuran population of Ala Mhigo. Their last name is a combination of Siha's family name and Rahn's tribe.

Aunt: V'ira Tarja (deceased) - Seeker of the Sun - V'rahn's fiery sister. She left their tribe alongside V'rahn, eager to experience the world outside of its confines, and traveled with him to Ala Mhigo. Escaped with her family to La Noscea when Ala Mhigo fell. Killed during the Calamity.

Uncle: C'aseen the Poet (deceased) - Seeker of the Sun - A monk in the ranks of the Fists of Rhalgr who yearned for unmatched power in order to defend his way of life unopposed. He fell madly in love with V'ira and would spend nights singing ballads to her, not realising she was fighting feelings for him. Eventually they would come together and sire a red-haired boy who V'ira named Vailyx. Escaped with his family to La Noscea when Ala Mhigo fell. Killed fighting at the Battle of Carteneau.

Cousin: Vailyx the Swifttail (MIA) - Seeker of the Sun - As children, Vailyx, Tiergan, and Lurial were a cheerful, rambunctious trio that were constantly playing together and occasionally getting into all manner of trouble whenever Vailyx came up with a clever plan. As he was the oldest of the group, Vailyx often was protective of his younger siblings and young Tiergan looked up to Vailyx deeply, seeing him as both his best friend and role model. The young miqo'te attempted to emulate his older cousin in any way he could. Tiergan has not seen Vailyx since he was a child, and was unaware that Vailyx survived the Fall of Ala Mhigo until recently. He still holds onto the hope that Vailyx may still yet be alive, though part of him knows he likely perished at the Battle of Carteneau with his father.

Cousin: Caen Jabari - Seeker of the Sun - A sprightly, acrobatic youth without any memory of his past. Tiergan was initially unaware of Caen's existence as the youth was born long after Tiergan was enslaved. The former-gladiator was later overjoyed to learn that he not only had another surviving relative, but that Caen was the younger brother to Vailyx. He's is now determined to protect Caen as he believes Vailyx would and to give the boy the family Caen has been missing for five long years. Currently, the youth has been missing for several moons, throwing both Tiergan and Lurial into chaos until it was discovered the boy had been taken and sold into slavery - a fate Tiergan couldn't possibly have imagined for his only remaining cousin.


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◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"That man? Ah, he's jus' a mercenary. Tends to pick jobs that mostly revolve around fightin' and beatin' the stuffing outta someone - but what mercenary doesn't these days?" - Patron at the Quicksand.
"I see that one wandering about Little Ala Mhigo from time to time. He doesn't speak much - just arrives, drops off food, and suppplies to the people there - and leaves."" - Refugee.
"Tiergan - eh? He used to be quite the successful gladiator at the Coliseum back in the day. Haven't seen him fight in a little over three years though." - Grizzled Gladiator.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I see that one leaving the city all the time. Sometimes it's just for a usual job or mission. Other times, he vanishes for days and sometimes comes back bloodied and bruised. He'll say he was simply on a rough job - but the look on his face says it was something much, much more sinister then that. Best not to keep close company with that one, I say." - Nosey Chocobo Keeper.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"That one's a slave, or at least he used to be. Fought on the Bloodsands for one of the most brutal men alive. It's a miracle he's even free." - Ul'dahn Pickpocket.
"I hear a criminal lord that goes by the name 'Omen' used to own that one. Would pay good coin to have him brought back too. The man rarely lets his slaves loose - usually the only way out is a mountain of gil or death." - Black market informant.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"Aw, yus! He's m'big cousin! But I call him m'bro cus I can. He's brave an' all. S'got a big sword too! But he thinks he can tussle wiv'is mitts better than me and that's jus' bonkers! I love 'im like crazy, but no one c'n tussle like I can!" - Caen Jabari
"Tiergan? Oh, we go back a ways, heh. One of a handful I'd have at my back at a fight. Of course, I prefer him on his back, but. He needs a break now and then." - Zaius Rhal'seer
"Meine liebe Katzebruder. A man of honour and compassion. I would entrust my life tae him, and I hope he would say the same for me. I have seen him many a time put himself in harms way tae protect others, and it is this selflessness that earns him the well-deserved respect of his peers. In short, he is a dear and trusted friend... And surprisingly well-built, for a cat. A pity." - Brynhilde Wulf
"Please help my friend! He is sick! If not help he die! I need find way help him! Anything! Medicine or magic!" - Flickering Ember
" Strong and nice. Always want help other, even bad people! He help me understand things not know. I feel safe with him always. But, you not take his food if want live. " - Flickering Ember
"Friend of mine and a damned good fighter. Why do you ask?" - Jaques Guillaume
"Sir Vashir is a master of pain. He takes it and understands it. Watches out for his kin to prevent it or replace it. One of the few to understand who someone was and someone is. Knock on his door, though, he always keeps it locked." - Jancis Milburga
Rare:"His heart is big. There was one night in particular he showed me a side of him that was so intense I felt it as if it was my own. And he is lovely, through and through, and to really see it is a very special gift." - Jancis Milburga
"An interesting man... He smells like Master. He stinks of blood." - Virara Wakuwa
"I see him time to time, still. Hear more often than see. He is quite busy. Usually around Limsa. I think he picks up pastry gifts for his sister there." - Jancis Milburga


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love Business 💔 Emotional Conflict Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Aidan Khontus ( ) - The Gentle Dragon
A kind, but peculiar "Au Ra" - this Wood Wailer of Gridania came across Tiergan while he was gravely injured and escaping a large group of hunters that wished to capture him alive. To Tiergan, Aidan is one of the few rare individuals who would help a stranger without expecting anything in return. In all of the miqo’te’s interactions with the lancer, Aidan continuously displayed a sense of earnestness and compassion that Tiergan found oddly innocent despite the Wailer’s capacity to fight and hold his own in combat. This innocence sometimes makes Tiergan a little uncomfortable, as with all the wrongs he’d committed in the past, the miqo’te feels extremely undeserving of Aidan’s rare brand of empathy, generosity, and kindness. Tiergan occasionally stops by Aidan's home, dropping off small gifts of appreciation at his doorstep and sometimes accepting the lancer's offer to stay over for a warm meal cooked by a kind heart.
Angora Khilo ( ) - The Slave Who Defied the Empire
A former-slave of the Garlean Empire, Tiergan first met Angora at the slave sanctuary known as the Phoenix Rose, quickly coming to respect her both for her friendly nature, her bold escape from the clutches of the Garlean Empire, and the fact that she hails from Gyr Abania. Entrapped in much of the same madness Tiergan often finds himself embroiled in, as well as terrifying struggles of her own, Angora carries herself with a kindness and grace Tiergan would describe as noble. As time passed, Tiergan's trust and appreciation for Angora grew, eventually developing into a sibling-like bond that solidified when Angora honoured him with the title of 'brother'. He now considers her to be a younger sister to him, watching over her and constantly thinking of her safety.
Avenio Naemig ( ) - The Blade of Rhalgr
A platinum-haired Ala Mhigan with a stern, but quiet demeanor and devastating latent power. Tiergan regards Avenio with a deep respect born from the man's silent diligence, no-nonsense attitude, and terrifying skill in battle. Tiergan has ever regarded the fellow Ala Mhigan as a strong, reliable friend, able to weather the brutal assault of misfortune Nymeia often imparts upon the people of Gyr Abania as though he were a bulwark forged of iron. The towering highlander often displays moments of shy, social awkwardness when it comes to anything resembling intimacy whether it be romantic or platonic, giving Tiergan no end of amusement whenever Avenio's lover - 'Faolan Woodlock' becomes the subject of discussion.
Brynhilde Wulf ( ) - The Crimson Wolf of Ala Mhigo
As one of the first and truest friends Tiergan made since his escape from slavery, Brynhilde shattered apart Tiergan's initial mistrust with her forthright attitude and drive to aid the poor, exploited, and less fortunate masses around her - even when it came at the expense of her own safety and happiness. In short time, Tiergan came to deeply respect Brynhilde and her goals, finding her to be intelligent, pragmatic, and highly skilled in both leadership and combat. Over time, their friendship as only grown, with Tiergan privately considering Brynhilde one of his closest and truest companions. He would come to her side at a moment's notice, would follow her lead to the ends of Hydaelyn if asked, and quietly believes her life is far more important than his own - both for the future of the people she watches over ...and for the future of Ala Mhigo.
Cheyne Marinterre ( ) - The Charming Chef of Cheer
Time and time again, Tiergan began receiving random boxes of cookies, sweets, and sometimes even entire meals in his mail. At first, he did not eat them, thinking them to all be poison or some kind of trick - but after having them tested very thoroughly by a friend, the miqo'te rapidly became puzzled as to why a stranger was sending him so much food. It wasn't until later (after devouring several boxes of cookies and cupcakes) that Tiergan discovered the woman had the wrong mailing address and had meant to send the food elsewhere. However, she was so incredibly pleased by the fact someone loved her food that much, that she continued sending more of her culinary creations to the miqo'te regardless, often giving her various food experiments to Tiergan to see if they were any good. Unfortunately for her, Tiergan savors and devours literally every thing she sends. After she received a warning from another that Tiergan might have been getting fat from all of the sweets and hearty meals she'd sent him, she began sending the man salads, which Tiergan still ate, but with much greater sadness. Tiergan attributes much of the fact that he hasn't starved to death when not close enough to Zaius' home to Cheyne.
D'lyhhia Lhuil ( ) - The Savior of [REDACTED]
Tiergan first met D'lyhhia during Hallow’s End when he was turned into a [REDACTED] by one of the overzealous transmogrifying mages and D’lyhhia was kind enough to help him return back to his true form. She could have abandoned him at any point during their extremely troublesome quest to have him restored back to a miqo’te, yet she patiently continued to aid him when she really had no reason to and had nothing to gain out of it. Because of this, Tiergan views D’lyhhia as kind-hearted, generous, and one of the few genuinely good people still left in Eorzea. He offered up his skills as a swordsman (mainly so that he’d have an excuse to protect and watch over her) along with nearly all of the gil he had on his person at the time to swear her secrecy about exactly what had happened and what he was turned into. He absolutely detests her Dodo and only hasn’t tried to roast it for dinner out of his deep respect for D’lyhhia.
Faolan Woodlock ( ) - Bound to the Wheel of Fate
A young conjurer hailing from the forests where the Shroud borders the very fringes of Coerthas, Faolan is a woodsman plagued by frightening, primordial spirits and a destiny his family utterly failed to prepare him for. Tiergan admires Faolan for his compassion, his independence, and the man's ability to survive even the most brutal of nature's winters. Yet after repeat encounters with the terrifying beings lurking at Faolan's back, and gaining insight not only into the youth's mind, but the deep and terrible history of his bloodline, Tiergan fears that something horrifying lies on the horizon: a power too immense to fight and a destiny nearly impossible to change. Through events Tiergan can hardly explain, the mercenary feels an affinity with Faolan's elder brother, Oisin and unconsciously views Faolan as being something like a younger brother he is determined to protect at all costs - even if Faolan himself believes it is impossible.
Flickering Ember ( ) - Desert Child
Once a feral child of the Thanalan sands, Flickering Ember is a cherished friend that Tiergan often views as a little sister, only one that is far taller and stronger than he is. To Tiergan, her open, innocent, and honest view of the world is like a breath of fresh air and despite her lack of social grace and her inability to speak properly, Tiergan finds everything about the young roegadyn teenager to be endearing and sweet. Tiergan is fiercely protective of Ember (as anyone would be upon meeting her) and often frets when it seems she's about to tumble right into danger.
Ja'ren A'lenthin ( ) - Cursed Eye
Once considered to be a friend, Tiergan now sees Ja'ren as nothing more but a traitor. After learning of hunters determined to capture the younger miqo'te, Tiergan warned Ja'ren of those in pursuit of him. Succumbing to fear, the archer resorted to drastic measures in order to evade his pursuers, going down a path that would put the lives of others at risk in order to protect his own. Attempting to halt Ja'ren's plans, Tiergan stood in the archer's way, asserting that he and other allies could work together to protect the youth. Hoping to be able to talk the younger miqo'te down and use their friendship to get Ja'ren to see reason, Tiergan's trust in Ja'ren was completely shattered when the youth instead attacked, firing arrows into Tiergan's body and even calling upon the weapons of a hated enemy strike Tiergan down so the bard could pass. He now regards Ja'ren with mistrust, anger, and suspicion - the bonds forged between them never truly recovering.
Jancis Milburga ( ) - The Gentle Healer
To Tiergan, Jancis is a steadfast and reliable companion. The healer who, without fail, has always come to his aid whenever he has desperately called for help. Selfless, honest, and compassionate, Jancis represents the kind of person Tiergan ultimately hopes to become and the kind of individual he wishes others would emulate more often. One of his deepest wishes is to eventually repay Jancis for all of the kindness she's shown him, and to be able to respond swiftly should the day come when she needs at last needs his help instead of the other way around.
Leodaire Beltardois ( ) - He Who Stares Into The Abyss
With the man's extreme wealth, extravagant clothing, refined sensibilities, and haughty attitude, no one was more surprised than Tiergan himself when he and Leodaire became allies and friends. Tiergan found that he could rely upon the Ishgardian for aid in troublesome situations and with time, could see past the some of the elezen's gaudy facade to the kinder man beneath. There are however, several unspoken mysteries and horrors surrounding the man like a shroud, secrets that Tiergan has seen glimpses of ...and dreads ever bringing to the surface.
Osric Melkire ( ) - Blade of the Undying Flame
To Tiergan, Osric is a good man forced to do terrible things. Locked in a cycle of hardship and sacrifice, many would likely argue the hyur is selfish to put the lives of family and friends above the lives of innocent strangers. But having caught a glimpse into the dark world Melkire is forced to tread, Tiergan isn't certain he would have acted any differently. Indeed, the miqo'te would argue instead that it is one thing to claim you would give up the lives of those most precious to you for the sake of others; it's quite a different thing entirely to actually do so.
Portia Bartel ( ) - Star-crossed Lover
Gorgeous, compassionate, courageous, and strong. For Tiergan, there are not enough words to describe the spirit, beauty, and fierceness that is Portia Bartel. Having met and fallen in love with her when she was a gentle healer fearful of her abusive husband and bereft of her family estate, Tiergan is privately in awe of the woman Lady Bartel has gradually become: a powerful mage who gained power on her own terms, took back the estate that was hers by right, and struck down the man that would dare control her future. The more time passes, the more Tiergan's affection and attraction for Portia grows, and the gladiator wrestles privately with it every moment they share together. Yet love is not as simple or clean as it is in fairytales. With a life constantly mired in blood and conflict, a life spent ever on the run, with a violence roaring in the gladiator's very blood and history - Tiergan feels there is little he could offer to Portia's dream of a comfortable home, a father for her child, or a loving family. Not when his every step seems destined to be one steeped in bloodshed.
Rivienne Delacroux ( ) - The Golden Lotus
A mysterious woman of power and elegance. Tiergan met Rivienne while seeking to seal away a powerful artifact that ultimately do great harm if opened. Speaking with Rivienne was like speaking with a lioness, her every word and action exuding grace and power. While the gladiator is curious to know more of the bow-maiden and exactly who she is, the air of mystery around her also puts him on edge.
Sylvan Rain ( ) - Will of Iron
A fierce monk and proud daughter of the Spine. Sylvan Rain is a woman of power in both heart and body, able to resist temptations that left countless others buckling beneath the pressure. Though Tiergan has not known the woman for very long, he admires the Hellsguard woman's strength, nobility, and willingness to look beyond herself in times of adversity.
Ta'kheo Nunh ( ) - The Chimera
The calculating Nunh of the Chimera Tribe. Tiergan first encountered Ta'kheo through a mercenary contract in which he was to capture the man alive. Combat with the man was fierce and somewhat invigorating with Tiergan finding excitement in the Nunh's savagery, aggression, and eagerness to whatever it took to win out in battle. In the end however, Tiergan's experience on the Bloodsands won out as he impaled the Nunh's shoulder with a blade coated in a potent sleeping poison. Once the nunh was unconscious, he tended to the man's wounds, took steps to ensure he was cared for and fed, before handing him off as per his contract. Recent circumstances have forced the two together again, with Ta'kheo responding in a surprisingly helpful and understanding manner - though understandably Tiergan isn't quite ready to trust the man he'd once attacked just yet.
Wyra'li Polaali ( ) - The Crystal Cat
Drawn together through unusual circumstances, Tiergan's initial encounters with Wyra'li did not go well - one such meeting even ending with the sickly cat slugging Tiergan's across the face. Due to his own history however, Tiergan could sympathize with the teal-haired bard's deeply-rooted mistrust towards others and worked to be patient (or at least as patient as someone like Tiergan could manage to be) with Wyra'li's suspicion. Eventually, the gladiator's efforts were rewarded with friendship and a very slowly developing trust. One that Tiergan valued all the more, knowing how difficult it is for the other miqo'te to relinquish. Despite being troubled and anxious over his crystalline affliction, Wyra'li often shows a capacity for compassion, thoughtfulness, and strength that sometimes catches Tiergan off-guard and leaves the gladiator wondering just what the bard was like before his life-threatening ailment.
Virara Wakuwa ( ) - The Silent Fury
A silent, stoic lalafellin monk, what Virara lacks in size she makes up for in strength and precision. Tiergan quickly came to respect the young woman's fierce battle prowess and willingness to dive into the heat of combat to defend others. During their conversations, Tiergan learned of Virara's master - an important figure in the lalafell's life who Tiergan shares certain traits with. While initially Tiergan felt honoured by the comparison, much of that changed as he came to learn more of Virara's complex relationship with her master and the enemy in pursuit of her.
Zaius Rhal'seer ( 💔 ) - Love, Violence, and Madness
Lover, rival, enemy, friend. Tiergan's history with the towering onyx-skinned keeper is long, tumultuous, and complex, rife with enough passion and violence to last several lifetimes over. One moment they could appear as close as lovers and in the next, Tiergan could look ready to tear out the other man's throat. If asked, however, Tiergan would acknowledge that Zaius is the one man that knows him best out of anyone - perhaps sometimes even better than himself. For many years, pride prevented Tiergan from openly acknowledging his deep attraction to the elder miqo'te. Even now the gladiator wrestles with the intensity of his conflicting emotions, love, lust, and anger often funneling into endless cycles of sensual intimacy and wicked violence. Zaius's very presence calls to all of Tiergan's darkest desires, the ones he works hardest to keep buried, while giving the halfbreed a glimpse of the savage beast Tiergan fears he could become. By all rights, he should leave the man, yet even in all of Zaius' madness and cruelty - the powerful monk represents the one unchanging constant in Tiergan's life: He is the one individual in nearly a decade who has never betrayed him, who always had his back, who was forever the man he presented himself to be. Tiergan could trust that the wild, savage monk would never be struck down, broken or killed, never taken from him. Zaius would always be there, the unchanging obsidian beast with dancing mad-eyes. And thus, Zaius' presence provides a bizaare, twisted form of security and foundation in a world where all things are ever changing and precious few people can be trusted not to betray.


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