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Sylphleaf.png Tira-Name-Header.png Sylphleaf.png

BotanistIcon1.pngBirthName--Tira.png Tira Nophi

BotanistIcon1.pngRace-Clan-Tira.png Hyur, Midlander

BotanistIcon1.pngGender-Tira.png ♀️ Female

BotanistIcon1.pngAge-Tira.png Around Nineteen Summers

BotanistIcon1.pngNameday-Tira.png Born on 17th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon


BotanistIcon1.pngNation-Tira.png Gridanian

BotanistIcon1.pngOccupation-Tira.png Conservationist, Bard

BotanistIcon1.pngPatronDeity-Tira.png Nophica, the Matron

BotanistIcon1.pngHeight-Tira.png 5 fulms, 2 ilms

BotanistIcon1.pngPhysique-Tira.png Petite, Athletic


Tira is an excitable and spirited young archer hailing from the Twelveswood with an ever-kindled spark for mystery and adventure. She exudes the kindness, warmth and courage of a true and pure heart who aspires to become a devout and honorary guardian of the forest.

The young emerald-haired archer by day, bard by night always tends to believe in the best of other people which sadly can have some unfortunate repercussions.

Her spirit and soul is resolutely tied to the sacred wood of the Twelve thus she dedicates herself to the conservation and protection of the Shroud striving to continue the noble work of her beloved departed parents.

Tira's gift for music allows her to earn herself just enough for the necessary means to get by in the evolving world.

Raised and taught primarily in the field of archery; Her strengths lie in the covert and supportive roles of battle and when in the thick of the forest her sharp and proficient skills to navigate are much more discernible whereas her clumsiness becomes more apparent when in any land or terrain that she is not so well accustomed to.

"Little Leaf"
Tira Nophi Na1t-leafedit.jpg
A dainty and petite midlander of a slender, athletic physique, tan skin with an emerald and teal hued crown and violet tattoos on either side of her rich dark brown eyes.

To express her connection with nature and devotion to the Matron she adorns herself with accessories fashioned from organic materials or flowers woven into the braids of her hair.

Her facial features are soft and her doe-eyed innocent gaze is said to emanate a soothing gentle feeling were she to look into the eyes of one presently experiencing fear or anguish.

Her signature hairstyle is one often tied into a high ponytail with a braid crowning around the front of her head with some feathering bangs either side.

A distinctive scar lies in the middle of her forehead from just below the hairline to slightly above the right eyebrow. This was acquired during an attempt to appease the elements in a bid to aid a misguided adventurer when she was just nine summers old.

She carries with her a special wooden pendant gifted to her from her parents and crafted by her father engraved with the words "Little Leaf" and the date of her nameday on the other side.

Voice: Tira's voice resonates softly and sweet with a slight husk beneath her base tone.

Playful, Naive, Kind, Clumsy, Pure

MiniMapMsqIcon.png Music
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Theatre
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Stargazing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Crystal Collecting
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Chocobo Racing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Triple Triad


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Playing Harp & Flute
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Archery
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Swimming
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Leather-working
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Botany
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Griffin-Riding


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Optimism
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Committed
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Independent
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Patient
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Zest
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Loyal


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Naive
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Sheltered
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Always pleases others before self
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Too patient
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Impulsive
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Idealistic


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Favourite meals are Ginger Salad & Sauteed Porcini.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Favourite beverages are Mineral Water & Pineapple Juice.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Favourite desserts are Rolanberry Cheesecake & Apple Tart.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Favourite sweets are Marron Glace & Faerie Apples.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Favourite flowers are Alyssums & Dandelions.

MiniMapMsqIcon.png Ala Mhigan Heritage
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Always smells of flowers.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Afraid of magitek.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Terrible Liar.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Uses the phrase "Oh phurbles!" often.


Tira was born and raised in a tiny secluded hamlet in a wondrous glade now lost to the deep of the Shroud. The people that resided there many years ago are said to have called it "Little Shywood" situated no more than three malms from Waterbury. This little settlement was exceptionally nourished and flourished with a small number of around four to five forest-dwelling families that lived among each other in equipoise and harmony.

Her father was Dimitri who worked as a carpenter and was the resident story-teller and her mother Iara, an herbalist and physician with an avidity to the stars. Both parents dedicated their lives to the protection and nurture of Nophica's bounty.


The folk of Little Shywood did not designate themselves any particular last names as they believed themselves all to be Nophica's children just like all things gifted with life from the World Tree planted by the earth goddess. Tira and her parents simply used the name of their home "Shywood" as a means to specify their trade origin with the rest of the Shroud.

It is not known how Little Shywood came to be and protected so well for so long as such that the people of the small hamlet had forgotten the tale of whence they came.

Tira grew up to understand and cherish the Twelveswood as much as her parents did and devoted herself to the art of archery and soon enough discovered her talent for music. Both in hand would allow her to sing, dance and play for the spirits of the forest and aspire to master many aspects of the Shroud.


For many years did Little Shywood thrive and retain itself as a place of purity and peace and the people would seem to continue their halcyon days for a time. However all the peace and prosperity that they had known had suddenly tipped the balance of the scales and thus the winds of change swiftly stormed through Little Shywood.

On that fateful day a darkness never before could the Shywood have foreseen had cast a shadow of sharp and unnatural form that tore asunder the once beautiful glade and ripped its purity from the inside out. As was commonplace the peace; the residents were scant of time to fortify or even chance themselves to flee.

Word had it that Garlean forces had reason to believe something very precious lie beneath the soil of that which Little Shywood occupied. It was never ascertained whether they had indeed found what they came to seek and in departure they had captured the lasting survivors in the destroyed hamlet and took them unto Garlemald thenceforth.


Amidst the chaos that transpired that day, Tira and her mother had been fortunate enough to flee whilst Dimitri bought them little time as he fought off some of the forces.

With every moon that passed since the destruction of Little Shywood both mother and daughter returned to the site of their scorched home to search for any sign of Dimitri for nearly every bell of the sun but to no avail. After around a year of searching hope was becoming more difficult to grasp on to and so Iarahad made the utmost lamentable decision to attempt to seek further into dangerous Garlean territory for any trace of her soulmate... Needless to say from that very day Tira was left to the grace of the Twelve all alone and never saw her mother again.


One day Tira was laying atop a burrow quietly weeping. Her tears were the dew on the flowers growing around the burrow. The birds sang their same melodies whilst the wind breezed gently through the leaves of the trees. In harmony was the Twelveswood as it ever had been.

Suddenly, a tear fell upon a pale green stork in the shape of a dainty hand. Tira was met with a most peculiar being of the forest. "Leafy-haired one gifts flowers with water from leafy-haired one's eyes." Softly said a young sylph by the name of Mimixia who remained at Tira's side to hear her tale and in turn Tira had learnt more about the Sylphs.

So the young archer was kindly guided toward Gridania to find solace and a home. Ever since, Tira has worked closely with the Sylphs and helps them on little errands as and whenever she is able to.

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