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 Agin Windfang
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“Songs are written for every Hero of the Light and their quests, but only a few exist for those who fight from the Darkness and seek the Light”

Lalafell Minstrel. Ul’dah

Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated

Basic Info

Over the years, he has taken on many a contract as an assassin and general mercenary. In his spare time, he has a passion for cooking! As of now he is 29 years of age.


Humble beginnings

A’ghin Tia was a Miqo’te from a small tribe in Thanalan, born and raised in a small secluded community where everything was already determined. The leader of the tribe, A’ghosdah led their community with a strong sense of tradition, following the mandates Azeyma; they led a peaceful life of hunting and foraging in the wilderness of Thanalan. The tribe’s leader had a position for every youngling and no one argued his decisions; on the other hand, the tribe’s Nunh, U’loer, was an older Miqo’te that came from a foreign land and took over the title after defeating the tribe’s current leader, he was a reckless man who only kept the title because of his raw strength. Amongst the younglings, A’ghin had a knack for the Disciples of the Hand which earned him the praise of his teacher, A’shaer, the tribe’s cook. He learned about the world and foreign cultures from A’shaer’s wisdom, a former adventurer who decided to settle down in a tranquil village. This imparted knowledge always kept A’ghin at the edge of his seat, for he dreamt of exploring the mysteries of Eorzea’s wilderness.

Besides learning the trade of cooking as a child, A’ghin demonstrated a strong sense of leadership and a passion for fighting, which made him grow into an ambitious young man, who aspired for the title of Nunh. Determined to earn the tribe’s most important title, he challenged the current U’loer to a fight. Despite all his strength and months of training with A’shaer, the raw strength and the experience of the elder Nunh easily defeated the young A’ghin, after mocking and humiliating him in front of the tribe, A’ghin decided to leave the confinement of the village and seek out new experiences in the outside world, hopefully one day returning to claim the title he desired. Pilgrimage into the Unknown

A’ghin decided to travel to the city of Ul’dah, with hopes of learning from experienced adventurers and warriors, in a sort of pilgrimage to train and become the strongest Miqo’te. However, his ambition led him stray from the values and traditions he grew in. He quickly ventured into the life of a scoundrel in the great city, doing petty jobs as a bouncer for the gambling parlors, stealing and racketeering from merchants, fighting in clandestine arenas for money.

Perhaps it was a wicked twist of Fate which led him down this path, it wasn’t his fault that to be born with high ambitions and a passion for fighting, yet the sudden change in environment altered the immature mind of the Miqo’te, turning him into another thug in a grand city. Words traveled fast of a young Miqo’te whose nimble hands with a knife resembled fangs devouring his enemies, earning him the title of “Windfang”, it was only a matter of time before his name was on the mouth of every denizen of the dark alleyways of Ul’dah, Agin Windfang The bloodthirsty Miqo’te.

After wasting his money gambling in a local tavern, Agin ended up fighting and accidently killing the noble that bested him, fearing repercussion from the Immortal Flames or the noble’s family, he dived deeper into the shadows of Ul’dah to escape from the light, little did he knew that this crooked path would eventually shape the rest of his future. A wealthy Lalafell approached Agin with promises of protecting him from the authorities and anyone seeking revenge, working for this new monetarist client, Windfang learned that killing can be a lucrative business.

The once kind, ambitious child, Miqo’te Seeker of the Sun, ended up working in the darkness of the night, using his nimble body and skills to terminate his targets with acute precision and without remorse. Wasting his life away with the trifling afflictions of the mind and body in every tavern and dim room he could find.

The Calamity

When the Garlean Empire began invading Eorzea’s lands, Agin’s client changed his targets and vision, from killing merchants to secure earnings and disrupting politics to actively chasing Garlean officers and sabotaging their advancements into the peaceful city-states. Agin found himself slightly redeemed with this course of action, he felt a purpose for his skills, a sense of righteousness in the horrible acts he was used to commit. But it wasn’t until the fall of Dalamud that he understood everything that was wrong in his ways.

When that flaming inferno came crashing down the earth, Agin knew that everything he had ever done up until that moment was misguided. Yes, he had become stronger than what he ever envisioned, but why had he sought that strength? For a petty title in a tribe? For money? No. Agin understood that although he was an assassin, his life wasn’t set in stone. As Bahamut descended upon Eorzea, scorching everything in its wake, he could only stand and see the flames, breathing ashes as everything crumbled, unable to do anything with all the power he had gathered in his life.

A Seeker’s Path

Agin Windfang decided to find balance in his crooked ways after seeing the calamity take place, the past of an Assassin couldn’t be wiped clean, but he would no longer lurk in the shadows, he would once again walk in the sun like his Goddess Azeyma demanded.

After gathering his belongings from the ashes, he set out to explore Eorzea, not seeking redemption for his actions, but willing to find a reason he could call his own, a cause to brandish his daggers, a target worthy of fangs.


Known as Windfang, He has a cheerful outlook or what appears to be so.. but his past will always haunt him until he finds peace. (To know more, RP with him for a while <3)


"He seems like a gentleman but I hear he'd slice your throat for a few hundred Gil."

"They say that Agin is not his real name and that his pair of daggers is named Wind & Fang."



Other Notes

I'm new to roleplaying so be kind ^^

Relationships are OK with me, But lets keep IC to IC and OOC to OOC.

Hooks - You may recognize Agin either from hiring him in the past or perhaps you remember him in his younger days in the tribe?

Roleplay style: Light, medium and heavy.

I learn fast, so give me a chance and let's tango!