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Akaina is a 23 year old female Au Ra. Born into a secular Raen tribe in the Nagxia region, she quickly developed a sense of adventure and a yearning to leave the village and write her own stories. at a young age she was already physically fit from playing in the dense forests surrounding her village, along with being quite knowledgeable in botany. She is very protective of her younger siblings and anyone she considers a friend. Although she is very shy and will often travel alone, she will open up to any friendly person and is always open to helping those in need.


Akaina is a slim Au Ra with a short stature. she was born with dark violet hair and dyes the ends with red streaks in honor of her father who had crimson hair. She also has rose colored eyes, from her mother. She is quite fond of her curved horns and will often adorne them with jewelry. She also has some pearlescent white body scales that are common among the Raen tribe.
Aspects That Stand Out:
White Body Scales
Violet hair with red streaks
Rose colored eyes


Akaina is an Au Ra born in Nagxia 23 years ago. She was born into a Raen tribe along with a younger brother and sister. Her parents had left their roles as warriors in Doma and settled with a group of pacifist Au Ra in the Nagxia region many years ago. Akaina was a few years older than her siblings and quickly became protective of them. Akaina and her brother would often play in the forest while their sister would help her mother at home.

The tribe Akaina was born into was very secular and outsiders were very rare in the village. The main visitors were merchant caravans bringing supplies to the village. Akaina quickly became interested in a particular caravan; a Lalafell merchant named Gillor Belor and his guard, a female Miqo’te named Cirah Vujho. They visited the village on a monthly basis, bringing in goods from the west. Akaina was especially fond of Cirah, who began to teach her the basics of fighting. Gillor told her stories of the different lands to the west, from the bustling city of Ul’dah, to the lush forests of Gridania and beyond.

As Akaina reached the age of 20, her curiosity grew and she began to wonder about life outside the forest. Eventually her parents told her about the origins of the Au Ra, from their ancestral homeland in the Azim Steppe, to their people’s exploits as warriors in Yanxia. She was intrigued and excited about these stories, which instilled a sense of adventure in her. She asked her parents to train her so she might leave the village and travel. Her parents agreed and after two years of combat training, she decided to leave the village and head west. On her 22nd birthday, Akaina said goodbye to her siblings and parents as she left the village for the first time, promising to return someday with grand stories to tell. She left the village with Gillor and Cirah, joining them on their journey back to Ul’dah. They first ventured towards the port city of Valnian, where a merchant ship was waiting to sail west.

Akaina spent almost a year travelling with Cirah and Gillor. They sailed from Valnian to Radz-at-Hand, where they stayed for a few months before continuing towards Ala Mhigo where Cirah grew up and trained to become a mercenary. Akaina and Cirah spent some time doing mercenary work in the area before they continued on with Gillor towards Gridania. The dense forests of Gridania brought back memories of home for Akaina. She was also drawn to the Lancer guild located here as it was the weapon her father used and taught her to fight with. After a brief stop, they continued south towards their final destination of Ul’dah. It was here that Akaina said goodbye to Cirah and Gillor and started her own adventure. After they all promised to meet again in the future, Akaina headed back north to Gridania. She decided to pursue more training at the Lancer guild as the first step in her adventure.

Akaina was keen to remember all of her exploits during her time adventuring, so she decided to start a journal. She would write in it daily as she continued her quest, her entry on her 23rd birthday describes her on a lone cart heading towards the city of Gridania, while noting the cute creatures she had met that the others couldn't see...


Sweats. Akaina has grown fond of the may different foods she has tried since leaving her village, mostly she has found a love for anything sweat!
Adventure. Akaina lived a secular life as a kid, but developed a longing for adventure and to write her own stories.
Writing. Akaina's favourite hobby is writing about her travels and everyday events. She also loves sharing those stories with others.


Conflict. Akaina is a strong warrior who will help anyone in need, but still prefers to avoid conflict unless necessary.
Chocobos. Shortly after leaving her village Akaina had a run in with some wild chocobos that left a permanent emotional scar on her. she has yet to tell anyone details on the incident and whenever asked, she gets bright red from embarrassment and usually runs away. she may still ride them, but under VERY heavy protest


Writing. Akaina loves to write, and people will constantly find her writing in a tattered journal that she has carried around with her since she was a child. She loves sharing her journal with others as it's a way to share the different adventures she's had over her time travelling.
Drawing. Along with writing, Akaina will fill her jounral with drawings of people, landscapes, animals, and more as she travels Eorzea.


Strong Fighter. From a young age she played in the forests of Nagxia, building her physical ability and agility. She often trained with a travelling mercenary named Cirah as well as her Ex-warrior parents.
Botany. Akaina's mother was also skilled in botany, she passed her knowledge onto Akaina at a young age.


Disregard for Safety. Akaina unfortunately has a lack of regard for her own safety when it comes to helping people. She will usually be the first one to offer help or protect people in need even if the odds are against her
Easily Manipulated. Akaina is kind at heart and doesn't know much about the wider world and how it works due to her secular upbringing. This has led to people taking advantage of her during her travels


Her Story to Tell - Ever since she was young, Akaina wanted to travel the world and write stories of adventure and grand tales to share with everyone.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Argun Sakimuri, Father.
Character's Thoughts: "One of the few people I look up to, an incredible father and a respectable warrior"
Akaina is very close with her father as she looks up to him for guidance and training in spear comabat
Ino Sakimuri, Mother.
Character's Thoughts: "Such a kind and gentle person, i'll always be thankful to her for raising me and my siblings"
Akaina and her mother shared many distinct characteristics, like their rose colored eyes and love for nature. Ino passed on her knowledge in botany to Akaina.
Ienao Sakimuri, Brother.
Character's Thoughts: " Ienao will become a great warrior one day, all that time spent sparing with father has paid off"
Akaina is protective of both her younger siblings, but she also looks up to Ienao as he is a very gifted warrior who takes after their father
Nino Sakimuri, Sister.
Character's Thoughts: " Nino is so gorgeous! she'll make a great wife to some lucky guy, as long as he can beat me and my father in a dual!"
The youngest Sakimuri child, Akaina can be overly protective of her sister as she is small for her kind and did not train to be a warrior like her or Ienao. Although she is known to be extremeley intelligent and is proficient with magic
Gillor Belor, Friend.
Character's Thoughts: " Gillor has the most incredible stories of his travels! I can't wait to see him again and share my adventures! "
Gillor is a Lalafell merchant that regularly brought supplies to Akaina's village. Akaina was always mesmerised by his tales of different lands outside of the village. She has great respect for him and considers he and Cirah as her close friends
Cirah Vujho, Friend.
Character's Thoughts: " Cirah is so beatiful and talented! one day I'll be able to beat her in a dual!"
Cirah is a Miqo'te who travels with Gillor as his caravan guard. Akaina quickly became friends with her and will ask to dual her at any chance she gets to prove her strength as she looks up to Cirah with great admiration



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Player Note
This is my first RP character in any MMO, I'm an avid writer and thought this would be a great way to flesh out a character. When in character I'll strive to be true to what Akaina would actually say, do, and think. I would like to focus on heavy RP as this will help my writing. The main goal for this character is to go through the MSQ and tell stories through Akaina's Journel. There is a link under her profile picture for her journal entries. They are free to read out of character, as well as in character as Akaina loves to share her stories with people, just ask IC first!
Personal RP Limits
I can't say I have any limits, I'm really using this as a character study and practice fleshing out a character and creating a believable story that adheres to FFXIV's lore. I'm open to any sort of RP as long as you're okay with Akaina writing about her experiences in her journal which will be public. Definitely will be using mature themes in my writing so have a soft age requirement of 18, but would prefer 21+
Little Tidbits.
When playing the game as Akaina I will try to be in character as much as possible (90-100% of the time), there may be times where I talk OOC and will make it very clear when doing so. I would like to play in groups that also have this mindset of staying in character while still doing game content, although I will still do content with anyone as long as they respect my persona in-game as well as myself IRL.
I am open to, and actively looking for open-world RP. Something spontaneous and unscripted that could lead to interesting stories to write in Akaina's journal.
As a basic rule of thumb, if I have my "RP" tag on in-game, feel free to assume I'm in character


Potential Plot Hooks
Akaina is just starting her journey in Eorzea, being from a secular tribe where she never strayed too far from her village. she still has a lot to learn about the world and how people interact with each other. I would love for her to be included in other people's advenutres and stories so she can gain more social experience. for people who read this far (<3 you) I'll have some plot hooks down below that won't be considered metagaming if used to start dialogue between characters. and unless I am AFK, I'll always respond in character to these:
Akaina LOVES sweats, her travels have given her a massive sweat tooth and she can be seen around Eorzea trying different Desserts. she can usually be found sitting in a cafe or on a bench eating sweats and writing in her journal. Walking up and starting a conversation about desserts is a great way to get her attention. She may be reluctant to share her delictible sweats with you, but she'll be delighted to chat about anything!
Akaina is an avid writer and is determined to chronicle all her adventures as she moves throughout Eorzea (going through MSQ) she always has a tattered journal with her that she writes in constantly. another great way to get her attention is to ask her what book she is reading/writing in, She will be ecstatic and open to share her journal with all!
Akaina is always stepping in to help people in need, she may get taken advantage of sometimes as she always assumes people are honest and open with her. you can count on her if your character needs a hand, so don't be afraid to ask her for assistance!
Character Lore Adherence
I've spent many hours going over FFXIV lore pertaining to the world and the characters. I've tried my best to model Akaina and her life in line with the lore of the game. but I am also new to FFXIV so my knowledge is still laking. Over time Akaina will grow and I hope to keep her stories and adventures (and any other RP scenarioes) as close to the lore of the game as possible
NOTE: Akaina's Journal entries will chronicle her time going through the MSQ like everyone else has. although I do not want her character to be seen as the WOL, I still plan to follow the story as closely as possible in the beginning. later on I plan to branch off her journals to make sure her adventures don't make her too overpowered

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Name - Akaina Sakimuri
Given Name - Sakimuri no Akaina
Race - Au Ra
Age - 23
Name Day - 8th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Deity - Menphina
Journal Link:: HERE
Carrd:: HERE

Occupation: Adventurer
Hair color: Violet
Eye color: Rose
Marks or tattoos: Body Scales
Favorite Food: All Dessert!
Favorite Drink: Beer!
Favorite Color: Pink
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