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"I'll break your face before you twitch a muscle!"
Wild Fists Akiha
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Traveling Mercenary
Patron Diety Me
Age 24
Marital Status Open Relationship
Height 5'10
Weight -Knunckles Crack-
Orientation Lesbian
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Akiha is a straight to the point gal, Quick to get into a bounty or a mission as long as there is pay in some way and a good fight. If she isn't out in the world kicking in a Beastman's beak then she is likely in a town hitting on the local women. She often tries to woo them with her feats such as one hit punching a dragon, knocking them out cold. Other times one would find her eating some spicy dishes at a restaurant. Her stomach is just as fast as her fists and thus why she can stay pretty fit. But if neither of those are preoccupying her then one would find her at her house by the beach (Yes to have a good view of the bikini dressed women) she is honing her skills and likely breaking a target dummy into mulch.


From head to toe. Akiha has short brightish red hair with snow white fading tips. Her skin is Tan and smooth almost shining. All tho most of her body is hidden by her long jacket but her chest stuck out pretty well and bounced often with the full intention to show them off with pride. Other than her chest her upper thighs were the only skin one would see unless they were willing to sneak a peek for death or got close to her heart.


Akiha being a pretty straight forward woman she keeps her feet firmly on the ground and isn't moved easily by either happiness or sadness. She'd laugh in your face if you mocked her but would hug you if you needed it. She's quick to kick in the teeth of ass holes and even quicker to help a elderly person grab that one thing off the top shelf.

When in the presence of other woman of attractiveness tho things change a little. She'll pierce them with her eyes and admire their looks and often try to woo them with compliments and special treatment. But if they show even a sliver of selfishness she'd be quick to lose interest and even quicker to show the lack of interest.





  • Women
  • Spicy Dishes
  • Punching Evil and Jack Asses
  • Keeping fit
  • Women
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Cutting down tree's with punches
  • Her Lover Y'shtola


  • Jack Asses
  • Sweet Dishes
  • Desert In general
  • Fetching junk for people
  • Stuck up people
  • Range Weapons
  • Noisy Chocobos


  • Punching Things
  • Fishing and Mining
  • Foods


  • Breasts
  • Legs
  • Rears

(in that order)







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