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 Angel Sol'star
“I'm just a little sleepy...”
Gender Female ♀
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard/Gridania
Age 22
Marital Status Betrothed
Orientation Demisexual
Height/Weight 4'9 / 111 lbs
Nameday 12th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Guardian Menphina, the Lover

Basic Info

Wears corrective lenses.
Has a penchant for casual and comfortable clothing.
Fidgety & Hostile.
Excessive snacker.


Angel, stands at a mere 4'9 fulms, small for Auri women yet not as slender as one would expect too see, as she is given to eating sweets. Her skin is a luminous pink so pale as to be mistaken for white, and her pupils are a vibrant snowy white contrasted by the black limbal rings surrounding them. As a Xaela she has dark-colored scales leaving intricate patterns across her entire body; including her face. Commonly her hair is worn in two braids and is dark and light blue in color.
Frequently dressed in sleeping attire, always wearing a pink ribbon about her throat.


Inspite of her size and stature, Angel is more than accustomed to wielding both weapons of war as well as magic; a genius in the arts of battle, yet she holds a preference for using magic more then anything else. She excels in the arts of healing, but trains in secret too increase her strength in hopes of becoming not only a Master of the healing arts but a promising protector and fighter.


Angel laughs easily, and usually at inappropriate times, yet she is often unapproachable and hostile; she often teams up with sell-swords in need of a healer in hopes of finding treasure or something that will sell for a few gil. Often asking for a break to take a nap. (keeps a fleece blanket tucked in her satchel for just such occasions.)


Art, Music
Honey, Sweets
Hairclips, fluffies etc.


Physical Contact
Crowded places
Cold weather


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favorite foods/drink: Antelope Steak, Grilled Sweet Fish, La Noscean Toast, Eel Pie, Tripple Cream Coffee
Favorite colors: Pink,Black,Orange, Purple, etc
Excels in: Healing Arts, Baking & Cooking, Gardening, and Domestic chores.
Performs poorly in: Social Settings, communication and making friends.



Angel was a dark silent brooding child, her parents not having a means to raise a 5th child, was brought too an aged Astrologian and Scholar, to be raised as his apprentice as he had no family of his own. In her free time she given too spending long hours gazing up at the stars, or hunched over stale scrolls, and books. The seemingly ancient man who was her caretaker did not leave her education for want, learning quickly about his charge that she had a natural talent for not only Astrologian arts but a uncanny willpower that could seemingly bend life and death too her will; this frightened the old timer she came too call Grandfather and he did his best keep her away from the townsfolk and other children.

Young Adult

Her caretaker being murdered by garleans, Angel set out with her extensive knowledge into the world, albeit directionless. She had heard often of Gridania from her caretaker, and read so much about its histories within the scrolls, so with food supplies, a satchel brimming with ancient parchments, and maps she set out, abandoning her duties in Othard.
Through her travels she encountered many small pockets of civilization and did her best to avoid any contact with their peoples. Friendly Adventurer's would often approach her when she took the main roads sometimes asking if she had any spare food or gil or chatting at her while they walked alongside, they soon realized she wouldn't respond with anything more then "mmm" or a slight nod of her head if at all, and would pick up their pace or join up with other Adventurer's who were better company.
Angel did not understand much of the outside world but she did absorb the words of the overly talkative travelers about dungeons, monsters, and mass riches, she thought such things were just fables her Grandfather told her as a youth to frighten and awe her.


Currently Living: Foundation-Corethas
Tutoring the children of the residents with deep pockets.
Part time cook & house keeper.


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Unsociable, is a spy, committed murder, Narcoleptic.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
Dabbles in Black Magic, Black Market Dealer, wears the ribbon about her throat to cover a scar from surviving an attempted assasination.


Romantic Interest: Has a Lover. Poor: Sell-swords Neutral: Uldah & Limsa Lominsa Good: Gridania,


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