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Ul'dah-transparent.png Arass Bennet
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Occupation Hired help/Novice Caravan guard
Height/Weight 6'1"/210 lbs
Orientation heterosexual
Relatives None, All relatives are dead.

Basic Backstory

From a young age Arass was a misfit. He was born in Ul'dah to a family of gladiators so naturally he was expected to be stronger and faster than the other children, He was not. As a young boy he would fight with the other children whenever he had a chance, He would rarely win but he would never stop trying. He was not strong, he was not fast, He was not smart but he was damn determined. every day was just another fight win or lose It didn't matter, All that mattered was that he kept fighting. His failures quickly earned him the resentment of his parents, He was no more than a burden and his constant attempts to impress them only added to the burden. When Arass was only ten years old he was thrown out of his home and forced to fend for himself on the streets, He had been largley sheltered from the world outside of the gladiators guild until then. He was painfully naive and took to trusting all the wrong people, He quickly found himself alone with nothing but the clothes on his back. He only managed to survive on the streets by stealing food from merchants and occasionally taking part in street fights for small amounts of gil. The Gil was of no real interest to him he fought because he wanted to learn, To prove to himself and his parents that he could stand against any opponent. His life remained the same until his late teens when he saved up enough gil to buy himself a sword and a set of clothes befitting a mercenary. He has been a hired goon ever since making barley enough gil to feed himself he constantly looks for opportunities to make ends meet.


Fighting experienced foes
Good food
Strong willed people


The sea


Alignment: He struggles to tell right from wrong so he is a very "Grey" Character
Has serious trust issues
Can be socially awkward at times
He tends to think with his heart rather than his head.

Appearance & Personality

Arass is a rather average looking hyur, He stands roughly 6ft tall with a generally scruffy look about him. His body is muscular and tanned from many long hard days working in the sun. His silver hair is greasy and unkempt often hanging down over his eyes hiding some of his many scars across his face. His right eye is a milky white color the result of a injury sustained when he was a child, A injury he does his best to hide.

Arass often looks out of place or lost, His hand very rarely strays from the hilt of his rusty chipped blade and his eyes constantly dart around as if he is expecting to be attacked at any moment. In a conversation he struggles to hold eye contact and will often fidget and pace looking generally uncomfortable. The only time he looks confident and at peace is when holding his blade.

Arass's personality is unstable at the best of times, He can be very blunt and does not understand restraint in the face of sensitive matters. He is very untrusting and will openly question a persons motives, He has never considered someone a "Friend" so he is constantly trying to figure out how people are going to screw him over next.