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Scryer of the Stars

Glass-circle.png Scryer of the Stars
 Ari Kagon
399 × 438px
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Kagon
Citizenship Othard / Eorzea
Age 26
Occupation Student of Life
Place of Birth Deserts of Othard
Place of residence Wanderer/ Refugee
Guardian Menphina, The Lover
Nameday 19th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Brief History

Glass-circle.png Brief History

Othard, Before and After

Othard, Before and After

Following a traumatic event in Ari's life, a being appeared before her and offered to absolve Ari of her painful experience. Being young and naive, Ari gladly accepted the beings offer; at which point the being fused it's aetheric entity within Ari's body, forming an alternate personality calling itself "Erel".

For many years "Erel" was a source of comfort for Ari, only taking charge in any situation which she deemed to be too difficult for Ari to handle. Soon "Erel" was able to take direct control of Ari's body at will while Ari was under the impression she was performing other tasks. "Erel" implanted false memories within Ari's mind, convincing her that Erel was not an entity living within her, but another sister whom she communicated with via a linkpearl.

Her sister, Esva, unaware that the being in her was not just a subject of Ari's fragile mental state, played along fearing that if she were to reveal the truth, Ari might have a significant psychological breakdown.

Subsequent to the fall of the city state of Doma to Garlean rule, Ari and Esva made their escape to the shores of Eorzea along with many other refugees. Despite a cold welcome from the people of Eorzea, Ari and Esva were determined to thrive in their new home. While Esva put her talents to use in hand to hand combat, Ari continued to cultivate her gifts of aether manipulation and pursued further education by joining the learned Scholars of Limsa Lominsa. All seemed to be going well until the seemingly innocuous entity emerged and wrought havoc on Ari's life and that of others close to her.

Recent Events

Recent Events

Ari has been recently freed from sharing a body with "Erel". She now knows the truth of Erel's origin and intentions. Erel has been excised and her aetheric signature transferred to the body of a wind-up Succubus doll with the help of a Black Mage by the name of Xanadu Noire.

The Mage was originally hired by Erel to remove Ari's personality from the body and claimed that Ari was the malefic entity. The Mage betrayed Erel and Erel vowed revenge. Ari was charged with watching over Erel's new form and was certain that in her current state, Erel could cause no further harm.

Currently, the vessel carrying Erel's aether signature is missing.

Goals / Aspirations

Goals / Aspirations

Ari's goals change depending on current circumstances. At present, Ari's goal is to find the missing vessel carrying Erel's aetheric signature.

Ari's ultimate aspiration is to integrate into Eorzean society, as her dream of returning home to Othard has diminished over time.


  • Sweets
  • Learning
  • Her Owl
  • Chocobos


  • Arrogance
  • Impatience
  • Ignorance



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The Kagon tribe worships their nocturnal deity, Nhama. They believe strongly that if they were to allow the sun to touch the skin, it would be a symbol of giving in to the sin that their rival diurnal deity, Azim, represents.

Ari sometimes questions whether it makes sense to carry on these traditions of avoiding the sunlight and whether it's actually a sin, but continues to practice nonetheless. Whether out of habit, upbringing, or fear that it may have some significance has yet to be determined.

Personal Relationships

Glass-circle.png Personal Relationships
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC/PC)

Relations (NPC/PC)
Erden Kagon ( ) - Mother
Status: Deceased (Presumed) Erden was a strong willed woman who was unafraid to speak her mind. However, she was reduced to a mere shadow of herself following the passing of her husband, Tahar. She has not been seen since Ari and Esva made their escape from Othard. She is presumed deceased.
Tahar Kagon ( ) Father
Status: Deceased (Confirmed) Affiliated with the Kagon tribe's hunters who ensured the safety of the tribe. Killed by the Dotharl tribe.
Esva Kagon ( ) - Younger Sister
Status: Missing (Presumed Deceased)The younger precocious sister. Though mature for her age, She was known to act impulsively and get herself into trouble. Recently, Esva had disappeared without a trace. Rumors dictate that she and her lover, Ryu, met a fiery end by the maws of a dragon prior to the end of the Dragonsong War. These rumors have not been validated.

Affiliations (IC)

Affiliations (IC)
Gauche Union' ( ) - Free Company
Selsix Crepuscule: Founder of Gauche Union. Ari's love interest, though he is oblivious of her advances.
Mogwort:A moogle who happens to be Selsix's brother. He has a heart as big as his stomach.
Yhah Dazkar: An old friend from Ari's days wandering the Dravanian Forelands with many other refugees of Othard.
Gabriel Leblanc:An Ishgardian knight who loves to get on Ari's last nerve.

Important Aquaintences (IC)

Important Aquaintences (IC)
Key Players' ( ) - IC
Xanadu Noire:A mage who aided Ari in purging Erel's voidsent spirit from her body.