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Kaori Michiro

Dreamt debris afloat amidst the waves, then dispell.




Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... 「Kou-ri Me-che-ro」

NICKNAMES... 「Kao, Ari」

RACE & CLAN... 「Au'ra, Xaela」

GENDER... 「Female」

AGE... 「17-20」

NAMEDAY... 「25th Sun, 1st Umbral Moon」

ORIENTATION... 「Bisexual」

MARITAL STATUS... 「Mingling」

Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP... 「Gridanian/Doman」

FAMILY... 「Erhi Uyagir, Och Kharlu」

RESIDENCE... 「Mor Dhona」

OCCUPATION... 「Shinobi Adventurer」

PATRON DEITY... 「Nymeia, the Spinner」

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 「4 fulms, 9.5 ilms. 108 ponze.」

ALIGNMENT... 「Chaotic Good」

General Information
Kaori's parents, Erhi and Och were two Xaela hailing from different clans of the Azim Steppe of Othard. However, the two loathed the inescapable nomadic lifestyle, and particularly the tradgedy of death it preeminently wrought... They fled the steppe, joining other travelling Xaela refugees to the kingdom of Doma. On the way, Erhi would bear Och's child. They would give the child a Doman name, as they were preparing to spend the rest of the lives as a family there. However, all too soon after settling in a rural Doman village known for practicing the art of Ninjutsu, news of the Garlean succession war spread through Doma, which soon prompted a bloody and failed uprising across the country. Kaori's parents, Erhi and Och, would be among the casualities of the Garlean's wrathful answer to the rebellion. Kaori, still but a child at the time, was found lost and taken in by a large group of fleeing peasants aboard a refugee ship, setting sail to Eorzea. Her village was among the first razed, and her ship would be the first to arrive safely in Eorzea from Doma. Along the way, Kaori and the other children were instructed on-board the ship how to defend themselves by way of the use of knives. To the surprise of the elders, she had excelled among her peers with flying colors, not only in self-defence but also in academics. Finally, with her feet on solid ground, and having barely ever met her own parents or learned of her past, a teenage Kaori set out, joining various caravan crews as a hired blade across the land. After a few years of doing this occupationally, she had little to no troubling experiences. However, she eventually found herself in the Black Shroud. Her caravan was raided by Ixali roamers on the path to Gridania, and Kaori's invaluable exposure to the stealthy arts of the shinobi no doubt saved her life. She arrived in Gridania alone, broke and traumatized from being forced to make the choice to save herself as her acquaintances were slaughtered. Now a young woman, she set her sight upon the Adventurer's guild and left behind the unreliability of being a caravan guard, instead finding opportunity and stability in field leves... That is where Kaori began to make something of herself, and soon she was scouted by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Thereafter, she discovered that Hydaelyn had indeed gifted her light to the inconspicuous Au'ra rogue, and she understood her ability to excel was not of coincidence, but of destiny. Having long since abated her hopes to return to Doma and confirm her parent's demise, she has become an occupational Shinobi, using the art of war as a means to accomplish what challenges she has to overcome to save Eorzea, and also as a means for precious Gil. She has no home, save for the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona, where she spends most of her time idling and awaiting requests for her services.
Prussian blue, with vibrant purple limbal rings. Black, with light purple ends. Washed pale, with pinkish lips. Slim, not too fit, but with some definition. Friendly and cordial. She can get loud, although it is a very feminine voice.
Poised and slightly elegant. Refined through the finesse of battle. Right handed, left brained. Just one, a sole claw mark down on the side of her torso. No markings. Casual, girly. She can be quite honest and quite uninhibited in her etiquette, though she fancies herself a lot of fun.
Hair & Eyes
She has fair, long black hair, naturally divulging into a purple-esc at the ends of her strands. Her eyes are concentrated and dimly lit, visible in the dark. She doesn't light up a room or anything, but she has a cute aura about her color palette.
Physique & Markings
She is very small, with curvy hips and a tiny waist. She is most insecure about her bust size than anything else, though it really is above average for her race... Her belly is flat, her butt is pleasantly small (but tight), and her scales are softer than the average Au'ra Xaela.
Hygiene & Attire
Kaori has an affinity for overhanging and dark or tight-fitting attire. She keeps her skin clean and soft, always applying a soft purple eye shadow and mascara. She doesn't go without her makeup, as beauty is a great boon for the many duties of the shinobi.
Psychological Profile
Kaori is suspicious. She assumes the worst of people, and sees most otherwise with a very skeptical eye. Kaori is also very kind and flatetering, as she has a deep fear of abandonment which she mostly keeps bottled up, only allowing itself to manifest in eagerness to please others she appreciates. She is very slow to anger, lest it mean the jeopardy of what she's passionate about, and she is quick to love. As a girl, Kaori had to do what she could to survive, and learned that kindness and compassion is a commodity that is very useful for getting things done.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Kaori staunchly believes in the wisdom of a let-live temperament. She views wisdom above all other qualities in terms of importance, and she often uses her own to manipulate others socially in order to get her way. She believes in doing what's right, because it's right, and not because the laws of the land stipulate it so. She can be a bit of a brat, with a youthful demeanor and a oppositional defiancy for authority, which she mostly views as base and arbitrary. She is trusting, though slow to trust, and her emotional side quickly becomes apparent when harm presents itself or threatens to one of her close companions or loved ones.
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Dance Eorzea Dance
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Dance Eorzea Dance
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Dance Eorzea Dance
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RP Info

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