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 Athena Hart
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Dravania
Server Omega
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Basic Info

At only 19 summers old, Athena has travelled from Dravania to mainland Eorzea to develop her magical abilities and experience city life.


Athena originates from the Dravanian Forelands, several generations after her ancestors migrated from Gridania. Her tribe have made a small nook of the Forelands their home, and often make trade with the residents of Tailfeather. Athena especially excels at capturing wild Chocobos for Eorzean trade as well as hunting in the forest. Alas, she still hasn't quite gotten the hang of fishing yet. Living close to Anyx Trine, Athena has cultivated a dynamic relationship with the dragons there, often being frustrated by their devouring of livestock, but also being entranced by their fables and myths. Athena adores a good tale with a good ale!


Athena is outgoing and lively, if not a little naive. She loves a drink and the thrill of battle! However, she is new to city life (and has little social skill development in the first instance) so often does not quite understand people how they intend. Adventure beckons, and Athena awaits the call!


You may see her taking a drink at her local brew house The Drunken Moogle. She has a strong trade relationship with Tailfeather as well as Chocobo handlers and stables.

Combat Style

Athena primarily fights with lance and bow, however, as her magical powers have grown, she has come to know thermataugy and conjurery, as well as learning to channel the power of the skies in the form of Astrology. She particularly favours combining her lance technique with fire breath.

Roleplay Hooks

Athena does not currently have any family, so if you are interested in also being from the Forelands this could be an interesting opportunity. Other races would be welcome as we may have interacted at Tailfeather or the Chocobo trade in general.

Athena is growing her magical abilities and a guide would be very useful for this! Perhaps your character does not have pure intentions instead?

She is new to the main city-states, why not give her a tour?

Athena is often found drinking merrily - do you have a story that she doesn't remember? (or remembers too well?)

Athena loves a good hunt or battle, if you are looking for adventure buddies.

OOC Notes

I am a British player and play a few times a week. I am not interested in romance or ERP. Adventure RP is my thang.