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Gridania-transparent.png Calais Erbryn
The Scholar with a debt
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
Place of Birth A Little island in the Sea of Ash
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Age 23
Marital Status single
Occupation vagabond, casual worker, Seeker of fortunes

Basic Info


Height: 5 fulms 2 ilms. (157.48 cm)

Weight: 107 ponzs. (48.4 Kg)

Complexion:  Caramel

Hair:  White and Red

Eyes:  Green



  • Reading about the art of arcanum
  • Drinking
  • Traveling


  • Experimenting with the art of arcanum
  • The night sky
  • Rain
  • A good warm Bath with Bubbles
  • Bubbles
  • Coeurls


  • Narrow dark places
  • Violence
  • Orobon Liver


  • Color:  Blue
  • Food:  Steak
  • Drinks:  Wine
  • Scent: Nymeia Lilies
  • Place: The Twelveswood and the wooded area near Wineport
  • Festival: Unknown





Abilities and Skills




Family and Relationships


  • A'rhof Tia (Birth father, deceased)
  • Y'khenna Tia (Birth mother, deceased)
  • Saulette Dunant (mother, Wildwood Elezen, deceased)
  • Isildaure Dunant(Saulette brother, Wildwood Elezen, Alive)






Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology



Current Residence

Inns, The streets, Under a bridge

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Born in a little warm island in the Sea of Ash, Audrye was raised by Y'khenna Tia the local Conjurer and by his father A'rhof a skilled hunter. Not prone to violence Audrye spends most of her time with her mother showing an innate talent in the manipulation of the aether and in the Conjurers arts. By Summoning her first carbuncle at the age of 8 Y'khenna recognizes immediately the innate talent of her daughter and start to polish Audryes skills by giving her daily lessons. Audrye spends much of her free time with her older brother A'xin and her older sister Y'zhumii playing in the forest near the village or on the beach where she learned to swim. Thanks to this playful times she start developing a great love for water and nature in general.

Teen Years

At the age of 15 Audrey helps her mother in the onerous task of caring for the sick people of the village. After her sister marriage and her brother starts working with his father at the local hunting hut Audryes free time is mostly spent by wandering in the forset, learning how to command carbuncle and increasing her ability to control him. After her 16th birthday the Garleans invade the island. A'rhof gathers all the adult male able to fight in the village including his son A'xin in the disperate attempt to resist the invasion giving the chance to Audrye, her mother, her sister and the rest of the villager to flee in the forest. At the dawn of the second day the garlean decide to shorten the clash by using new tech and the result is almost instantaneous, the whole resitent is exterminated in less than 1 hour, after one more hour they find the rest of the villager in a cave in the forest, Y'khenna tells Audrye and Y'zhumii to go deeper in the cave with the rest of the villager and exit it from another entrance while she tries to stop the garlean. Relucatnly Y'khenna takes audrye hand and force her to follow her mother words. The escape will end shortly at the exit of the cave where two strange Garleans machines are waiting, without any warning the omonius objects activate a huge quantity of aether is gathered around them, an enourmous explosion of fire hits the group of villager followed buy a brust of wind and dust. Everyone is died in the explosion except Audrye that was saved by the body of her sister in front of her, one of the machines moves in the direction of the bodies in the attempt to find survivors, in less than a minute Audrye is found underneath her sister body. Right before the machine is about to activate again carbuncle comes out of the cave pushing the other machine in front of the one near Audrye. Another explosion of fire hits the machine in front of audrye making it explode. Audrye is overwhelmed by the explosion and 3 stones from the inside of the machine hits her in the abdomen and making her unconscious. One day later she will regain consciousness on a boat far away from her island, a sailor will tell her that they found her body floating in the water 9 Malms away from the island. One mounth later Audrye is accepted under the care of Isildaure Dunant a wealthy Wildwood Elezen that is giving hospitality in her mansion to any children victims of the war.