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Welcome to Aurifor Hagane's Character Profile




Aurifor Hagane, a man who has spent a great deal of time traveling Eorzea and other continents. Not only is he an adventurer, but he is also a paladin who keeps his sword and shield with him at all times. He was born in the Silver Bazaar in Western Thanalan, and was raised by his father who played a part in being the perfect role model for Aurifor, and guiding him to strive to be the best. Through many years of meditation, and training he has accumulated a large amount of mental fortitude, combat capability, as well as wisdom. Recently, Aurifor joined the Kujqai tribe to accompany his wife Altani Kujqai and proudly tells the name to anyone who asks about it.


Aurifor is a Raen that is somewhat shorter than the average. He has blue eyes and brown hair (sometimes with light brown highlights at times). He also is fairly muscular and has a nice skin tone, almost as if he were getting a tan. His tail is short in comparison to other Au Ra, his scales do not take up too much of his face, and with that in replacement of ears he has horns. The horns are light-colored with metal tips at the end of them. He has a black tattoo on the side of his face in the shape of a dragon. For clothing, Aurifor tends to wear a black vest created by his wife. As well as, brown gazelleskin gloves, legacy warrior breeches and expeditioner's moccasins. His tribal armor is practically the same, but instead he wears a jet black Ramie's Skirt and an othard blue tigerskin coat of fending. For his wife, he always wears his eternity on his ring finger on his left hand.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Dragon tattoo on the side of his face.
   P. Defense
   M. Defense
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Through many years of experience, Aurifor can be very wise and sharp in the decisions that he makes. He can also tend to be very protective, passionate, and caring of his loved ones. These include but are not limited to: close friends, lovers, and relatives. However he also has a belief that everyone deserves respect unless they have done something to make it otherwise. He controls his anger supremely well, and he tends to remain relatively neutral. Aurifor also can be analytical and able to strategize concrete steps to achieve a goal, such as saving someone's life in a short time span. However, with all these pros there are cons. Aurifor can be really sensitive, once someone gets into his heart, he can get hurt more easily. He can also be very dense, not picking up on even the subtlest of hints that some people would allude to. Aurifor can also be quite arrogant at times, he is humble on the surface but when someone gets more in-depth in the conversation it can sometimes end the way that was not intended. Aurifor can also be extremely impatient when it comes to activities and events, he does not like waiting.


Saving People Aurifor loves to save innocent lives wherever he can. No matter how tall or daunting the task might be.
Raiding Aurifor likes to show his cooperative prowess through raiding with other warriors. Which also means he gets to kill things.


Disrespect While Aurifor has a long fuse, there is a limit to just how much disrespect he can take before he decides it would be high time to be blunt and honest, and confront the person.
Loss Aurifor does not like losing anything that he has gained over time. This could be anything, a lover, property, or equipment.


Tanking A pure paladin blood thick and thin, he is the culmination of what paladins should strive to be. Even though he himself is not perfect either.
Killing Contrary to this hobby, Aurifor only kills when it is to protect. However, when it does come time to kill for that purpose he can enjoy it.


Equipment They say a sword is simply the extension of one's arm. This holds especially true when Aurifor uses his sword and shield. They have been long used but still provide absolute protection and quality damage with deadly efficiency.
Strength With constant physical training throughout his early years and travelling around the world later on, Aurifor has become particularly strong. A normal duel between him and another warrior would not last long, as he is also trained in close quarters combat. (paladin, duh)
Loyal Aurifor prefers to stick with the people he cares about. He does not want to keep meeting new people, but rather create more bonds that are deeper and more genuine with the people he already knows. This results in him being well off in committed relationships.


Overload Having an analytical mind, there are times when it all just proves too much and it will cause Aurifor's brain to overload. Resulting in a lack of concentration and focus, as well as prove a hindrance to his combat capabilities. There is no known "line" between what keeps him in check and what will make him overload.
Easily Distracted During a task at hand, if not especially important, Aurifor can get distracted by his own thoughts and cause him to forget or not even hear some conversations.
Lustful While Aurifor is respectful and able to control himself very well, he can still have a lot of lustful thoughts. His sexual desire is abnormally high, and is a strong driver in how he acts from time to time.


Love It sounds cliche, but Aurifor is mainly motivated to find a spouse to live with and settle down with to have a family. This way he can also pass his legacy onto his children and be remembered after he perishes from Eorzea.
Protection To protect the innocent and save those in danger, even if they potentially might be bad news. He shows vast sympathy for everyone, and as a knight he will protect whatever he can.
Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Galdan Hagane, Father. (Adviv) - Storm Hunter
Character's Thoughts: "I am proud of my son for who he is, I could ask for nothing more nor nothing less. May he be blessed by the Twelve."
Shared a very close bond between one another. So deep that not many others reach this level of sincerity.
Saru Hagane, Mother. (Ruby) - Albedo
Character's Thoughts: "My little boy is going to grow up and show the world his talent. I love him dearly."
Died while he was still young, but they bonded a lot before that time.
Altani Kujqai, Wife. (Wind) - Of The Luminous Skies
Character's Thoughts: "I remember meeting him at reunion, I grew curious and chased him after he had left."
Close friend and wife to Aurifor. If there was anyone he would trust, it is her.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Legend tells of a knight clad in black armor, he is apparently a god and has killed armies of monsters to save lives."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"The death of the knight's friend due to the battle in Ultima. It is rumored that the friend had sacrificed himself to save the knight. While the knight was then held back by Hydaelyn."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"The knight has met a woman, rumor has it that she is the goddess of healing."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Non-Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"The knight had to endure years of rigorous training facing very dangerous tasks biweekly." — Raubahn_Aldynn.
"The knight and his wife are practically always together." — Merlwyb_Bloefhiswyn.
"They say that the knight has a shield that fosters the power sealed within the knight." — Kan-E-Senna.
"Unlike little sun, this man is amazing to fight. It is so blissful to be defeated by him." — Sadu.



Player Note
A lot of the story dealing with Aurifor is pretty much always subject to change. This can be due to unforeseen circumstances and/or something that may not be lore friendly. When I first created this character I had the idea of a protector mentality, or a man clad in armor that had a shield of protection to protect the ones he held dear. Even now it still holds true to the point of what I wanted to achieve after creating him. This character does resemble me in a lot of ways, but there are a few important tweaks that separate us to make sure that this character would correspond to proper roleplay.
Personal RP Limits
With Aurifor being only an Au Ra, there are a few limitations that restrain him from doing essentially whatever he wants. The first and biggest is that Aurifor is not superhuman, nor is he some kind of deity. He is still a humanoid that has inhibitors on his body. He is stronger but only because of the years of training that he had to go through to get to that point, it became a habit for him and even now he still trains. However, he can still get gravely injured, or even worse, die. He is also not psychic, so people will need to tell him about certain information for him to comprehend the full picture.
I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters. Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.
Little Tidbits.
If anything happens that could result in tension or anything of the sort, I put this disclaimer here to forewarn people that role play is different for everyone and you may not like my style. However you do it, is up to you. I am still learning so if I do mess up I would like to know, get constructive feedback.
Also, if anyone wishes to add me Out of Character, keep in mind that myself and Aurifor are two different people. Meaning the personalities might be different from what you expected. This is normal, and should just be thought about before making a decision.


Aurifor was born in Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas. There was a blizzard going on at the time, and Aurifor did not expect much as he was growing up. By the time he hit the age of 5 Years, his mom had passed due to a mysterious occurrence. This was also the same time he began training, starting with the most difficult being emotional training. Everyday, Auri and his father would go out to the yard and train. However, Aurifor never really got to talk to any other kids because of his constant training he had to do. Thus, it left him in quite a lonely state after a long time of training with his father. At that point he brought it up with his father, he was then that he started to be sent out to the city nearby to get supplies and bring it back home. He would be able to meet people and make friends in the big city if he went there. At first, he was accompanied by his father, but then he got used to going to the city alone to buy food. At one point Auri and his father had accomplished the first stage of the process which was the emotional training. It tested his commitment and determination to see if he had what it would take to be a warrior. Since Auri had always wanted to become an adventurer/warrior. By the age of 15, Aurifor was nearing completion of his training and was starting to reminisce with his father, having good times and laughing. Their bond was ever so close.
Times were going good until Aurifor's father had gotten an illness. It constricted him to his bed and it required constant care, to which his son Auri was willing to provide. A couple years later after Auri was fully done with his training and much more grown up and responsible, he was reading one night and then he heard a small 'thump' from down below. Since it was a two story house it was a bit difficult to make out what it was. Aurifor then took his candle and went down to take a look. His father lay on the floor in the middle of the room, and he raised his hand to catch his son's. His final words to Aurifor were "I will always love you, son." His eyes turned white fully and Aurifor stayed kneeled there, paralyzed by shock at first. But after that he began to feel sick, and then he started to cry deeply. The loss of the last thing that loved you in the world, it can be quite lonesome and it can hurt quite a lot. Aurifor at that point in time made a vow to his father that he would become the indisputable strongest adventurer in all of Eorzea.
So he did, and for many years he would travel around the continents, not just Eorzea and he came across many things. One night he went into a bar just to get a drink from all the hunting, and then he came across a lalafell. The lalafell was an astrologian, who exceeded in the ability to cast abnormally effective shields. These two would then become a dynamic duo. Brothers in arms, and nowhere was it more obvious than during the fight with Ultima. The two decided to fight the ultima as part of a contract they had signed the year before. It would promise three million gil.
The lalafell and Auri were battling Ultima, and over the course of the battle Auri began to get weaker and weaker. Until eventually his shield got bashed open and he became vulnerable. Ultima shot an attack and the lalafell jumped in the way, taking the hit and sacrificing himself to save the paladin. Another loss, and he held this person close. The world became lonely again, and sad. Nothing but visions of despair would appear for Aurifor's future.
Character Finale
Sometime later, after many years. Aurifor was in Reunion and came across a young lady by the name of Altani who was running low on gil. He helped her out of kindness and then went off on his way. With no expectation from Aurifor, and Altani's curiosity peaking, she chased after Aurifor as the wind gusted in his direction until they finally met again. From thereon, began the rise of an inseparable couple.
■ '

Aurifor Hagane
Name - Aurifor
Race - Raen
Age - 24 Years
Name Day - 23rd 3rd Astral Era
Deity - Azeyma

Alias: Aurifor
Citizenship: Immortal Flames
Occupation: Adventurer
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Tan
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Dragon on the left side of his face
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Key Items: None
Favorite Food: Seafood Stew
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Blue
Flag of the Immortal Flames