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AlaMhigo.png Balthius Stark
[[Image:Balthius wiki picture.jpg|250px]]
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigo
Age 25
Server Balmung
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Balthius was born into a mixed family of a Highlander mother and a Midlander father in the city of Ala Mhigo. His mother, Rosalind Ironarm, was a royal guard and his father, Tristan Stark, an historian. They lived a happy life before the King of Ruin, Theodoric began his reign of terror. During his slaughter, the queen conspired against Theodoric in an attempt to murder him to stop his madness. When the plan was compromised and failed, Theodoric became more paranoid and began mass executions among all the citizens of Ala Mhigo. Rosalind was among the first of the unfortunate victims. Tristan fled the city with Balthius in tow and escaped to Limsa Lominsa where Tristan began work at the arcanist guild.

Growing up, Tristan would tell young Balthius stories of the history of Hydaelyn. While Balthius didn’t have interest in the history, he was excited for the way his father would tell the stories and dreamed of telling stories like his father. Balthius also took a small joy in creating things so after the calamity, Balthius started a blacksmith for work after his twentieth nameday. He quickly grew tired of the same day to day lifestyle and decided to become an adventurer. When telling his father his decision, Tristan gave Balthius his mother’s axe and that set Balthius on the path of becoming a Warrior.

During his adventures, Balthius met a Crystal Brave Soldier named W’masa Tia. They quickly became fast friends and eventually fast lovers. During the fall of the Crystal Braves, W’masa tried to let Balthius in on the deal, saying that it was for the good of his homeland. Balthius refused the sun seeker’s offer which sent the Miqo’te into a rage. W’masa attacks Balthius saying that he couldn’t let the Highlander live now that he knows the truth. Balthius fatally wounded the Miqo’te and left him behind. After that day, Balthius swore to never fight with a blade again. Balthius fled to Ishgard where he was taken in for a time by Stephanivien and was taught how to be a Machinist.

Balthius now continues his adventures while taking odd jobs to make quick gil.


Balthius tends to be very upbeat and positive. He likes making friends everywhere he goes and is a great team player. He can be easily distracted especially when an attractive male is nearby. He is also pretty clumsy and is highly curious about the world around him. Though he loves the attention of men, after the incident with W’masa, he has trust issues with men and won’t let them come too close to his heart. He enjoys writing down his adventures not only to remember them but it reminds him of his childhood when his father used to tell him stories. He has a weakness for small animals.


Balthius has a strong build thanks to his training on being a Warrior so he’s physically strong. Due to his training with Stephanivien in Ishgard, he has acquired excellent aim and dexterity. He’s currently training to use his fists as weapons since he refuses to pick up a blade again.

Along with his battle skills, He is a natural animal trainer and has moderate skills as a blacksmith.