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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cassidy Lee
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 20 (21 in Shadowbringers)
Marital Status Widowed
Occupation Adventurer, Mage
Height 4'11 ft
Weight 95 lbs
  • The Crimson Mage of Ruin
  • The Black Mage of Death
  • Warrior of Light/Darkness
  • The Primal Slayer
  • Crazy Explosion Girl

  • Attributes
       Martial Prowess
       Magic Affinity
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    Close Range Combat

    Close Range Combat

    Close Weapon Choices

    Close Weapon Choices
    Exceptionally quick and crafty with the two handed staff
    Adept with one-handed swords/katanas and shields
    Will use short one-handed daggers for added speed and stealth
    Prefers the 'Gun Blade' for added defense and offense


    Patiently timed strikes and counter attacks
    Calm under pressure, watching and waiting for openings to strike at close range
    Strong at deflecting and redirecting strong witted attacks
    Fast swings with the sword, capable of cutting opponents in half
    Has quick reflexes and fast feet. Allowing her to dodge and counter attacks at a high rate
    Combines strong magical prowess to enhance one's durability, speed and strength.


    Due to her smaller frame, it's easy for her to get blown away by large scale attacks
    Without magical enhancements on her body, she is physically weak and can be overpowered very quickly if her aether circuits are disrupted
    Very poor at unarmed, hand to hand combat

    Long Range Combat

    Long Range Combat

    Ranged Weapon Choices

    Ranged Weapon Choices
    Relatively average aim with the bow and arrow
    Likes guns and pistols, however she's not the most accurate with it
    Prefers magical arts for long range battles


    Combines magic with arrows for more destructive firepower
    Able to move much quicker with a set of long ranged firearms than with other weapons
    Likes to dual wield pistols and guns
    Always moving while firing to maintain confusion and distance
    Finds side arms highly convenient when cornered


    Not nearly as much destructive firepower compared to magic or closed ranged combat
    Her accuracy isn't very precise
    Her accuracy isn't very precise
    Lack of creativity and resourcefulness with firearms/arrows makes her easy to predict and time

    Magical Arts

    Magical Arts

    Magical Choices

    Magical Choices
    Natural prodigy at thaumaturgy, mastering the darkest of arts at a young age
    Knows basic Ninjutsu
    Loves Astrology despite being very poor at it
    Can cast and use all 6 magical elements including: Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning


    In love with Fire and Explosion magic
    Uses sigils and magic circles to manipulate the flow of aether for instant teleportation for herself and her spells
    Numerous wide scale destructive spells that can instantly kill one if not prepared
    Ability to cast weaker versions of her spells instantly with the snap of her fingers. (Useful for lesser goons and bandits)
    Strong with casting shields and strengthening her aura for added physical defense
    Capable of manipulating vast numbers of elements simultaneously, altering their form and capacity as she sees fit
    Extremely large scale mana reserves


    Very poor at recovery magic, says it requires too much precision and control which she doesn't have
    Cannot cast large scale attacks in small spaces
    Has no business being anywhere near familiars or summons
    Easily can get caught up in one's own destructive spells
    Silencing her will prevent the usage of her spells, leaving her open and unable to cast anything


    Fire Resistant Clothing

    Due to her psychotic nature of using explosion spells at point blank range, Cassidy has come up with the solution of designing her clothing with fire resistant material. Weaved and imbued with ice crystals, magic arts, and nonburning fabric, her clothes help to counter balance any self inflicted wounds dealt from her overly flashy and dare I say, self destructive Fire/Explosion spells.



    Casting a ball of light, 'Ruin' is a highly efficient non-elemental spell. It implodes with great destruction upon impact, causing shockwaves and potential severe damage upon the site of the target, hence the name 'Ruin'. The size of the magic attack however, varies entirely on the magical affinity and skill of the user. With sufficient mana imbued in it, 'Ruin' can go from barely a spec of light, all the way to the size of a small house.

    'Ruin' was Cassidy's signature skill from an early age, even earning her the title 'The Crimson Mage of Ruin' due to her reckless abandon and nature with it. She would cast the spell several times in a row, creating a shower of implosions upon everyone and destroying everything else in its path. She eventually sealed the technique away simply because it was too tempting to spam and destroy the entire landscape with.


    Swiftcast allows for Cassidy (or the caster), to instantly cast any singular spell which contains the use of mana. In addition, it allows for the spell to be instantly teleported onto the user's desired location, as long as it remains in within their line of sight. This remains useful for teleporting massively destructive spells such as 'Explosion' which takes a long time to charge up.
    Due to the complex nature of the spell, Swiftcast takes vasts amounts of calculations and concentration to execute correctly. Only those who have studied Thaumaturgy and Black Magic are capable of executing it consecutively with no cooldowns in between, a feat which Cassidy has managed to obtain.

    Finger Snap Spells

    Using stored up aether in her body, Cassidy can instantly unleash a mini version of most of her spells directly in front of her with simply the snap of her fingers. This allows her to ward off nearby enemies who may try to blitz her or hit her with a surprise attack as it can be casted at any instance. She mainly resorts to using Fire spells using this technique to help maximize its potency. However, due to the lack of charge up time, this technique's potency against stronger, more durable enemies makes it nearly obsolete and ineffective, despite it being at point blank range.

    Ice/Mana Sword (The Ishgardian Blade)

    Capable of manipulating her ice magic into a sword of pure mana, this 'Ice Sword' is inspired from the time she spent with Ysayle and Haurchefant whilst hiding out in Ishgard. The sword freezes over anything it touches, and is useful for cooling down her body after using vast amounts of Fire and Explosion spells. Due to the sword being of pure mana, Cassidy is capable of forming it at a moments notice; making it useful for when she's either disarmed or in a bind where she no longer has access to any of weapons. The only downside is that without sufficient mana to sustain its form, the sword's durability suffers, rendering it useless after a long period of using it.

    Firaja (Explosion)

    Channeling mass amounts of aether into her staff, Cassidy is capable of unleashing a giant exploding fireball, which can combust up to 30-50 yarms in diameter, obliterating anything in its path. With temperatures reaching over the thousands, many targets perish before they even have a chance to put up a fight. She soon fell in love with this technique as she quotes, 'The sparkling lights and mass destruction it comes with makes heart climax with a passion I've never thought I'd experience again.'.

    Due to the long charge up time, she usually incorporates this spell with 'Swiftcast' to avoid being vulnerable for long periods of time. It also drains her of a large reserve of mana, as such a wide ranged destructive spell


    Manaward is one of Cassidy's primary defenses which allows her to withstand some of the most brutal of attacks, despite her lack of size and frame. Creating a protective spell of aether around the users body, Manaward shields the user from any destructive attacks that would ordinarily kill or severely harm a user.


    One of the most destructive and potent skills in Cassidy's arsenal. Upon usage the user casts down a giant meteorite from the sky, engulfing everything and anything that it comes into contact with, reducing it to ash within a few hundred yarms of the impact. Capable of shattering even the strongest of magical shields and armor, one of the many reasons Cassidy is labeled 'The Primal Slayer' is solely due to the instant kill nature of this attack. She typically uses the spell as a last resort or as a guaranteed instant K.O. against larger enemies such as a Primals, since it doesn't require any mana to use and they are large targets meaning they're easier to hit.
    However despite not requiring the usage of mana, there are many drawbacks of such a destructive spell including severe side effects to the user which includes: nausea, headaches, nosebleeds, internal bleeding, aether disruption, heart pain, joint pain, bone pain, vomiting blood, and even potential chronic damage to the brain if used in succession. She describes it as 'Breaking the Limits of one's natural capacity to exceed and transcend the power of the gods.' With such severe injuries upon usage, the spell renders her nearly incapacitated, leaving her open and vulnerable to enemy attack should she fail to kill the target instantly, thus it is only used as a last resort. Lastly, due to its insane destructive nature, the attack is not to be used in heavily populated areas or against foes with the ability to quickly escape as it can easily be dodged by the use of teleportation spells. As a result of this, Cassidy came up with a separate spell, 'Star Storm' as a way to counter most of these draw backs with the only trade off being less destructive power.