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Basic Info

Hello there! Welcome to my homepage. I love to roleplay and whip up wiki pages of my characters. Thanks for stopping by! :)

NOTICE: My availability to RP in-game varies, but I am always available to RP via Discord (MitsuCat#2335) and I can also be reached here Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in RPing with me sometime!

My RPC Characters:

Chip - (Balmung) - scrawny fishercat who wanders the world

Asher - (Mateus) - flirtatious halfbreed with stabbers

Minor Characters:
- Sorrel Ketra - (Coeurl) - young and spirited healer-in-training
- Endel Blanche - (Zalera) - your typical silent drinking buddy
- Lady Amara - elderly apothecary and exorcist