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 Holo Wolf
Ffxiv holo - Copy.png
Birth Name Sarangerel
Nickname(s)/Alias Holo
Age looks to be 21
Born unknown
Nameday unknown to her
Birthplace likely Othard
Race Au Ra Xaela
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Height 5' 5"
Weight 130
Physique Lean build
Hair The color of Moonlight
Eyes Gold and amber with limbal ring, often resembles lava
Skin Light tan
Combat Style currently testing out what works for her
Skills weaving(new at it), surgical stitching,cooking(medium skill)
Primary Weapon Grimoire
Secondary Weapon dagger
Username Holo Wolf
Time Zone CDT Central Daylight Time
Server Balmung
Free Companies Shinkou Rentsuki «TSUKI»
RP Preferences Any (except ERP)

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~Past Hasnt been revealed to her yet.

~What She Remembers Holo woke up on the shores of Costa del Sol with no memory of who she is or where she was. As she stumbled up to her feet she noticed a snipper rushing toward her. She didnt have much time to react before the creature tried to attack her, she was able to injure its eye. She ran away from it when it was distracted by its injury. But its wasnt distracted for long, it chased her out of rage. Luck was on her side as she ran across some adventures who were already hacking away at other snippers near by. The adventures killed the enraged snipper that was chasing her. The adventures were kind enough to offer her to follow them until the next city and she gratefully agreed. But this was short lived as she got bored when following them so they went separate ways. Holo ended up getting lost and decided to rest ontop of an empty chicken coop. This is where she caught the attention of a tall man. He learned that she had acquired amnesia so he brought her to Stein Vespyn. Stein brought her into the free company,the Gilded Rose which she now considers her new family. She plans on getting to know each of them and hopes to be useful to them, she wants to repay them for taking her in.

~Current Holo still hasnt had any memories come back to her yet but she isnt worried about it. She is currently looking for teachers in the magical arts of any kind so she can learn multiple ways to use and control her aether.

A bit of info


Traveling to new places
All the elements and things that explode
Meeting new people and studying them
Nearly All Food
Likes to sit on high places if she can
Weird, abnormal things/people


getting bored
snobby, condescending assholes
not being able to control her body
burnt food
being in one place for too long


People watching
collecting interesting knowledge in her notebook
Roaming around in dangerous areas
Going on adventures
Favorite season is Fall


She is very caring so much so that she'll go out of her way to help anyone, first impressions hold no meaning to her, she is blunt, and she gets bored easily.Her curiosity can get the better of her, she lacks the emotion Fear,and she is socially awkward not knowing what to say most of the time. Even though she doesnt remember anything about herself or where she came from she has a positive attitude about it. Believing she'll remember her past eventually and does her best to learn new things and make the best of who she is now.

Other Notes

•She has started being able to see aether but she is hesitant in letting others know •Has a small elegant dagger that is infused with some sort of crystal,the dagger's hilt has a silver chain attached to it so it could be worn like a necklace •She often has a dark red backpack that she keeps many things in, including her water proof notepad she keeps to help her keep track of all the new things she learns