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Ikkyu Takeda
❝For Honor and Friendship"

Alias... Ikki.
Birth Name... Ikkyu Takeda.
Age... Late 20s-Early 30s.
Gender... Male.
Race... Miqo'te.
Clan... Seeker of The Sun.
Orientation... Straight.
Marital... Single.
Deity... Rhalgr, The Destroyer.
Sometimes quiet.
A bit reserved.
In combat, can sometimes turn into a wildcat.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
P'yris Cyilaa - Wife
Shina Malaguld - Best Friend
Megetu Kiba - Friend
Faith Delacroix - Friend
Ikkyu was born an only child in Yanxia to his mother Chiffon. He does not know who this father is and his mother never talked about him. He spent most of his childhood working with his mom in the Ruby Sea gathering herbs and fish to sell. When he was not working, Chiffon would train him in unarmed combat so that he would be able to defend himself if he needed to.

His mother Chiffon was an Immortal Flames Chief Sergeant that was forced to retire from the company due to medical reasons. Since then, she had been working as a hunter gatherer in order to provide for herself and Ikkyu.

On his 15th Nameday, Chiffon took him to Kugane for the first to celebrate and do some shopping. Two weeks later, while he was at home sleeping after solo training until dawn, Chiffon was killed near The Ten-thousand-year Pine. There were numerous cuts on her body and a blade had been broken off in her abdomen where she was impaled. A long time friend of hers was the one who found her body and brought it back to Yanxia. This friend also was the one to tell him of his mother's death. The news devastated him. The locals of Yanxia gave her a funeral on a boat in the middle of the Ruby Sea where she was to be buried there. The next day, Chiffon's friend brought him to Kugane to live in his house and work around the city. He lived there until his 19th Nameday. Afterwards, he moved out and got place of his own.

7 years later, he made plans to go to Ul'dah and join The Immortal Flames to follow in his mother's footsteps and perhaps find out who was behind her death. He purchased a ticket to Eorzea and looked back at Kugane before boarding the boat that would take him to Vesper Bay in Thanalan.....

Just about any RP is cool with me. I will let you know what's cool and whats not. For images of Ikki, go to Wiki made by D'lyhhia Lhuil. Base layout taken from Atreus del Alumet.

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