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Character Profile

Glass-circle.png Character Profile


Garlemald Flag.jpg Ineyo Yukimori
"Healing doesn't always have to be magic, there are many ways to heal someone."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doman
Age 33
Occupation Owns and run's her own spa
Place of Birth Doma
Residence Mist
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Nameday 30th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

Height: Quite tall for her kind

Weight: Normal

Figure/build: Ineyo is quite tall for a female of her kind. She has a slender well-proportioned build, combined with what seems to be a natural elegance.

Hair colour: White with purple highlighhts

Hairstyle: Long, sometimes left down, but also put up in a pony tail if thats more suited for what she is doing

Eye colour: Blue, with ligher blue limbal rings

Skin colour: Tanned, spending most of her time outdoors.

Scars/distinguishing marks: Marks from claws on her right shoulder, from a playful gryphon.

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Necklace and earrings her mother has given her, or random jewelery she has made herself


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Ineyo is calm, friendly, gentle, curious and to an extent outgoing. Due to her upbringing she has a dislike for large amounts of people in one place, as she always feels she has to act a certain way, and in that way not quite be herself. She is also very patient, always finding time to listen to someone who wants to talk to her. She is also a bit of a dreamer, and can often forget time and things she is supposed to do if her mind gets caught up in something else. She is quite intelligent. She doesn't anger easily, but the few times she gets angry, she becomes rather scary. Luckily her anger subsides pretty fast.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Stylish, yet not to fancy without hiding her taste for the better things in life

Voice: Calm in a way, not very loud but not quiet either

Clothing: She liked nice clothing, but it doesn't have to be all to fancy either.




  • Jewlery, bith wearing and making
  • Stargazing
  • Good food
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Reading


  • Deep water
  • Cooking
  • Worrying about things she can't do anything about
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Boats
  • People telling her what she can or cannot do




She expects Xaela to hate her kind, or at least dislike them. When meeting one she will get quite reserved until she sees how he/she acts


Glass-hourglass.png History
Being born into a luxurious life, Ineyo hasn’t had too many struggles in her life. The hardest ones had been when her own stubborn side has clashed with her father Tadashi’s equally stubborn side. From a young age she was trained into a proper lady, and as soon as her healing capabilities were discovered she was put into training for this as well. Her teachers soon realized she had an almost uncanny ability to learn fast, and that she had a great love for helping people. Often to her father’s annoyance as she would invite poor hungry people home for dinner from time to time. As she grew up and understood how her father felt about it, she resorted to sneaking food out, instead of people in.

As she got older, she started learning more things, taking a special interest in massage to complement her healing skill. Learning how to use it to help people without having to resort to aether was something she had great fondness for. Due to her frequent trips outside the house, her mother resorted to hiring someone to be her guard. Not because she thought badly about everyone, but she was not about to take any chances with her only daughter. That way Itsuki came into her life when she was 20. Over the years the two have become good friends, and even on his off days, he could often be found keeping her company. On one of her many trips into the city she literally stumbled across Galgan. Fascinated with his inventions and the man, she managed to coax her father into getting interested (not that it took much, as her father was quite fond of inventions that could make him more money) and eventually hiring him as his personal inventor.

Ineyo started to spend most of her time with Galgan, at first thinking he was Raen like her, but the way he talked, and some of his ideas seemed very strange for her kind. It was only when she snuck out one evening to see him that she learned that the person she had fallen in love with was actually Xaela. To be able to blend in he had been coloring his black scales the golden color that Raen ones had. She was shocked and worried when she found out. She knew her father well enough that he would not accept him around his daughter, he already didn’t like that she spent so much time with him. For a while though, they managed to keep the truth hidden from her father (with good help from her mother) but in the end he found out. In a desperate attempt to split the two, and get rid of Galgan he came up with an offer that was too good to refuse. He simply gave him the option of getting fired and expelled from the city, or travel to Eorzea to learn of new inventions to send back for his regular pay.

Needless to say, this did not go down well with Ineyo. Unlike what her father had thought (apart from a long harshly worded fight with plenty of shouting) she left her home only days after braving her fear of water to be with the one she loved. To keep her only daughter safe, her mother sent Itsuki after her to accompany her on her travels. After (at least in her mind) a horrible boat ride, she found herself in Eorzea, where a new life could begin."


Glass-sword.png Abilities



Healing: Ineyo is a strong healer, with an almost unlimited ability to tap into aether. Also she has the rare talent of being able to pull aether back out of a patient after it has done its healing. This way she can avoid aether poisoning if a person is so badly injured normal healing would not save them. This action drains her for all her energy though, and quite often leaves her sick for days, so she prefers not to use it.
Massage: Part of her training with healing, also involved getting to know the anatomy of the bodycompletely. As her training progressed, she also started to learn the art of Massage, something that could often help a patient when healing was not really needed. She learned several different types of massage, and also how to make differently scented oils to use to help people in different ways.

Quick Study Ineyo shows an amazing memory, reading and remembering things much faster than most. This way she can remember almost anything she reads, almost down to a "photograpic memory"



Her tolerance to Aether also brings a secound downside. Due to her body's high Aether tolerance, she can not be healed by aether herself. Why she isn't sure, but it has been the same for everyone in her family who has the ability to pull aether back out of someone's body. A secound downside is that her family often has an Aether blindness due to their body's overexposure til Aether.
She is currently slowly going blind due to this illness




Trained in archery alongside her healing and quite skilled with a bow. Being ambidextrous she often changes between how she holds the bow, sometimes giving her an extra edge.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Chiyoko Yukimori ( ) - Mother
Position: Ineyo's mother and one of her best friends
Tadashi Yukimori ( ) - Father
Ineyo's father, who'm she would rather not talk to or about at this point in time

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
Galgan Malaguld ( ) - Engaged
Love of her life: That special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with
Nagisa A'sura ( ) - Friend/Business partner
Random encounter turned into friendship, and running a spa together
Z'sisha Tyata ( ) - Friend
Met when Ineyo bought her house, although their very different, they get along just fine



Common Rumors
"I hear her father is filthy rich!."
"Didn't she used to sneak out all the time at night without her parents knowledge?"
"'Knows how a body works in and out, gives amazing massages"

Rare Rumors
"I heard she can heal someone almost from the brink of death. With aether and without aether posioning, as if she can pull the aether out again, but thats not possible is it?"

PC Rumors


Glass-pictureframe.png Art

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits
* ERP (It will not happen)

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
* Small group RP
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