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My Discord Tag/Life Qualifications

Hello! I'm the player of Laetitia Darke (known as Elf and other elf derivatives in other media)! Nice to meet you! I'm new to Final Fantasy but not to the world of roleplaying; I come from the less infamous parts of World of Warcraft's infamous Moon-Guard server, and I am eager to try roleplaying in another franchise. If you ever want someone to fangirl over obscure fantasy lore or send/receive manuscripts of unpublished novels/fanfiction, you have come to the right place. I am also a creative writer, dungeon master (the non-kinky kind), historical trivia enthusiast, voice actor, game designer/modder, graphic designer/3D artist, burgeoning weeb, and obsessive creator of too many RP characters/lore.

As a roleplayer, I consider myself pretty open to whatever! However, if you're looking to make my day, I generally like dark, story-driven stuff, and I have a fascination with religion and gender when it comes to fantasy RP and an obsession with political intrigue and mystery, but I'm down for it all. Please bear in mind that I am new to the franchise and may make blunders in terms of lore; if I do, I apologize. Please feel free to correct me (gently), because I would like to learn from my mistakes. No need for me to repeat them. :)

ONE EXCEPTION TO MY ALL RP RULE: please do not solicit me OOCly for ERP. I will write sexual themes as appropriate for my characters, but ERP is not really my cup of tea. Please and thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this! If you'd like to chat, message me on Discord! I'm Elf#2448. Always pleased to talk shop!

Go in peace and walk in love. <3