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 Sillice Dyneren
Ffxiv 05092016 233744.jpg
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship None
Age Beginning twenties
Marital Status Single
Occupation Unknown
Height/Weight 5'4" / Slim
Orientation Heterosexual

Basic Info

"Sillice" comes from a troubled past. Taken at a young age and indoctrinated into the Garlean forces for most of her life. She was finally captured and -cured-, broken free from the Garlean indoctrination after a year of treatment by several healers working on her almost daily. It has left a huge crater in her life that she now has to fill back up again in her new life. Though life is far from easy for someone who fought under the Garlean banners.


Her blades


Rude people


Alignment: Fluctuating
Favorite Food: Dodo omlette's
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Color: Cyan

Appearance & Personality

She looks to be in her early twenties, perhaps even younger if one were to actually clearly see her face. She looks slim, not exactly muscular or super busty. A perfect body for agility and speed. She has snow white layered spiked hair brushed forwards and to the side. The tips are colored with a slightly light blue hue. She is rather short as well with dark Au Ra scales covering parts of her body.

Since most guards rather despise her for having fought for the Garlean Empire, she is not exactly welcome in most places. Having been attacked by several individuals and the guards simply turning their backs to the violence. She now always, and really, always.. keeps her face covered by some kind of visor to hide her identity. The only times her face will be visible is when she has to raise her visor in order to eat or drink.

There is an exception however. Ishgard. When she arrived there on her travels and noticed that Ishgard's history has kept itself separated from the other cities for a long time. She noticed that none of the guards in Ishgard knew who she was or what she had done. Now in Ishgard she has found work in the Skysteel manufactory, due to her knowledge of Magitek that she learned while she served the Garlean Empire. In Ishgard, she is more relaxed and free. Wearing anything she feels comfortable in and without hiding what she looks like.

She is very shy and quiet due to feeling out of place. clearly struggling with where she was raised and where she is living now. When asked questions, she either gives evasive answers or she gets very direct. This has made it quite hard for her to make any friends, specially because she still seems to cling to much of the Garlean lifestyle even though she was freed of their control.

However, Find her in Ishgard or its surrounding areas and you will find a more relaxed and easy going Sillice. Free to be herself and enjoy her life. As long as she remains far away from the hateful gaze of the other cities that is.


Sillice was taken into the Garlean forces at a very young age when one of their scouts discovered her remote village. She underwent the hard re-conditioning that most prisoners undergo when they are turned into Garlean soldiers.

During her training, The Empire noticed her useful skills with stealth and infiltration and they promoted her to the frumentarii forces. The Empire's eyes and ears. She did remarkably well and her indoctrination worked perfectly as she had no problems at all doing -anything- that got the job done. Finally, due to a cunning trap, Sillice was captured by the Gridanian forces and she was held prisoner for a year. Each day, healers and more worked on her to break her free from the 15 years of Garlean influence being drilled deep down into her very soul. It would seem that after a long year, it finally paid off and Sillice started to become her own self. Though still pained with memories from her time with the Empire. Not just pained but, also missing it at the same time! Now trying to find her footing in this new, strangely free world.

After string after string of unfortunate events and violent encounters with guards of the main cities, Sillice has found her way to Ishgard. A place where no one knew of her past. There, she found work in the Skysteel manufactory where she can now mix both of her lives. The old and the new. Free to be herself, a new fresh start while still enjoying the machinations of Magitek to work on in the manufactory.


  • Sillice is sometimes accompanied by a white Chocobo. Elegantly dressed yet when travelling she is always seen using her Magitek armor. She might even be seen talking to her Magitek armor instead of to her Chocobo.


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Isn't that the Garlean spy? the white haired one? They really let her walk around here freely? I heard she still works for them!" - Gridania gate guard
"I saw 'er going in and out of the Castrum Centri fort several times. I dun trust 'er!" - Horizon market stall vendor
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Guards of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa and all their surrounding regions
Semi good standing with Gridania guards as they worked on her recovery. Though some are still suspicious of her.



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