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About Me

Hi, I'm the player of Yui Moks, Everyones favorite Xaela! Self-Proclaimed anyway~ ♥ This quick page goes over the ins and outs about me and my RP along with the rules I follow when RPing.


  1. While you're free to walk up to me in-game, I would prefer a whisper so I know you're targetting me in RP.. That and if I'm not looking at my monitor, I may miss the post!
  2. I can only RP as good as my partner will allow me ot. If you're giving me one lines and barely any openings, then that's how I end up responding. I am a Post-To-Match/Para/Mirror RPer.
  3. If you aren't comfortable with how a scene is going or how the interaction between the characters is going, Please let me know! I have a firm belief in OOC communication and would much rather have a stable, healthy friendship with you OOC than a toxic one just to make the IC relationship better.
  4. We are both allowed to back out of RP, Retcon or what have you. IF we are uncomfortable with how the scene is, the characters interaction, etc.

Please note, I do have the right to not reply to RP if it makes me uncomfortable. OOC Communincation is a must. I want to be able to discuss issues and the like as well as plot our RP forward.

You ARE allowed to harm my OC's without my consent. However, I will not tolerate major wounds. You may clip or cut them, but if it endangers their everyday life. I will end the scene there. Please consult me OOC if you'd like to harm my OC's in some way. You ARE NOT allowed to do anything to my OC's that would require consent. I will not RP out Rape/Non-Con. Death is up for debate and requires planning and tons of OOC Communincation.

Relationship Rules I am open to my OC's having child-hood friends. Things such as family, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, etc. Must be discussed OOC and must progress IC. I will not start off a married character or suddenly add a brother or sister.

Bleeding Rules

If at some point I feel you are bleeding IC and OOC feelings, actions or information I've given you OOC. I will bring it up to you and most likely end the scene. I will not tolerate IC/OOC Bleeding.


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