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Welcome to Zorai's Template

Just a Note

If you have been using this template pre 04/06/2016 their have been a small change to the PC Rumour section change Table with below to have the section stretch across the page.

<table style="position:center;" width="100%">

The Template looks

See the Templte in action here with Zorai Naccal
Please note the current template on this page is Version 1.56, changes explained below

Template Code

Two versions of the Template now exist, Version 1.0 is the orignal. Version 1.56 contains _NoTOC_ and top banner/name edits
Why did you make 1.56 Zorai?
Well while i liked Version 1.0, the white space created by the content table really really bugged me, so i looked for a new way to fill it, this seemd like a really nice way to go about it, so i hope you enjoy <3

Version 1.56

Small edits have been made including the NOTOC and Name/Tagline, Offering both versions encase you'd prefere without. Show text

Version 1.0

Copy all of the text in the box below to a new page to create a page off this template. Show text

Free Company/Troupe Template

Did you come here for the Free company template? Show text

Need to see it ina action? The Black Diablos

Making Changes

Please feel free to make any changes you wish, the gentle colours were chosen for my own theme, please feel free to edit them if you do so wish, please if you will leave the "This Template was created and Edited by Zorai Naccal, Feel free to use it! :3 find the blank version at User:Zorai"

Making changes to the coulours, just encase you don't know your looking for Background:#, the one after that which is 000000 is the text colour
If you'd like to make any suggestions, please use the TALK section, i'm always open to sugestion or comments.