V'lyria Azriel

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V'lyria Azriel
Dravanian Wilds Witch; Ishgardian Ward

    Name V'lyria Azriel
    Gender and Sex Female ♀
    Race Miqo'te/Seeker
    Tribe Dragon (Dravania-based Tribe)
    Age Twenty-eight
    Nameday 18th Sun of 6th Umbral Moon
    Height & Weight 4 fulms 11 ilms, 115 ponz
    Orientation Heterosexual Biromantic
    Status Unattached
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Free Company The Midnight Pearl

Important Information

  • Dravanian-Born, Ishgardian-Raised
    The first nineteen years of her life were spent among her tribe until the rite of passage to fully establish herself along the path to becoming their high shaman led her to a life-changing discovery. This discovery had her fleeing from her homeland. She was found in Coerthas by an Ishgardian who later took her on as his ward, tempering the savage with knowledge of literature and etiquette.

  • The Tempest
    Dravania. It has been the birthplace of many a creature steeped in magick, not the least to mention are the later generations of the legendary Dragons. From a land so rich in age and aether it is understandable how a tribe of Miqo'te that call the land their home came to bear the very kit who eventually became the Tempest of the Midnight Pearl. V'lyria is a scion of elemental ferocity and raw magick, weaving aether as an artist paints: both fluidly and effortlessly. Constrained only by the ordinances of nature and her respect for the power upon which she draws, few are as well-versed in elemental conjuration and fewer still can put the potency behind casts that she manages; as with most magi, she does have a specialization which is Storm magick (specifically: Wind, Lightning, and Water).

  • A Glamorous Sorceress
    The art of destructive magick comes second nature to this Miqo'te who weaves aether as an artist paints, fluid and effortlessly - and while there are laws in place that govern the forces she wields she also largely ignores them, choosing instead to obey the call of nature as opposed to the ordinances of man. Few are as well-versed in elemental conjuration and fewer still can put the 'oomph' behind it that she manages. She has woven the ability to Glamour her form in closely with her casting, taking on various appearances to suit which element she is presently attuned to; it is no difficult feat to identify this diminutive glass cannon on a battlefield.

RP Hooks

  • Ishgard Citizen
    If you spent much time in Ishgard before or during the Dragonsong War, they likely know of V'lyria even if they have never met her. She was a popular topic of gossip on noble tongues, and a favorite feature of conversation between children with whom she spent much time. Her guardian and his household were looked upon with skepticism for a while after he brought her to the city, but in the years that followed, she was able to turn the hearts of much of the population by virtue of her deeds and winningly social personality.

  • Aether-Sensitive
    There are some individuals in this world who go through life positively drooling aether, and they never know. Contrarily, there are others who revel in the magick of the world - and they can sense the power in others, have a niggling something pricking at the back of their mind when they look upon certain people or things. If an individual were ever in need of someone to bring along who has a natural ability to sense aether, this is your girl.

  • Apothecary, Producer of "Dracaena" Label
    Being raised in a remote tribe of individuals who strongly believe in certain traditions will do some strange and interesting things to a child. V'lyria performs some ritualistic practices that could be considered questionable, but on the whole, her moments of savage lunacy are useful: she is highly skilled in herbalism and naturopathic remedies for things magick alone has difficulty with (or is incapable of) healing. Essential oils, healing tonics and poultices, and even potions and elixirs count themselves among her more beneficial creations. Her marketed label of these items, "Dracaena," has increased in popularity in the Mists over the last two years.


It wasn't just the sinewy tail and furred ears, nor any of her feline features which marked her as exotic. It was her presence, an uneasy air of calm elegance cocooned in an aspect of tenebrous wisdom. There did not yet exist words to describe her manner, that subtle undertone of predatory poise lying beneath the order of a regal bearing roughened by the raw wilds of her raising. The very air around her thrummed with silent waves of magickal energy. No, nothing of this world was similar, save for those points where the aether of Hydaelyn converged most strongly; even then, it was only in the flavor of magick in the air that similarities were found.

The goddess from whose canvas the sky was formed also poured its muse into this creature. Hers was a striking palette borrowed from late evening: skin with the hue of smooth bronze was faintly spotted at its edges, framed by an ebon mantle of silken hair that hugged her frame in an elegant fan, the dark night sky embracing dusk-warmed earth. Fur of an abyssal black counted itself glossy in appearance, freckled with open rings in a way similar to that of a coeurl, the endless darkness of the sky. Twin comets brought brilliant splashes of frigid contrast to the image, embodied in irises of a piercing and glacial blue, slivers of pale, icy stars against the abyss. Within, the slits of pupils seized that which she studied in a quiet and unblinking stare of cold fire - harrowing and unnatural.

Fit of mind and body, the witch's body was contoured by a shapely hourglass figure supporting a frame of lithe muscle, at once feminine and formidable. Her height was diminutive, but the woman's form was no less memorable, for it made up for what it lacked in uniqueness: it was the belief of her birth tribe that generations of ritualistic consumption of Dragon blood altered them to resemble the Great Ones in feature. Their fangs were sharper and larger than that of even Keepers; their eyes were more reptilian than feline; they had even inherited the Dragons' way of hearing the world, the songs of gems and the murmurs of elements playing silent arias to the children of the Dragon clan. Whether or not there is any fact to the belief, these traits do indeed exist in the Seekers, by evolution or otherwise - and V'lyria is no exception.

Notable Markings: There is a tattoo of a stylized Dragon at the base of her neck, often hidden by high-backed collars and her own hair.

Vocal Quality: A smoky timbre softens her voice, which has a smooth Ishgardian accent with thick, throaty Rs and broad intonation that adds an exotic spice to her words. The eloquent and often overstated manner in which she speaks suggests a sophisticated tutor in the common tongue. ( Voice Claim: Monica Bellucci )


A dignified Dravanian elementalist of unaccountably tenebrous aspect whose erudite elegance is at once charming and deterring. Consider a gemstone torn from the earth that is tumbled and polished, yet uncut, and you have the savage wilds witch who was (in late youth) taught how to exist in polite society.

At her best, this conduit of untempered aether is at once intellectual and engaging, delightful in both conversation and when invited to social events, as she adds quite the exotic flair of personality to any soiree.

In contrast, her worst is rife with naivete, shades of immodesty, and mulish pride: the Miqo'te is a very powerful mage, ever aware of how hard she has worked to achieve the mastery of her innate power. Still, she is by no means arrogant, showing gratitude where due when her skills are recognized and granting every adversary a fair assessment before leaping headlong into battle.

Brave; Patient; Ambitious; Honorable; Vindictive; Naive
Tribal Mythos: Dragons (Miqo'te Clan of Dravania)

Dravania: rolling hills and silver streams of the Hinterlands; the lush forest and rich soil of the Forelands; a sky oft full of wing and scale, alive with power from clay to cloud. Among the ancient Dragons and timeless earth, another old race flourished: a tribe of feline humanoids so named after Dravania's chief inhabitants, the Dragons, made their home in the Forelands. The greater creatures above were intrigued by this little clan of savage netherlings who were so mundane, yet so determined to survive. The Dragons embraced the felines, teaching them the archaic ways of magick and ritual, how to listen to the world, how to commune with fire and dance with water, the proper way to calm the earth and sing with the wind; how to drink the blood of Dragons and gain a mote of their strength in dire times. Blessed with the Dragons' knowledge, this tribe ascended with strong minds and bodies to become one of the great powers of old earth-bound Dravania.

Among the first of the clan's chieftains was an exceptional Queen to whom was granted great power over the land. The Dragons granted her their boon, blessing her with immense magickal power and the ability to speak plainly with the elements as a trusted companion. To her, they bequeathed even their gift of flight, granting unto her a companion of one of their own. Their bond was greater than that of any pair, signified by an identifying mark at the base of each one's neck in a symbol of oneness.
The Queen's reign was prosperous. Under her rule, the very land itself gave up its bounty with joy, harvests greater, water cleaner, as though the world celebrated her ascension as fully as did her people. Even war with neighboring tribes ceased and faded into mere skirmishes between blood-hot Nunhs. She was powerful enough to quell the passions of those who rose up against her, and gentle enough to soothe the ire of beastmen and mortal humanoid alike. Beloved by the tribe, her name was etched in the stones of history as the Great Queen of Dragons who wielded the power of the Great Ones as one of their own.
At the time of her death, the tribe gathered together at the village's center to witness the return of her body to flame, and the ashes to earth. The oracles surrounded her pyre and spoke in one voice, pulling from the stars and aether their prophecy: that one day, the Queen would return to lead them from the darkness they would succumb to, wielding the power of the heavens' guardians as naturally as one might a sword. The trees and vines would groan in arboreal glee at her birth; the rain would fall as the heavens wept with joy; the wind would swirl with delight at the return of its kin; flora and fauna alike would celebrate her coming to the world. Thus would the Dragon tribe know their Queen had returned to them.
The flames that consumed the chieftain died down amidst roars and whoops of joy, grief turned to hope in remembrance of the dead - and indeed, in anticipation of her future return.

Such were the legends of the Dragon tribe's beginnings and their lost Queen. Whether there was any truth to it or not was lost to the millennia, with no written record save for the ancient arrangements of stone and carvings in the tribe's home cavern which alluded to some few details of the tribe's history. Indeed, so removed from the myths were the tribe that they operated on tradition rather than faith, partaking in their rituals simply because their predecessors taught them to, living life as carefree and calm as if they were naught but trees bending to the breeze; only the oracles held fast to the spark of hope, wizened queens with minds expanded to openness regarding aetherical whimsy. And only the oracles raised their spirits in anything other than absolute apathy when a girl-kit was born bearing a curious mark at the base of her skull in the shape of a dragon curved double, the night unseasonably stormy and the animals of the forest unnaturally loud..

Music Gallery

"Requiem for the Lost Cities" - World of Warcraft
An ambient piece that fits V'lyria's character. Considered 'her' theme, the haunting melodies and powerful orchestration combine in a dramatic mix of emotion, eerie but beautiful.
"The Cloud" - Bill Douglas
A general theme that fits V'lyria's magick.
"I am the daughter of earth and water, and the nursling of the sky.
I pass through the pores of the oceans and shores, I change but cannot die."
V'lyria: Emotion Themes
A list containing links to songs that express emotion for V'lyria's general, sad, fight, love, happy and death themes.
Music for Magic Inspiration
"The Ceremony" - Dark Cloud OST
"Gallery of Time" - Dark Cloud OST
Tribe Audio: Dragons' Music Night
The Dragon tribe might have been best known for its magick, but it should have been better marked for its music.
Tribe Audio: Funerary Lament
None are seen away to the Lifestream without a proper salute.
Real Talk (OOC Notes, RP Boundaries)

Let's pull the curtain back for a moment for real-talk. The person behind this character is an easygoing and chill sort of individual who is very open to numerous sorts of RP within the boundaries of their comfort level. These limitations can be further explored in this section. If you are ever unsure about something, please - feel free to ask! Communication is my most important requirement for RP. With that said, if there is ever something my character has done or said which makes you uncomfortable, please also let me know that. We are all in this together as writers; let's work together to make this experience amazing for everyone involved!

Personal Notes

  • 18+ Only (Content and Personality Warning!)
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Player Consent Required
  • Permanent Injury
  • Long-Term Capture
  • Abuse (Physical, Mental, Emotional)

    Hard Pass
  • Character Death

    Notes Regarding the Mun

    Schedule and Time Zone
    A Monday-Friday work week makes things very regular in my planner, but also very inflexible. I am in North America's Central time zone and have evening availability after 8:00pm CST/6:00pm PST. Weekend days of Saturday and Sunday are subject to all-day availability.

    RP Platforms
    In-game and Discord are both my main hubs for RP, so I am open to both options! Feel free to give me a poke on Discord at Lyria#8146.

    Mature Player (21+)
    I do explore the less PG side of the roleplay spectrum (Mature / Dark / ERP) within reason so long as those themes are communicated upon beforehand, and most often I prefer that these themes coincide with relevant story lines. I will not engage in erotic roleplay with anyone under the age of 18.

    Relationship Status
    I am permanently partnered in real life and am not interested in pursuing a relationship outside of in-character development. Their consent has been given to include mature and/or sexual themes in my writing.