Valen Drakengard

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 Valen Drakengard
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Smithy/Training dummy to the guards of Edgehail Kingdom
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Edgehail Kingdom
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Basic Info

Full Name: Valen Drakengard
Nicknames: Val (to his sister only) Baby Dragon (to the guards of Edgehail) Boy (to his father)
Titles: Smithy/Training dummy of Edgehail
Race/Clan: Hyur/Midlander
Gender: Male Nameday: 21st Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Guardian Sign: Halone, The Fury
Age: 25
Hair: Medium-Long Length, the back is longer then the front, travelled yet a failed attempt to keep it styled. Colour is a dark blue shaded with lighter blues.
Skin: Light, his face scarred
Eyes: Blue


Pick yourself up, boy. Come on, you're better then this. Valen's father stands over him, with folded arms and a scowling brow. Ive trained you to be the strongest, now get up!

Born into a Royal family, in such that Valen's aunt is the Queen of Edgehail. He never played into it, the whole could-be-prince thing. Instead he took up the hammers of smithing as soon as he could raise his own arms. There is something in the forge that is like Valen, waiting to awaken. Its why he felt best when smithing his latest creation, be it some armor or a blade.

He also is quite learned, having access to the castle library was always a pleasure. A good book would fly away the hours.

His father was the Captain of the guard, as such, the guards would always make Valen fix their gear, then test it out on him. He wasn't well liked among his peers and was used like a training dummy. they called him Baby Dragon, making fun of his namesake. His father then took to training him with a blade when he saw his son's natural defensive reactions with one. Yet he could never quite grasp the mechanics fully of being on the attack. He would be called soft many a time for this. Valen's father, Sirion, would continuously call him boy, somewhat disgraced by his son's lack of ferocity. However and only once did he praise Valen - He blocked his father's favourite and strongest move on the first try, clearly showing that Valen would always be a stronger defender then attacker.

He has seen many a death which soon wisened him to the ways of the world. And death on a scale such as were armies not a sight to behold, but one that changes many a soul. For one battle in particular, he invented a launcher of sorts, which threw magick-ed weaponry, be it an enchanted axe or hammer. Upon impact with the ground or enemy it would create shockwaves, making them lose their footing.

Now, magic is in the Drakengard blood but not something Valen ever took too. His brother however, became the High court Mage and his Sister a healer, but if in danger she would use battle magics.

Only once has magic escaped Valen's fingertips...

This was when he had met a commoner girl, though he did not see her like that. She thought him a prince at first, but wouldn't accept that and asked her to treat him like any other. He may not have had many, if any friends, but this girl was different.

They met whilst her family were making a request of the King and Queen. She feel in the mud and he cleaned her face with his smithy apron, which left black marks. They both laughed and started talking.

Before long they fell for each other, but fate is cruel as for one night some of the corrupt guardsmen attacked Valen and the girl, clearly under the influence of some heavy alcohol. One took a blade to the girl's throat, slitting it with one slice. Valen exploded, his eyes and hair lit up, but he blacked out. He awoke in the castle dungeon but was freed by his father. He was told that a witness saw a glowing red monster incinerated the guards, but no proof could be found, just the girl's lifeless corpse. The boy once innocent was no more.

After this Valen fell silent, he took to his hammer and crafted some of his finer works, that of steel and mithril. A sword he named Luna Blossom, after the girl, it was her name. This is the blade he uses and is never without it. It is, to this day, one of the strongest and sharpest blades he has forged.

Sopheria tried to cheer him up on many occasions, this is what sparked the start of their closer bond they now share as brother and sister. Farron's jealousy also started around this point, seeing as Valen got attention from all family members, King and Queen included. Sirion and Farron pretty much joined forces, in a sense that they didn't like Valen's direction nor the attention he was getting.

A year passed from this event and darkness once again grew horns. One night the lower quarter of Edgehail was set aflame, nightmares became real and the undead rose. Valen's mother was lost, killed by the necromancer that started it all. Farron gave chase, taking off into the night.

This night was the eventual downfall of the Drakengard family. Sirion lost his senses over the death of his wife, his anger grew to uncontrollable levels, he even struck out on his guardsmen, like he was possessed.

Farron returned changed, he started another attack, recreating the night of his mother's murder, but this time as the necromancer. He had been lost to the darker magicks. He even took his father and convinced him to join his cause. And so they both fled the capital, leaving just Valen and Sopheria to clean up the mess.

Though, before they could start, they were banished, too much damage had been caused and they were seen as a threat. Too much to keep around, they were chased out.

They travelled over the next years, doing what they could to survive. Taking odd jobs, seeing more and more of the worlds ability to destroy hearts and minds. They grew closer and pushed the world away. They saw many a battle in many forms. Farron made an appearance and captured Sopheria. His mind further gone, but his magicks stronger still.

With nothing left to lose, Valen started his search for his this very day the search goes on. The latest clue, Sopheria's bracelet, leads him to the city of Limsa Lominsa...


Valen is very quiet, but will speak when needs must. Polite up front but will sigh away from those he feels are being idiotic. Strong minded, smart and focused on his mission. Will follow any clue to its end. Anything bad said about Luna or Sopheria will anger him. He will not show anger otherwise.

Family and other Affiliations

Mother - Deceased
Father - Sirion Drakengard
Brother - Farron Drakengard
Sister - Sopheria Drakengard
Aunt - Claria Drakengard (Queen of Edgehail and sister to Sirion)

Lost Love - Luna Blossom (named his sword after her)


The enmity gathered by the living races envoke the planet's wrath. - Overheard by Valen whilst following a previous clue. A cult leader shouted this to his followers. The cult had the same symbol as Farron's necromancer clothing.