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Ul'dah-transparent.png Valerie Voss
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The Vermillion Vixen
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Place of Birth Ala Mhigo
Guardian Nald'thal the Traders
Nameday 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
(Age: 33)
Occupation Adventurer, Alchemist, Aesthetician
Pronunciation "VAL-ə-ree VOSS"
A mistress of the red, this arrogant duelist hunts wielders of forbidden magicks.

Born to a wealthy Ala Mhigan family, Valerie Voss lost her parents to the King of Ruin's bloody purges of the nobility. She was spared this fate by her grandfather, an Archon of Sharlayan and member of the Crimson Duelists, though it cost him his right hand and future as a red mage in the process. After Garlemald took Ala Mhigo, Valerie escaped the country with her grandfather and traveled across Abalathia's Spine to the colony of Sharlayan. There, she attended the Studium but was involved in a scandal that led to her expulsion not long before her graduation. This, in turn, led to a falling out with her grandsire, whose abusive teaching style resulted in her cutting ties to him altogether. She made a new name for herself in Ul'dah, not only as a mercenary and adventurer specializing in hunting cultists, ashkin, and voidsent, but also as a student of its signature trades: weaving, goldsmithing, and alchemy. Her varied skills and interests, as well as several successful publications on subjects ranging from magic to history to fashion, have helped her carve a place within the elite merchant class of Ul'dah.

Basic Info

Date of Birth: 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon, Year 1544, Sixth Astral Era
Height: Tall (74 ilms)
Weight: Average (175 ponzes)
Build: Muscular.
Complexion: Fair.
Hair: Short, straight, blonde.
Eyes: Light blue (right eye is lighter in color.)
Particular Traits: Beauty mark on left cheek. Scar on right eye.
Voice: Haughty, confident, contralto.
Clothing Style: Stylish coats and dresses with long boots, or form-fitting tops with loose-fitting pants.
Laterality: Ambidextrous




Shire Philosopher:

A red coat made of griffin leather, adorned with rose gold and hardsilver, and affixed with titanium rivets. Valerie's attire is noticeably Sharlayan in make, as it was created for her in the city of scholars. A pair of black, leather gloves and boots, as well as leather pants, keep her warm in colder climates. The outfit is fashionable yet durable, and does little to interfere with her red magic. On the contrary, the astral silk undershirt helps maintain the flow of living aether throughout her body. The outfit has been treated with a high-level alchemical intelligence dissolvent, removing elements detrimental to her spellcraft from the attire and allowing her to better attune to the remaining beneficial elements.

High House Attire:

This ornate attire is a design popular in Radz-at-Han. Crafted from wind silk and rare chimerical felt, this crimson bustle is threaded with crawler silk and decorated with hardsilver adornments. The breeches worn beneath are of the same make, although the metal fastenings lining either side are made of rose gold. The boots, belt, and fashionable cloche are made of dinosaur leather with two chocobo feathers and two wildfoul feathers attached to the hat. While more commonly used as formalwear, Valerie is perfectly capable of combat whilst wearing this billowing noblewoman's attire. Two heart-shaped earrings, forged from gold and set with rubies, are typically worn with this outfit, though her hair often hides them from sight.

Best Man's Suit:

A sharply-cut, masculine suit, both the jacket and comfortable slacks are made of vanya silk and woolen cloth. A white, silken shirt with matching white tie is worn under the jacket, a small white handkerchief in the outer coat pocket to the left of its shawl lapel. A pair of jet black Gyuki leather boots and matching black gloves complete the set. Valerie is sometimes seen wearing a black cloth eyepatch over her left eye when wearing this suit, a fashionable accessory inspired by those of Mhachi black mages that provides protection from Voidsent gazes.

Duelist's Attire and Murgleis:

For their willingness to fling themselves into battle and stand toe-to-toe with danger, red mages were often referred to as "duelists." The description became so commonplace that it was eventually appended to the name of their traditional vermillion attire. The lavish feathered ornamentation on the chapeau was fashioned after a style historically popular amongst the Elezen. The tabard features a cape that not only provides warmth but ample space for weaving arcane geometries, allowing Valerie to take advantage of their boons without committing to a cumbersome full robe. The breeches are augmented with protective leather on the sides of the thighs and are belted snugly to the leg to prevent their becoming a hindrance in frantic combat. Valerie received her set from her late grandfather, but refused to wear it until recently due to her tumultuous relationship with him. She usually keeps it tucked away in a special wardrobe. More recently, she has acquired her grandsire's Murgleis, a masterpiece rapier styled after the favored weapon of Count Ganelon.


Showing off her skills.
The admiration of others.
Savory, sweet, or spicy foods.
Hot springs and spas.
Wearing soft, high-quality cloths.
Watching and participating in chocobo races.
Writing historical fiction novels about the War of the Magi.
Being disrespected.
Being emotionally open and vulnerable.
Supporting others emotionally.
Not being rewarded for her services.
Dry, sour, or bitter foods.
Food: Baklava
Drink: Lea Monde Valens
Color: Crimson Red
Place: The Gold Court
Festival: Valentione's Day
Alignment: True Neutral
Vices: Drinking, smoking, whoring.
Religion: The Twelve
Goal: To leave a memorable legacy behind.


Arrogant and boastful.
Vain and selfish.
Stubborn and overbearing.
Primals, particularly Ifrit.
Growing old and weak.
Becoming like her grandfather.
Knowledgeable on various types of wines and skilled at wine tasting.
Trained in formal styles of ballroom dance including waltz and tango.
Classically trained in the dramatic arts, knowledgeable about plays and operas.
Valerie has an extensive formal education in a variety of fields including arcane studies, history, alchemy, and aetherology.
Valerie tends to append a diminutive to people she meets, such as "poppet," "dear," or "sweetie."

Abilities and Skills

Near-perfect manipulation of living aether.
Large reserves of usable mana.
Highly agile and physically fit.
Good cardiovascular health.
Excellent grooming.
Dueling Arms
Red Magic
Culinary Arts


Taking the Red

The Studium

Void Ark Artwork.jpg

Lord of the Inferno

The Seventh Umbral Era

A Storm of Blood



Vyncent Voss (Grandfather, Deceased)

Valder Voss (Father, Deceased)

Adelina Voss (Mother, Deceased)

Friends and Acquaintances



Corpse Brigade

Lambs of Dalamud


Adventurers' Guild

Other Information

Name Etymology

Valerie: From "Valerius" meaning "strong," "brave," or "valiant."

Voss: From a word meaning "fox."

Titles and Nicknames

The Vermillion Vixen

The Vainglorious


Mistress Voss

Current Residence

Attuned Aetherytes

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