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OOC Disclaimer: All information is IC. Therefore the truth of any statements about this character is up for anyone to discover IC. Refer to OOC notes below and enjoy!!

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— Valic Sunblood —

"Knowledge is power and disciplines are many."

Birth name Valic Sunblood
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Gender Male
Age 28
Nameday Third Astral Moon, Sixth Sun
Deity Azeyma
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Magic Philosopher


Valic tends to be the tallest of most miqo'te overall, his figure toned from his exercise in the military and through combat. He often is dawning red colors in tribute to his service to the Maelstrom as well as having fierce crimson eyes signature to his abilities in dealing with the red magic discipline. His hair is naturally a midnight blue color, often with a braid to tie back his hair and a single curl in front. Throughout his childhood it was naturally fluffy and long but when he retired from the maelstrom, he set out a more mature look.

Overall Valic is seen as a sexy, intrigued scholar of sorts. Wearing glasses when he has been days deep into study, only tucking them away when truly needed to keep them safe. The only flaw in his lightly tan toned skin is a mark over his glabella, gained from a sword sparring match with his rapier. His temples resemble that of regular miqo'te markings but developed later in his life rather than being there from birth.


Valic's years of study have left him with significant magical prowess. He has abilities in all conjury, thaumaturgy, and has reached the level to potentially use white and black magic. While in the maelstrom he developed sword skills with a rapier, refining his own composure and technique. With this combination, he has a wide range of magical abilities and is swift on the battlefield with a sword in hand. His knowledge of arcane arts is limited but he does have some minor practice as well as research from fellow arcane users. With so much practice in aether manipulation, he has minor Echo abilities that have helped him in combat, such as foreseeing threats a second in advance solely activated on the will of instinct and self preservation. With the many years of training in both sword skill and aether manipulation has also allowed him to achieve the use of red magic naturally.

Always inquisitive to the nature of aether and magic, Valic is consistently what you could call "a book worm". Never passing the chance to learn about a way aether can be manipulated, used against voidsent, or how it can benefit all of Eorzean kind. Overall is of a mature nature, kind to all but ambitious even in the face of death. Valic is often oblivious to flirtation and advances made toward him despite his defined sexy scholar appearance, often taking more interest in knowledge and learning even in clear sight. While he is blind to whimsical attraction, he is not unaware of the idea of love considering his parents history. Easily excited in learning something new but finds abuse of aether and nature distasteful. Valic is stoic to a degree but loves nature and everything relative to Hydaelyn's natural creation of the planet. Often times he can be found in random areas jotting down notes on his own private journal. Unlike miqo'te of tribal descent, Valic is more reserved and quiet to himself unless you hit a subject he finds of great interest. If threatened, he can think on the spot with quick wit and can be sly when required. He is still very polite and kind to all, especially those in need or who have been wronged. Very rarely will he get involved in a fight, get angry, or intimidated, but will present an ambitious stand when passionate to stay by his moral ethics.


All magical disciplines
Healthy foods, mostly fruit and brain food
Literature and knowledge
Aether manipulation in any form
Culture and history


Destruction and chaos
Taking advantage of Hydaelyn
Discussing his parents


Job/Class: Red Mage
Weakness: Over-Ambition
Favorite Color: Guess
Special Quirk: Can get chatty when intrigued


Valic's birth was the result of a love not bound by tribal law. His mother a Seeker of the Sun conjurer of the Twin Adder grand company, his father a Keeper of the Moon thaumaturge of the Immortal Flames grand company. Their love for one another was met on multiple battlefields, forbidden as it was by tribal law, they had still went together in secret any opportunity they could to spend time with one another. Eventually they bore a child that would not only be proof of their forbidden act together, but would also be of the worst possible timing. Both had been off duty for the longest of times, only mere days after Valic's birth, they were both called to duty once more. Unsure of what to do, they left Valic in the hands conjurer's guild owner in Gridania to attend their responsibilities. They had yet to come up with a name for one born of both seeker and keeper, so they left only a title that would make Valic's life simpler to the conjurer's guild... "Sunblood". To be proven as heritage of just one tribe like a normal miqo'te, and not to be killed.

His parents were both called to the same task, of destroying the elder primal known as Odin found in the Black Shroud. A task that was no easy trial to overcome, they had fought anyways unaware of Odin's true potential. Odin raised his mighty blade to Valic's mother, only to be instantly interrupted and destroyed by an enormous flare attack produced by Valic's father. An ability forbidden for it's black magic nature, it incinerated his body in return for obliterating Odin and saving his lover. This in turn came at a price, Odin's power in a last ditch effort to save itself had tempered the father's soul. Taking it as a new body to posses as a new champion for Odin's grasp. The mother recognized the acts and knew this would never end but with one attempt to free the father's soul. No average healing magic has ever shown to purify a tempered body, she instead gave up her life force entirely to severe the ties of Odin's possession, killing herself in the act but freeing the father of his bound soul. These acts, though foolish, had reduced Odin to just the sword it was until the day another fool attempted to pick it back up. Leaving the two lovers free to the lifestream together and Valic to be raised without his actual parents.


Eventually as little Sunblood had grown old enough to be told of his parents valor and courage in battle. The secret of the parents kept to the conjurer's guild owner to keep him safe. Sunblood chose his own name to carry on; "Valic Sunblood", to honor the valor they showed to protect each other using forbidden magic despite all odds and keep his true bloodline a secret. Valic had an interest in magic ever since, but never claimed it to be due to his parents. Just a natural interest in the manipulation of aether, from watching adventurers come to the guild to learn how to heal and protect others. At age 10 he had begun attending the guild, practicing conjury and studying it however he could through literature. By age 12 he had fully developed his skills and wanted to learn more despite this, eventually learning of the Padjali and the elementals power of "white magic". This discipline interested Valic so, but was with warning. Afterall how could a child told of his parent's deeds forget that a magic this powerful is forbidden for a reason. Despite this, Valic still had talked to as many as he could and read anything he could within the entire Gridanian nation to better understand the discipline known as white magic. By age 15, Valic accepted the rules and bindings of this forbidden art, aware that he would not be deemed worthy to attain it. He had only practiced his conjury to the farthest potential he could, eventually wondering of the other half of the magic disciplines.

Thinking of his father's deeds, Valic had gotten interest in learning of thaumaturgy and it's more forbidden disciplines. This lead to Valic setting off on a journey to Ul'dah, leaving behind his home and seeking out the thaumaturge guild. Once arrived, he spent years in training to learn of thaumaturgy and practice it. Of age 18, he questioned it's full potential as he did conjury, learning of the forbidden disciplines of "black magic". However unlike the other, this discipline was far more deadly and unforgiving, only leading Valic to studying it to better his control over his newly found thaumaturge abilities. Reading upon literature in the vast tomes of the guild, he had fully read the history of the Sixth Umbral Era war. The knowledge gained from the resulting catastrophes of the two disciplines, of "white and black" resulted in Valic's acceptance of his inability to use either. Not only for the harmful effects caused to Hydaelyn, but even that it is considered illegal of the lands to practice due to the detrimental effects to one's self... or even others. Despite accepting these circumstances, Valic continued to study as though there could be ways to use these for the benefit of Eorzean kind. Of age 20, Valic had been noticing the devastating effects of the Seventh Umbral Calamity tearing across the land as it approached it's end. Wanting to follow ins his parents footsteps and contribute his magical prowess to the greater good, he set out for the illustrious Maelstrom. This felt like a good middle ground for Valic, an area without a magic discipline influence on the land or law such as those of the white magic discipline in all of the Gridanian's nation or the black magic discipline of all Ul'dahn's nation. It was also the one nation his parents had not served in, though Valic joined more-so test his potential of both his learned practices without a bias of the nation's aetherial influence.

Valic enlisted to the Maelstrom at age 20 in hopes to help in the efforts of the calamity at hand. His training was presented through multiple forms of aetheric manipulation as well as physical combat. Valic was more keen to his abilities of aether but had taken up a specifically interesting looking sword offered to him while in training. It was commonly known as a rapier, a sword wielded with composure and technique. Valic's curiosity formed as he picked one up and had trained with it as well as learning to balance the use of his magical expertise with it. Of age 23 he had already been participating in basic duties such as patrols, stopping beast tribe conflict, and upholding standard Eorzean laws. Granted the rank of officer with his loyalty in check, his skills with a sword proven remarkable, and his love for Hydaelyn's protection a first priority. When not in duty, Valic had been given a journal to write down his thoughts into. To this day he carries around this journal, writing down theories of magical use, practices, thoughts, key events to remember, and anything he feels he would like to keep to himself without sharing to anyone. Valic developed a more stoic and cold attitude throughout his service in the military, while still somehow being kind to his fellow man. The Maelstrom had given to him a chocobo of interesting coloration, red with white plumes. It was meant as a utility in duty, fast and able to fly. It ended up growing a liking to him, Valic naming it after it's firey looking feathers and heated ambition when riding into battle... "Embersome". It wasn't soon after the teenage chocobo would have a companion, as Valic was assigned a duty to investigate Coerthas Central Highlands, finding a small chocobo trapped inside an icy cavern chirping for help. Valic had rescued the chick, noticing it's feathers looked frozen... Blue even! He took it with him to the maelstrom barracks with Embersome acting as an older brother to it. The small female chick was still shivering, Valic being kind and more openhearted realizing it's pain. Offered it some hot cocoa he had obtained within the barracks from the culinary guild. The bird was disobedient to Valic and cold but still accepting to his help. He ended up naming this one "Chococoa" thinking she needed to warm up to him. The older brother while strong and able to fly helped raise her, as Chococoa was more adept to fighting and even picking up some minor healing skills from Valic when allowed to be brought out to duty. They proved to be comforting allies and in Valic's eyes, beautiful creations born of Hydaelyn's magnificent power.

Of age 26, the war already concluded, Valic was unable to invest his help where he truly wanted as he dreamed of when first enlisted. He did not end up empty handed however, seeing that he had honed his magical skills and sword skills to the best of his abilities, as well as gain two feathered friends... He retired his sword to the Maelstrom for now, the commanding officers and Admiral herself giving him an elite coat to be remembered. As well as a salute welcoming him back to the military whenever possible. Valic had felt a desire he was uncertain of, a desire to learn more and break the limits of his potential despite all he had learned. He had taken his chocobos with him and stabled them nearby anywhere he traveled. Taking a couple years to himself to further his knowledge once more, and even develop theories of his own with his new founded techniques. Writing in his journal nearly every day, rereading, and exploring every open end to tapping into the natural essence of aether to better himself. Over time, he had met travelers speak of a discipline known as "red magic", an art of using one's own mana and rapier to accelerate and empower one's spells without consuming ambient aether. Learning of this, Valic furthered his studies and trained in his free time to understand this art down to the last detail. Little did he know he was already so inherently using the concept of red magic in the most basic form in his military service. With his natural abilities, he had acquired a favorable taste in using this discipline over all others, as it proved viable and powerful while still keeping the planet and it's creations from harms way.

Heavensward - End 3.57

Valic is now of age 28, retired still from the maelstrom, seeking to become a master of his abilities. He had obtained an income while enlisted and received a small retirement fund from the military service that he still uses day in and out living. To rest at inns, explore the lands while keeping track of his discoveries in his journal. His nature still quiet and to himself, he is more ambitious to better himself now than he had ever been before. Often spending time in the thaumaturge guild for old times sake and reading or occasionally strolling through the shroud helping passing adventurers. Valic has met a few adventurers who have enlightened him to the art of arcanima. While he does partake in studying it, he feels as though he is unable to put his techniques towards it due to his natural talent to imbue aether with an element to amplify it's use than to leave it unattributed or unaspected. Valic considers himself to be be a philosopher, taking in all the knowledge he can and then deducing theories of their use or possibilities that can be produced. So naturally he will try to attain the best out of his disciplines whenever possible. You can find Valic often traveling Eorzea, reading, writing, and even doing his own tests out in the field of combat of his own will and devotion to Eorzea.

Stormblood - Dawning the Red 4.0

Valic had decided it was time to put his skills to a true test, no longer to stand idle in his studies. Gaining the knowledge that there would be retribution and liberation of the lands in Gyr Abania, he had taken his sword up to arms again. This time without the maelstrom to tie his hands on how or where he could help, he purchased a well crafted rapier and crystal medium from the lands of Ishgard, fluctuating with aether and power throughout the blade. Then picking up an outfit suitable for battle to lead into the battlefield. The resistance became fully aware of his allegiance and cause to take action as Valic swept across all of Gyr Abania, aiding wherever possible. No longer was he bound by ruling or responsibility to serve specifics, he could at last aid where his potential sought to be his true purpose. Valic now scours the battlefields, testing his limits and pushing his knowledge further in each battle to come. You can find Valic traveling all across the lands, aiding wherever possible in the war effort to deprive Garlemald of their forces in Eorzea. Even sailing across the seas to the distant east as he heard there was resistance being formed in the lands of Doma. Despite dawning this new outfit for war, he still wears his signature glasses and adores reading his journal entries as well as writing new ones as he travels.


(easy to overhear)
"I wish he'd notice me..."
"Does he ever stop reading?"
"The hell do these ladies see in him... bet it's the ears."
"He does this thing with grapes..."


(moderately difficult to overhear)
"He was born in Gridania, why doesn't he ever go near the Shroud then?"
"I took a peek at his journal while he was writing, without being noticed...I couldn't read a blasted thing! The pages are FLOODED with writing and scribbles!"


(very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I could've sworn I heard a huge explosion, in North Thanalan, all I found was scorched land and a ton of empty elixir bottles..."
"He almost looks like he could be part Keeper of the Moon."


(rumors from the characters of other players)
"Yer tellin' me that...that magic can cure hangovers? Shite. Knew I loved magic fer a good reason." - Thosinwilf Sylboeya
"His study is SUCH a mess, but there are so many interesting tomes too! I don't know whether I ought to clean it or read everything!" - Maqali Qulaan
Feel free to add!


Maqali Qulaan - A young Xaela Au Ra that has taken position as Valic's official retainer. Interested in magic as well as being skilled in fishing, alchemy, culinary, astromancy, and disassembly; Maqali has taken this position both as a simple job and a means to learn more about aether manipulation from an experienced scholar of the magical disciplines such as Valic. She has strong determination to learn and has so far proven to be diligent in her position to do her best as a retainer.


- None of the IC information in this article is to be used for RP interactions unless given permission to do so myself, not from just reading this article. Otherwise everything is strictly known/obtained through RP. Rumors being the possible only exception to this within reason, use good judgement.

- I'm open to all walk-ups, all forms of RP, M and ERP within reason so long as story relevant so long as I have my RP status tag on.

- While Valic himself is proficient in conjury, thaumaturgy, and etc, he is often only IC as a Red Mage.


- Originally Siren

- Currently Balmung

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