Veetyrna Wyrd

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 Veetyrna Wyrd

Vee wyrd1.jpg

Biographical Information
Birth Name Ynja Nyyr-ijla
Nickname(s) Vee
Guardian Agnostic
Birthplace Dei-ijla, Golmore Jungle, Dalmasca
Born 1535
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Physical Attributes
Hair Snow white
Eyes Scarlet
Height 5'10"
Weight 150 ponze
Career Information
Occupation Courtesan, former idol
Rank Adept
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Balmung
Profession Pugilist
Job Astrologian


Just being able to get by in the city of Valnain was enough for Vee. They were long since separated from their family in Nyyr-ijla, having been raised by their three aunts after their mother was killed by complications from childbirth. They were cared for well, their aunts deciding not to send them to become a Wood-warder when they came out as not being female. Despite this, this they left Nyyr-ijla for Valnain around the age of twenty so that they might forge a career as a bard. The language of the Wood was a song that began to fade to them, and they sought to find it again.

Life was kind to Vee for a time, even after they'd discarded their forest name. They became something of an idol and even found a romantic partner - a Viera man named Sindri - along the way. Albeit, their local fame would not last long. The Garlean military that invaded was quick to snuff out the light as 'blasphemous', putting heavy regulations on entertainment venues such as bars, theaters, and especially pleasure barges. Having their hand forced, Vee turned to these pillowhouses for work.

For about a decade, Vee served as a double agent by gathering information from Dalmascan resistance cells to sell back to the Garlean military to survive. They were soon to become equally despised by their own supposed kin and the Imperials alike. As long as Sindri was by their side, they felt they could persevere. Shortly after they were 'gifted' the title of Peregrinus and the name aan Telesphorus, they learned of Nyyr-ijla's razing at the hands of the Empire. Overcome with grief and guilt, they exposed their secret to Sindri and fled alongside him to the west.

Years went by as Vee traveled with a heavy heart, gradually recovering enough to make it to the recently freed Ala Mhigo. Their past was kept concealed and their demeanor covering up their trauma as they searched for a way to atone. Whether stardom would ever be in their reach again was simply a dream at the time being.



Generally optimistic, Vee responds to conflict through bartering. If a compromise cannot be reached, then it is out of their hands. They won't back away from confrontation and they are quick to set the boundaries they feel they deserve. Otherwise, they're very calm throughout many situations, perhaps to excess.


Their eager and approachable behavior makes them easy to talk to, especially given their career as a bard. Though friendly, they're prone to bouts of unintended selfishness. Given their history, they have a bad habit of sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, including trying to negotiate on other people's behalf or picking sides in disputes that don't involve them.


While they keep their past and trauma under lock and key, they are keen to lend an ear to others about their woes. Most of all, they enjoy reveling in the spirit of hedonism out of fascination of the differences between Viera society and city life. Occasionally, it may seem that they don't take much seriously, and sometimes that's very well the case. However, they refuse to allow their allies to come to any serious harm.

Notes & Trivia

  • Vee's three aunts were their mother's older sisters. They were Yngrid, Kja, Yrja.
  • They are left-handed.
  • They have a pattern of pale freckles like stars across their face and shoulders.