Vengeance Order for Ysa Van

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Vengeance Order #984567-0471 - Ysa Van

This is a termination contract for the individual listed. Execution of the contract shall be carried out only by those members in good standing with the Thaumaturges Guild to whom the contract has been assigned. Information relevant to the successful execution of this contract is listed below.

Target Name - Ysa Van, also known as the 5th Devil, also known as "The Razor."

Target Details - Ysa Van is a known assassin and highly trained, by all relevant evidence. She is a known member of an organization of assassin's known as "The Seven Devils." The target is will versed in hand to hand combat, acrobatics, and magic. Her known weapon of preference appears to be a set of several wires designed to ensnare and slice her opponents. Field reports indicate that she is also able to channel magic through the wires to an ensnared target. She is also known to employ the use of knives in both close and ranged combat.

It should be noted that the target is clearly psychotic. She displays no concern for collateral damage whether property, or other individuals. She seems to delight in causing carnage, and inflicting as much pain as possible before finishing off her opponents. It is known that she has been the cause of several incidents of deadly violence inflicted across Eorzea, including the murder of a dancer at the Mineral Concern and the murder of several individuals at the Astalacia.

It must be noted the the target is considered to be highly dangerous. She has been responsible for the deaths of at least four Thaumaturges previously assigned this contract, and a possible fifth Thaumaturge whose remains missing. The target is not to be underestimated and any Thaumaturge assigned this contract should approach the target with extreme caution.